The Broken Angel & Her Overprotective Brothers
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The Broken Angel & Her Overprotective Brothers


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What is The Broken Angel & Her Overprotective Brothers

The Broken Angel & Her Overprotective Brothers is a popular web novel written by the author Nightsummer20, covering OVERPROTECTIVE BROTHERS, MODERN, ROMANCE, FANTASY, VAMPIRES, SECRETS, SUPERPOWERS, WEREWOLVES, YOUNG-ADULT, TEEN, Teen genres. It's viewed by 67.6K readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 38 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Why do you even bring her here? Other than creating problems and running away, she has nothing better to do! I already told Domenic that she doesn't deserve to be here, she can't be a part of this family." Emilia flinched as Mark's angry words pierced through her heart, making her clasp her hand over her mouth to not reveal her presence. ******** Emily's life could only be described as a Tragedy. It's the term she had witnessed the most in her life and finally had accepted it as the bitter truth of her life. She was barely a few months old when her mom left her father and took her along. She witnessed the downfall of her mother in the world of alcohol and drugs as she was growing up. Her life was never perfect. It was even worse than what people considered as the worst, but it took a sudden change when her mother died in a car accident when she was barely nine years old. For the next six years, she stumbled across various foster homes and orphanages. And then suddenly someone appeared in her life claiming her as the lost princess of the famous Alessandro family. Sent to live with her six brothers she never knew about, she realized that her entire life was full of lies. Her so-called brothers changed her life forever. They were cold-blooded monsters who could go to any length to protect their little sister. Little did they know that what they needed to protect her from wasn't the demons of the outer world but the demons that were killing her slowly from the inside. Could they heal their broken angel or would become the reason behind her shattered self? This is a story about a young teenager who's running from her past, her new family, her pain, and the suffering that it brought. But how could someone run from reality? You could hide from it but never run from it. ******* Warning: There may be use of abusive language. Some scenes may contain child abuse and triggering content. The book cover isn't mine. All the credits goes to the rightful owner. Make sure to check all the tags before getting into the story! :)

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Interesting. So far everything is looking good. After reading the plot, it is exactly like the story I've been dreaming of reading. There's not much to go by right now since the story is just starting and barely a day goes by since her coming to the house. I'm really looking forward to how this story is heading. She claimed that she's broken and distrustful of people's nice façade, afraid that all the niceties turn into abuse but after receiving even a little bit of nice treatment from the brothers, she was quick to be all smiles and hopeful. It was a bit contradictory imo. This story has a big potential, I really hope the author will never drop it.


I'm reading all the stories of this author at the moment and she really is good when it comes to writing a novel. I love her style and the way she builds the story. This book is a little bit different from the other ones based on that this is actually a **** fiction with a touch of the mafia. Unlike her other two stories, there's no hint of fantasy in it. The quotes and author notes are really good and they give you inspiration. I'll probably update this review in the future after reading more chapters and having a good grasp of the story but right now I'm looking forward to dive deeper in it.


I'm liking the plot. I have read a few stories based on this same theme and even though I'm also more of a contemporary romance and fantasy lover, this particular topic has caught my interest. The starting is actually good. Emily's broken self is visible clearly. I'm sure we will soon see her rebellious side too, after all, she's a teenager! Moreover, I like this author's writing style. Night always tries to mix unexpected plots and twists. Looking forward to dive deep into this story! :)


The quality of writing is great and you can actually feel what Emily might be going through. And who wouldn't want to read a story with six male leads? xd I'm curious to see where this story goes. For the first few chapters, nice start. Good luck!


Okay, this book will an emotional roller coaster ride. I can feel it through my bones. So far, i found out what the FL went through but i know that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Im dying of curiosity! I wanna know more and thank you author for releasing this but please update🥺But this novel is really good!🤍🤩


I so badly want to read this novel...........❤️❤️❤️.......my one of the favourite genre-overprotective brothers ...... looking forward to reading it


Yay, I'm the first one to review this book. The story is flowing smoothly and it's well written. I'd love to see how the story progresses in the future :) There were a few grammatical errors so I suggest you to proofread the book once. Also, in the start, all of the quotes lack a period at the end. I love the author's notes at the ends. They can brighten anyone's day. Thank you for writing this book ❤️ Keep writing, author!


I've read up to chapter twelve. This story feels warm. The author's note at the end of each chapter adds more warmth to the story. Maybe the author could let us peek at the past of Emily with bits of flashbacks so we can see or get a glimpse of how broken she had become. Needs a bit of improvement in grammars. But all in all, I like the warmth in this story. Hope that Emily's brothers can patch up her broken pieces and maybe Emily can do the same for her brothers. They also seem problematic., XD


I really like this new story! It's shaping up to be a gritty piece which is always enjoyable. I really like the main character so far. I can tell this is going to be a very intriguing story. I'm ten chapters in at this point and I'm really looking forward to how it develops. I highly recommend this novel!


It is a nice story.Like the other stories of the author it's also a amazing book. The story development is really good and the characters are also developing well. Please give a try to this book,it's amazing Hope Emily will be able to get better and open up to her brothers, am thinking what will Domenic will be giving to Emily as a gift . Waiting for an update.


This is great, heartwarming kind of great. I'm still in the first few chapters but I'm having mixed emotions as I read through. To be moved, to be swayed, it's kinda hard to explain. But it's great!




Love the intro chap❤ The way the characters were introduced is so nice. The plot is interesting....so many elder brothers to spoil and protect her 😍 Good language👍 For now, Daniel is my fav😍


To be honest, I had doubts after reading the title, I was expecting it to be boring and all cliches. But the author gave me a nice surprise. I like the way the characters were introduced early with a little note on each of their personalities. The author has something good going on here, nice job.


this book is very nice so far. It got me intrigued . looking forward to more chaps. hopefully mass release. worth trying out. I am really hopeful for this book. Author work hard >.<


A very interesting and well thought out start to the story and I can see great potential and content in the upcoming chaps. I loved how you're allowing Female Lead to grow and develop relationships with her brothers in whatever way and see how her story paces out. Loved it fellow Author keep it up🥺


Author, your story is really inspiring... From the beginning is a myriad of feelings and emotions ready to take us to a heartbreaking story for Em, our FL. Many questions and mysteries are raised in every chapter, her life, her brother's way of living. I am so liking the story, the writing style, and the pace of the plot. I found myself captivated with the development of the story and dying to know more and more. Good job author! For sure, this goes to my library. [img=recommend]


Let me start off by saying this book is amazing! The characters and writing are just so well done its beyond perfect! Readers this has everything you could need. Its wholesome 10/10 content that I would recommend any day! Read it!


It is quite intriguing. Very well written! I really like how you have shown the protagonist's dilemma and problems. The story has a very smooth flow.


Em's chaaracter 's brokenness is heart wrenching, poor girl. I love how the bond has been shown, the love between the siblings and the inter-family matters that are really troublesome HAS BEEN EXPLICITLY PUT to the point the readers feel a wave of empathy for Em. This story isnt predictable because the author is really got at twists! ^-^


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