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My Mother Told Me


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What is My Mother Told Me

Read My Mother Told Me fanfiction written by the author MedTryglaw on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is TV fanfic stories, covering reincarnation, r18, kingdombuilding, historical. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


MC known from my other novel, thanks to the joke of God Weles, is reborn in the times of the Vikings ... the Vikings series. Here, more than the previous novel, I will focus on beliefs, demons and Slavic traditions. The MC will have his powers and knowledge ... Of course, there will also be a lot of focus on the history ... Unfortunately, the creators of the series made some mistakes that I do not intend to correct ... like Rollo was not Ragnar's brother ... and Ivar, instead of being a cripple, could be impotent. If there are any reviews, let them be honest, it's a pity that someone would waste time on something that is not to their liking. MC is not a good man, he is a murderer, sadist, manipulator and womanizer. This novel has no safe spaces, so anyone who gets offended ... I don't give a shit. Chapters will appear not too often. The Commonwealth remains my main focus.


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As an author, I do not recommend it, I do it for my own pleasure and do not want to encourage anyone. MC is an asshole, a sadistic asshole. My writing style has many flaws, English is not my first language. Usually, any suggestions and good advice are ignored.


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This is the kind of story that is rarely found in this trash site therefore I consider it a good one. The author is not some politically correct pansy that is too scared to write a truly evil mc so that is always a plus. If you're not ready to read about the incarnation of ruthlessness in an already ruthless setting then I advise you to not even click on this story.


its really this novel,yesterday i discover this read the 3 only chapter and serarch for other novel from the author and find a really good novel of the auther called commonwealthand read the 200 episodes in one day.lol GOOD AUTHOR DONT GIVE UP ON THIS NOVEL OR THE COMMONWEALTH NOVEL


I'm inlove with the MCs personality, honestly it's such a breath of fresh air to have a somewhat logical and somewhat evil MC that has already adapted to the universe he is in.. author I highly suggest you create a Game Of Thrones fanfiction.. I feel like you'd create an amazing story in the GOT world.


I like how ruthless the MC is. To be honest, a good and merciful MC in this series would only die in so many ways. So far I like where the story is going keep it up 🦾.


He comes to usurp the world bringing destruction and chaos wherever he goes all women love him and he does this all at the teNder age of 5??


Alright, For those who want a strong-willed Mc or Ruthless Mc, This is for you or If you like the Fanfic of "HOLYJOKER" where the Mc is Evil, Manipulator, Ruthless, Selfish then this is for you, But overall this Novel is 10/10 For me Because, this is my cup of tea Question Author-sama ; Will his women betray him or are there some kind of NTR?


Buenísima historia de viking autor eres lo máximo, solo quiero más más más más más más más más más más 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Writing Quality- 3 Stars Story Development- 4Stars Character Design- 5 Stars Updating Stability- 5 Stars World Background- 5 Stars Writing Quality [ Not much to say here. It is understandable and not complete bullshit, so there's that ] Story Development [ It is going forward and it seems that it could be a good Story, just read it, folks ] Character Design [ I love him, not a naive and innocent Mc but a man that knows what he wants, the way I like it ] Updating Stability [ A Chapter a day keeps the doctor away ] World Background [ The author seems to know his shit but I didn't watch the show for a year so I do not have a promising authority to conclude that ]


Well i am deeply disapointed. It's not that It's bad, but i feel like watching a remake of vikings with a différent MC at this point. So yeah It's not interesting to see MC win juste like ragnar deed, become jarl Just like ragnar deed. In the end i can't help but ask myself if thé MC being itself make sens since Hé Just feel like a copycat. Where is thé originality ? What's thé point of doing a fanfic if you don t try to take another road to get some where better than thé Web série ? What's thé point of existence of our MC here ?


My mother told me Someday I will buy Galley with good oars Sail to distant shores Stand up on the prow Noble barque I steer Steady course to the haven Hew many foe-men love you story,


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dude....ur paragraph alignment sucks. in small devices its hard to read and its clustered, especially since u use ellipses and dont separate the dialogues, they are like thoughts. use the ' ' [marks to signify the dialogue and dont write a part of a sentence in a another line]. even ur other bk, the same shit happened. fix it cause even if people are interested u just lose the will to read cause you cant understand. ur common wealth bk was interesting but 4 chps in and I dropped, its hard to read.


Whenever I read this novel my mind always play this song in my head on repeat My mother told me Someday I will buy Galley with good oars Sail to distant shores Stand up on the prow Noble barque I steer Steady course to the haven Hew many foe-men


interesting, different than the norm of most fics, but definitly interesting and refreshing. I dont think its everyones pot, but one should definitly try it.


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This is one of those fics that really belonged to this site, retarated readers, retarted auther, harem, killing, explicit ***, a touch of deus ex machina and as a retarted reader I love it, good job on this novel mate together with the other one, it's like chips that slowly kills off your brain cells but can't stop reading.


Here is my score, independently of the quality of the novel, if you insult and say "I don't give a shit if you are offended" automaticly it deserves the lowest score. I didn't even read this novel and with a author like you, I won't.


grown man gets his arm broken by a literal 5 year old stuff like this just immediately just ruin any semblance of me taking the story in anyway serious


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