11 Cute Eyes


I went in the morning, but as usual, I went home cutting classes again. Not that I don't want to go to school, there is a chance that I am sluggish to go. I do not deny that I am choosing a subject to attend. Later in Physics, I will not be present again. Because my brain can't handle more information, and my brain is always bleeding at the formula's thought. Rather than torture myself, I choose to stroll around.

I walked around the campus and looked for a way that the teachers would not immediately see me. I tried to get together with other high school students. My height does not differ from other students.

The recess of each high school level is not the same. Fourth-year ones go hand in hand with first-year ones; the third-year is the same as the second-year. We only have the same recess time, 20 minutes each.

When I felt that I was far from the teacher's eyes, I walked towards the gym. It's full of trees in the gym part, so it's nice to hang out there. Cold and at the same time fresh to feel. I do not deny that I often hide in the trees and just sleep there. I don't like computers or billiards. It was enough for me to hang out under the tree, close my eyes, and go to sleep. When I got close to the gym, I was shocked and saw a third-year student. I seem to know him. Aha! That's right! It's Jessica. I decided to come over and try to tease her. "Who you want to impress?" Suddenly he wiped her face using her hands. She was surprised when she saw me. "Did I make you startle?" I asked. Her forehead furrowed as if unhappy with what I had done. "Don't you have a class? Why are you out here?" Jessica asked me. I just laughed instead of answering his question. Her face was still slightly wet, so I took my handkerchief from my pocket. I slowly approached her to wipe her face. My two eyes could see how beautiful Jessica's eyes were.

"Did you know you have a start?" I spoke to Jessica.

"Who?" She asked me with astonishment on her face.

I moved my face even closer to her face to see clearly her two beautiful eyes. She quickly avoided what I did, but she almost slipped. Fortunately, I was able to support her. I pulled her closer to me so she wouldn't be out of balance. That way, I could see her eyes better. My heart could not help but beat it hard. Can she hear how loud the skip of my heartbeat is? The length of time I stared at her was too long. I seem to be thoroughly examining her face. She suddenly pushed me. Suddenly, I saw my handkerchief fall to the ground. I picked it up, and so did she. I accidentally grabbed her hand. As before, I hear the sound of my heartbeat again. She suddenly withdrew her hand over mine. I just picked up my handkerchief and handed it to Jessica.

"I just wanna wiped your face, so I brought my face closer to you. It really hurts when you pushed me earlier." I said with a smile.

She took my handkerchief and thanked me. I just left my position. Maybe Jessica will report me to the guidance teacher.

Before I could move away, I turned to her and said how cute her eyes were.

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Today I did a lot of smiles because of that third-year student. The smile I can't explain. There was a chance I wanted to tease her. There is also a chance that I always want to see Jessica.


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