When Kratos received the message that he had acquired 'Spear Intent', a sly smile came on his face. He tightly gripped his spear. The intensity of red light, that the spear was emitting intensified. The spear started leaking a murderous aura from it. Ignoring that aura, the lion lept towards Kratos from the rock.

One would think that because of the sheer size of the lion it would be slow, but it was fast. Within 2 seconds, he came in front of Kratos. He then swings his front paw towards Kratos. Kratos blocked that paw with his shield. But the firepower behind that swing was too big. Kratos was able to block the attack but in return, he had to retreat 9- 10 steps.

Seeing the firepower behind the swing, Kratos knew that this opponent of his is definitely strong. With a big smile on his face, he dashed towards the lion.

When he was approaching the lion Kratos jumped in the air and threw the spear towards the lion with all of his strength. Normally no spearman in a fight like this would throw their weapon towards their opponent like this. But Kratos was different. His spear had the ability to return back to him. So he decided, instead of fighting it head-on, he would use long-distance attack against the lion to tire him.

And this strategy worked splendidly. When Kratos threw the spear, the lion was able to dodge it easily but, the lion knew that the power behind the spear can easily injure him.

Keeping the distance between the lion and himself, Kratos started throwing the spear towards the lion and recalling it back to back. Lion wanted to approach Kratos and end this fight but Kratos was recalling the spear over and over again and throwing it on the lion. This made it impossible for the lion to get close to him.

Slowly and eventually the lion started becoming tired. Whereas, because of hardly any work, Kratos was slightly tired. And then spear eventually pierced the lion's right eye. When the spear pierced the right eye, Kratos quickly recalled his spear back. The lion roared in pain but didn't lose his cool.

Then Kratos thought, It was time to end this.

Kratos dashed towards the lion. The lion also dashed towards Kratos. The lion swung his paw once again like the first time. But because of how tired he was, the swing didn't have any firepower nor speed. Kratos crouched down to avoid the paw and stepped in close range of lion. Kratos then stabbed his spear below the mouth of the lion.

The lion sensed the attack and dodged it by retreating back. But it was too late. Kratos was able to stab his spear. But due to the lion's retreat, the stab didn't do much of damage. Below the mouth of the lion, a cut was made by Kratos. It wasn't too deep but it was still a bleeding cut.

Kratos then resumed the same earlier strategy. He was keeping the distance and throwing his spear towards the lion and recalling it back to back.

He did this on purpose. Kratos deliberately made that cut. During a fight percentage of the adrenaline and blood in one's blood vessels increases. Kratos wanted to make a deeper cut so that the amount of blood flowing from the wound will increase. And he would get slow and vulnerable.

Eventually, the small cut started his magic. The bool flowing from his wound increased. As it was present near the lion's head, his brain got directly affected. With time the movements of the lion became sloppy. He also got pierced by the spear a few times. And eventually, he stopped and stood at a spot. He knew that his time had come.

Seeing that the lion had stooped, Kratos also stopped and walked towards the lion. The lion was standing in one place and was breathing heavingly. Kratos approached him. Kratos looked the lion right in his eye. He then pierced his spear between the lion's eyes. And so the lion died.

[Congratulations to the host on killing the Grey Lion.]

[Host had earned 300 eXp]

[By killing the lion's pride Host had earned 250 K.P]

Seeing those messages a smile appeared on Kratos' face. Kratos collected all the corpse of the lion. He threw them all in his storage. Who knows when they would come in handy. After collecting all the corpses, Kratos left the clearing back to his campsite.

Kratos decided that he would sleep for the night and from tomorrow onwards he would continue his killing spree to become stronger.

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In the higher realm…..

In a place which was surrounded by darkness, there lies a majestic black palace. That place emits a dark and vicious aura. In the centermost part of the majestic palace lies a majestic courtyard. That courtyard was filled with portraits of demons and the fights with cultivators. In the courtyard, a woman could be seen sitting in the middle of the circle in a meditative position. That circle was made of various types of symbols and all of them were glowing.

The woman sitting in the center of the circle was completely nude. She had white skin with ample breasts. The nipples of those breasts had was of simple pink color. Her hair was of light red hair color. And without a doubt, she was one most beautiful woman in the world. But she also horns coming out of her head. The horns were slightly curved from the end which gave that girl a devious look. She also had a tail coming out from above simple but elastic butt. Her tail was like that of a scorpion with a little stinger at the end.

The woman was meditating when she had a vision....

A man whose skin is white like that of a Ghost,

Who wore the blood of enemies on his body via a tattoo,

Who uses blades made of chaotic fire,

Will burn her Majestic Palace within the span 4 years...

Next chapter