7 Mine is Mine


"Zack, what do you want for your lunch?"

O.M.G !!! He smiled at me. I couldn't help but stare at him even more.

"Wait for me here. I go to buy your food."

Suddenly we are in my seat. I wish I could have danced when he just showed me his smile as in for me only.

He can find nothing like me. Beautiful, rich, caring, and dependable.


I even beat politicians in their work. The men always look at me, but they are sorry I'm taken. My heart is only for Zack. My one and only Zack. Those who flirt with my Zack, I insinuated my classmate in the flaws that they have. Sometimes I look forward to being brought up in a lively conversation.

Inevitably Zack smiled at the other woman, but those flirtatious they are taking for granted such things.

If I could pour water from the comfort room, I would have done it. But I don't want to be a bad student in Zack's eyes, so my personality has to be an angel.

When my opponent's first year in Zack's attention, it's easy to drive them away. When it comes to higher levels, I still make friendships with them. I became friends than when I asked about Zack; I was giving false information.

Once there was a senior student who wanted to get Zack's number, I offered to get it. She did not know that the number I gave was my number, which had long been out of service. The operator said, "the number you dialed is incomplete." I do that over and over again with other women trying to figure out Zack's number.

How did it all start? How did I like him? That's right! Four months ago, when I first saw Zack. He is a transferee. I stared at him, intently as he talked about himself. I was carried away by his introduction about himself. Cupid's arrow suddenly hit me. I just told myself that "he is the man I will love."

Suddenly I raised my hand when our adviser asked who could come with Zack to tour him on our campus. I will never miss that opportunity. The whole class shouted. His smile was pure. I am very excited, but it should not be obvious. He says I might quickly get. Easy to fall in love too.

Our adviser pointed to an extra seat and made Zack sit there.

I don't even know why he suddenly stopped in front of that jerk woman, Jessica. He introduced himself to Jessica. Before that jerk overtook me, I squealed "turn-off" lines. Zack laughed. But he immediately apologized. Jessica suddenly stood up from her seat and slapped Zack. Zack was not surprised by what Jessica did to him. I was the one who was surprised. The whole class was also shocked. Jessica apologized while sitting and covering the book with her face. My teacher called my name. I went back to my seat without taking my eyes off Jessica. But instead of being angry with Jessica, Zack reached out to Jessie's hand and said, "Let's be friends." I'm pissed off.

A lot of coincidence has happened. They are always partners in reporting. They are also partners in Science experiments. At the same time, I still raise my hand during recitation. And most of all, Zack makes way for them to talk. She is annoying.

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One day, during recess time, I suddenly glanced in the window while going down the stairs. When I went downstairs, I saw the woman who would ruin Zack and I's future. He talked to sir Chris. Issue? I no longer see the problem. She is having fun talking to sir Chris. Does Jessica like sir? I accidentally looked at the second floor. From the second floor, I saw Zack seem angry. I turned my gaze back to sir Chris and Jessica. To my annoyance, I felt like I wanted to tweak her hair.

Zack is just mine. Only mine!

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