12 Unlucky


I went to school early for the reason that I could see Jessica. It was embarrassing, but I wanted to see her enter the door of our classroom. From the door, she joined with her friend Jackie. While walking, I heard them talking about a man named Yael. I do not know what happened, but it has to do with Yael blocking their path.

I wanted to follow Jessica's gaze as she entered the door, but Abigail was staring at me in her mirror.

I also did not get anything, so I just looked out the window. Spend my time looking at the clouds, at the birds flying, and at the wind blowing in the trees.

To talk to and be with Jessica, I suddenly thought that the weekend was coming, I would try to invite her. I did not realize that she was sitting close to me. I just noticed when I heard someone talking.


I scratched my head and took a deep breath. I faced her with all my might. ""Jessica, are you free this Saturday?"" I feel relieved when I said that—hopefully, she responded to me with a yes.

Jessica and Jackie stared at each other simultaneously, depending on whether her friend Jackie would invite her. Jessica'sJessica's friend suddenly mentions a student named Yael.

""I don't like that guy!"" Jessica said.

I smiled at what Jessica said. I still have hope in her heart. I repeated my question to her earlier. Jessica seemed unable to answer me, nor could she look straight ahead.

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Abigail suddenly stood up and immediately nodded in our seat, and entered our conversation.

""Zack. I'm free on Saturday and even on Sunday. Let'sLet's meet at the park. 3 PM sharp. Deal!""

We were all surprised by Abigail'sAbigail's answer. Jessica and I stared at each other. I hope she can read whatever is on my mind. I hope she disagrees.

""Abigail can join you. She was free that day. Both of you must go. After all, both of you were not busy that day."" Jessica said with a smile on her face.

I was suddenly saddened when I heard that from Jessica. I had no choice, so I just smiled. Abigail immediately returned to her seat with a smile on her face. She is very delightful for that thing.

After our class, Jessica immediately came out. I was amazed at what was there. She may just be in a hurry to get food in the canteen. Suddenly a man appeared who seemed to be looking for someone. I stared at him, but I did not know what his name was. He called Jackie and asked where Jessie was. The two talked for a while, then the man left immediately.

I stood up in my seat to approach Jackie. But Abigail stopped me. ""Zack, I brought you some bread. It was bake by my mother. It'sIt's so tasty."" I was just sitting there when Abigail offered me the bread she had brought for me.

I can't take my eyes off the door. Hoping that Jessica might pass. Bingo! I'm right. I stood up and left Abigail for a moment. But Jessie suddenly disappears. I did not reach her immediately after I left the classroom. Where will she go?

Abigail followed me once, then start holding my arm. ""I also brought some drinks for you, Zack. Let'sLet's go back."" She dragged me back to the classroom. Does Jessica have a problem, so she is in a hurry to walk? Who was the man before?

Abigail continues to chat about the things we will do on our walk this coming Saturday. No matter what she says, I do not care.

I really want to know who that guy was earlier. If I were to ask Jessie, would she be able to tell me who she was?

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