21 Pouting Face


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I was looking forward to my first class so I would be the first to see Zack. So I know what time he used to come. I adjusted my rumpled clothes. I was circling earlier in front of the mirror. I practiced before how to greet Zack.

"Good morning, Zack." A simultaneous smile accompanied by a blink of an eye. I look ugly. I take a deep breath once, then practice again in front of the mirror.. When I got the right smile for my greeting to Zack, I decided to leave and walk into the school.

I will never tire of going back to the day I first saw him. Zack doesn't have social media so whenever he plays with my male basketball classmates I always picture him in the distance. I often struggle just to buy chocolate bread at the canteen. That's Zack's favorite.

Because he was the tallest in our class, the teacher often called him to help carry the books up to a cubicle. I, on the other hand, volunteer to carry some books so that I can be with Zack for a while.

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