I, the All-Class Magus, All My Awakening Skills are LvMax Book

novel - Fantasy

I, the All-Class Magus, All My Awakening Skills are LvMax


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Update Daily! 9 AM PST ---------------------- A hundred years ago, the virtual and the real merged, unleashing countless monsters across dimensions, revealing mysterious dungeons, and heralding the descent of dark gods upon humanity. The world entered an age of darkness. A century later, John transmigrate into this era of universal awakening, awakening the SSS-level talent [Divine Favor Tome] and transitioning into the god-tier class [All-Class Magus]! In an era where skills could only be acquired through relentless effort, he was born with lvMax skills. In an age where crossing class barriers was deemed impossible, he alone could learn the skills of all classes. In a time when humanity was on the brink of extinction, he effortlessly overpowered the contemporary geniuses and subdued the myriad gods and demons. Years later, John stood atop the constellation of stars, overlooking the mortal realm. Gods bowed their heads in respect, and demons knelt in submission. Countless beings eternally sung praises of his name. ---------------------- WSA 2024 Entry! Please show your support if you enjoy the story! How can you show your support? Gift Power Stone! 150=1 bonus chapter 200=2 bonus chapters 500=3 bonus chapters Bonus release will drop the following week!