Behind Their World
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Behind Their World

Ella Stunner

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What is Behind Their World

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Kidnapping the brother of Leonard Morris was never the intention of Cathia. Scratch that, it sure was her intention. But Leonard will make her regret it, little did she know. Meet Cathia Myles! A fierce girl with the power of Omnikinesis, who is a killer to be. But her life will change the night she will make the darkness of Leonard Morris thump out. And the blunder will follow around her, when she will have to work with him. Leonard Morris doesn’t need an introduction, or maybe he does. Because he is super different from how Cathia knows him. Being made an orphan from being the heir of the most influential business firm, Leo had to face a lot at a young age. But little did he know, that the girl he was about to kill, will become his weakness one day. A week will change their lives. From being reckless and ruthless, they have to learn to stay together. They, including their friends, have to come together to fight the eclipse, the probable apocalypse. But did they know that their togetherness was what indeed invited the apocalypse? And will they really get through and succeed, when someone among them is against their aim of saving the world from a total apocalypse? But someone must tell them, that falling in love at the time of crisis can be very risky! Follow a journey of a mystery, unfolding other mysteries, a journey of love and hatred, romance and friendship, suspense and action, mystery and thriller, Leo and Cathia, and you and me.

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The first chap was like a prologue for me. A summary of what happened for since the beginning of their birth. It was okay for me but I suggest to make it more showing rather than just telling it. But ey! It was my problem too in mine..hehe. You can also imagine it as it was played on tv screnes for better insight of your story. 😉 Well suggestions were all suggestions. You are the author nas I am the reader. Good luck in the near future! 🙏


Damn! I'm not done with the book yet, i still have to devour the last 10 chapters, but i'm hooked! I LOVE the plot, the story telling and the characters. Especially Leo has a special place in my heart <3 the writing skills are immaculate! I'm a fan!


This story is amazing. I don't think you can ever stop praising this masterpiece of the writer. I am so proud of you, writer person. And I love what you have done with the characters development and the story. And also, I love Darren. This book is the perfect package of everything. Love, mystery and suspense. Click on it guys and start reading it already. I bet you can't stop yourself from falling in love.


Wonderful story so far! The plot has mystery, suspense and is full of various emotions. Readers get to see how the characters with the supernatural powers struggle with their emotions for being different. How they are criticized and ostracized by society, yet the ones with the powers do not give up and go on with their lives, eventually bonding with each other. The author has done a wonderful job with the world background, she created in the story. The sense of urgency created due to the apocalyptic world background is balanced by the will of Darren, Caitlin, Leonard and others, who strive to live as normal a life as possible despite being different. Good job done, sis-author![img=recommend]


The writings are easygoing, not much problem there. Good that you introduced more than character. its quite well written, the character and the plot. I found the prologue more like a extended synopsis, might work on that. other than that everythings fine


Woahh! So here I am as a first reviewer✨. Feeling proud to be the first.😍 This book has my heart ❤ It's perfect in all ways, from the synopsis to the prologue and all the chapters. I know you already know that I loveee your book.❤ And Leo is my favorite character so far. 😍 Not gonna reveal any spoiler but I bet you all, once you will start reading this, you can never stop craving to know more. ✨😍✨


I rarely read apocalypse story but I'm intrigued with what would unfold next! The synopsis serves as a catalyst for the readers to pick up the book. The writing is good but I hope there would be more updates Thanks for your hard work!


This story has a nice idea about people with supernatural gifts. But I think the pacing is too fast for me to follow. Too many dialogues and less explanation of what was happening around the characters. I also think that there are too many points of view. I also think that readers need to feel more with the characters. Not just because the characters said it but because they felt it. You have a nice idea., Keep on improving! :)


Lets see here! First, the writing needs a tune up so that the reader doesn't get caught up in correcting everything. I see that very often in comment section on Webnovel books. It pulls the reader out of the story and causes them to not return. Second, feel that there background and these 'enemies' was glossed over a bit. Specifically focussing on their relationship and how the interact with one another. That is a huge part of this story and needs to be fully explored! Third, the personalities of the main characters need a stronger presence in the writing. This might have to do with the awkward sentence strucuture and grammar though. Lastly, I think the story has a chance to be great. A very interesting plot has already been laid down. Also, the 3 MC's is a unique touch that will help this book stick out from the masses! Keep up the good work, and I hope to see this novel succeed in the future!


A really interesting read! I got literal goosebumps reading the synopsis and prologue! The story develops well and I can't wait to read on further. Great job author! ❤️


The story is giving me a vibe I haven't felt before it's not a bad one either I can't really tell you but I'm getting a nice feeling but a nice choice to the author.


This is Incredible!! Personally I like apocalypse books and all but this is something that can pump your heart with adrenaline. Keep up the good work author! kudos to you!


Very interesting story. Good start and fast development of events. Clear and attentive detailing of the world and descriptions of the characters are pleasant to read. I hope to meet an unexpected storyline turn and get a strong impression. Good luck author. thanks for the fantasy.


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