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A Supernatural Apocalypse


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In the year 2301 humanity was unable to advance their civilizations anymore. A mysteries gas fell from the sky without notice. The world started to slowly mutate destroying humanities civilization. The existence of humans was practically non existent. Few survived gaining unhuman and illogical powers from the mutation even as some had lost there humanity and just became monsters. A year later signs of the gas stopped. There were still mutations going around the world but it was time for the those that are still alive to come out. Origins of others will be unnatural with absurd meetings and endings to them. Mixed with civilizations of the new and old, Some futuristic. The myths that you have heard from humanity will appear one by one. The flow of magic and energy will mix bringing a Whole New World!!! (Character Plot) Min who used to be a normal human has been surviving through everything gaining powers like others and losing things one would regret not changing. Along the way she gained abilities that slowly changed her as a human wandering aimlessly with no home to go to. The adventure she takes will bring out an outcome to the world without notice to her nor those that views her life. The start of the story is a bit messy ima fix it. I'll take a while to fix. Me Engrish man no good english (I’m sorry this is not a complete story. I didn’t plan out this writing since the beginning this was just a brainstorm story)


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