Love Complex: CXJYZ
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Love Complex: CXJYZ


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What is Love Complex: CXJYZ

Love Complex: CXJYZ is a popular web novel written by the author abbot1988, covering Teen genres. It's viewed by 15.5K readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 25 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"When it comes to love I am unlikely to choose which of them." - Jessica Consistently, when did the heart follow the brain's words? Some people follow their brain and then, in the end, regret it. What is it really? Which of them do we always follow? The heart or the brain? When it comes to when to love, the heart first dictates to us. And when we hurt, then that is the time we say to use the brain. Odd, isn't it? Right now, we will focus on Jessica Sandoval's love. The woman who loves easily, believing in love, and in the end, the brain will dictate her decisions and what else can happen in her life. And those yet to come. If true love came to Jessica, would she still depend on the brain?

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It's a good novel, the words the author used is good and easy to understand, that characters are also good, the way the author writes this is well, I wish u goodluck on your writing journey author!


I like the Novel I like the background I like the characters I like the background and how it was written Good job author! [img=faceslap] [img=recommend] [img=update]


I... Sorry Guys but as much as I want to be polite I will choose to be honest. Since it is a review The Synopsis and chapter one is somehow off for me a LITTLE. Coz somehow I can feel that it's quite the same and in the last part is you gave me more than what I wanted to know. BUT I like the the Character of Jessica on the other chapter when the author present her. it's as if she's real.. And telling me that... "It's my story" So please keep it up..


Hello, the way the story starts is indeed unique. The asking of brains and you is catchy. Although, I do not as to the manner must be written in pure narration or what, but either way, the most important thing is that it catches the reader's attention.


As I read the plot it was short but very catchy (nicely done). I can relate myself to the first chapter I tend to ask myself a couple of times what really loves means to me? It was a question that I can't answer it yet until now but as I read the story I hope it help me find my answers. Thumbs up for this book you did a great job author, it's already on my reading list:)


This book is amazing!!! Sugoi!!! I hope more chapters will come! The first chapter is very hooking! I have nothing to say coz I came out of the idea hehehe... Anyway, I will definitely recommend this novel to my friends who love to read a romance novel. Good luck to the author!!!


Alright so the qs and the ans, gives some insightful knowledge. Good play with words. The writing style deviated from the norm. Good work author.


This is something new for me, a whole of a new concept. I have never read something like this before and hence it intrigues me to read further. The storyline is amazing. Keep it up author :)


Creative writing skills, the story develops well throughout the chapters and the picture created is undeniably beautiful. Good use of words that complement the subject of the story.


A beautifully moving tale that provokes the mind and warms the heart.This book hits you right in the feels 🤗You'll be unable to put it down,truly wonderful ♥️♥️♥️❤️


I definitely recommend this story to other readers. I would recommend it to the teenagers mainly because it will resonate the experience of being in love and being like to someone during high school years, being a student and sometimes subtle humor.


The title of the book is remarkable...I liked how you introduced the character, Jessica, through the story...so far I liked the story & defined love in your style. I highly recommend everyone this book...Good work, Author!


It is really interesting ! I can definitely relate to Jessica . This is how My mind dominate the scenarios . I am definitely following it , just to know how her heart will win the mind ..


Interesting! Love how you you talk about love from the very beginning. Who should we choose to follow, our brain or our heart? The plot seems nice too. I would love to know more about Jessica. Great job, author🥰


wowww... your theories. they are so well written. and Jessica's character accurate to me well😅 i do believe easily...so that's why these book is getting very interesting and engaging.


You have an interesting introduction there author, defining love and all its theoretical explanation. You know with science and physical attribution of person that makes them fall in love. You got me there, I actually thought it's the characters that are talking. Never thought it's just an introduction. I mostly find this kind of setting and style in Wattpad so it's kinda refreshing to read it here. Overall you did a great job with this author! Keep up the good work!


I love the way the author puts up an interesting tag line at the end of the novel, it excites me to go on and read more about it, the novel surely had great reasonable and vast terminology! keep it up!


The book is amazing 😍😍. It has a great potential and well written also. Everything about this book is 🔥🔥. I recommend this book. Keep it up author, you are doing great 👍👍👍👍


This is really my first time of reading a book like this. It's fresh. It's unique to me. I like the decisions involved in love. Follow the brain or heart? Really good.


Good Job Author!! I was a little confused on first chapter...but when I started reading it I like the character Jessica..she is a total romantic girl...the story plot is great as well. Great Job Again👍👍


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