1 Prologue

Morning sun peeked through the sky, illuminating the world and chasing away the darkness of the night.  International flight from Tokyo, Japan to London, Britain landed successfully with 200 hundred passengers, 2 pilots and 4 attendants without any damage in London City Airport.

      Travelers, Businessmen, locals all alike poured out of the airport and into the city for one reason or another. Among those with business to attend to was a young Japanese man in his early 20's with short black hair and calm eyes, for an Asian he was rather tall as well. He extended a hand once beside the main road and caught a taxi, before slipping in and giving the directions to his destination. 

  This man's name is Asahi Mitsuhide or Mitsuhide Asahi as Europeans will have it. 23 years old teacher with a clear mind and sharp tongue. As for the reason he is here in London away from home. 

   Well let's just say, his grand aunt decided to leave him, her shop in London. Not just any shop, but an antique shop with everything in it as well as her all other worldly possessions in her will. It is not by any means something to be so spectacular about in any other case as his Grand Aunt had no children of her own. 

     But what was actually surprising was that suddenly getting news about his grand aunt who he met only once before in his life, leaving him everything she owned. His grand aunt used to travel around the world a lot in his younger days and once she got older, she opened up a shop to spend time . So she supposedly had lots of trinkets collected from her traveling and was obviously loaded. 

    And now, here he was. United Kingdom , London, Callow Street Apartment Building B. Antique Shop named "Cor Thesauri" whatever that means. Mitsuhide got to open up Latin dictionary at some point. 

   After paying the driver, Mitsuhide took his bag and got out of the car before looking at the shop and just starred…. 

  What? He was tired as fuck and probably jetlagged too, he had neither the time nor the patience to marvel at some old shop he inherited.  Agh, and all this thinking was making his head hurt too. 

   Mitsuhide grumbled and fished out the key from his pocket then unlocked the shop and stepped inside with a sigh. He closed and locked the door behind him then without even a glance walked past the counter and into the stairs, ignoring everything only thinking about sleeping. 

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     'I'll check them out tomorrow'   he promised himself and walked upstairs and into the actual apartment since on the top of the antique shop was small flat made for living. How did he knew  that? Who cares, he will think about that after getting a good night's sleep. 

    'Or morning…' 

Without further thought, Mitsuhide threw his bag into the sofa and entered the bedroom, pausing long enough to take off his clothes then slipped under the covers of the bed. Thankfully the blinds were already closed, he tossed around the bed for few minutes before settling down and sleeping. 

  Unaware of the eyes watching him from the darkest part of the room. 

     It seems like his great aunt left more than

          Just an Antique Shop in Callow