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The Dark Tales

Do you love fairy tails?No, not the anime, but the original so-much-told-bed-time-stories that everyone knows? You may know the classics like snow white, Cinderella, Swan lake, little mermaid, lady and the trump, alice in wonderland, and so the list goes. If you do love those kind stories and like the remakes ones(with a little bit of dark sense in them) so i welcomed you to dark tales. Here you will find some fairy tails(or mostly disney "fairytails" story) made in a knew light, or should i say darkness? If you tired of the normal "prince saves the princess kinda story" and wanna see some badass womens(ad maybe some guys too) saving the "prince" just come with me in these adventure. Every chapter will be one hole-short(but not to much)-story. Hope you guys like it. P.s.- I'm kinda really busy so thats why i decided to make a colection of short stories, that's way you guys have a complete story and i can write the next one with more calm. Oh and for the first story the amazing artist Amanda Ramos did the cover for it. So if you guys like it her art, just go to her insta @amanda.ramos.art and give some love pleasyy, she is really amazing. ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× Story's List: 1°- Swan lake

Joh_Nti · Fantasy
Not enough ratings