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ONS: Pregnant With CEO's Baby

Jeanne was only 18 years old when her stepmother and step sister framed her and caused her to lose everything. She was thrown out of the house by her father for trying to resist. 7 years later, Jeanne came back for vengeance with a mysterious son by her side—George. People mocked her for being a single mother and called her son a fatherless child. “Who are you calling a fatherless child? You wouldn’t like me when I’m mad,” George threatened. “Lay low, George! Don’t ruin the fun! I haven’t had enough,” Jeanne said as she wanted to enjoy her revenge, leaving the boy speechless. Jeanne later met the infamous Fourth Master Swan at a charity ball. The man with the handsome looks and cold temperament called her to a corner and said, “I like you.” Everyone was shocked, including Jeanne. “I’m a single mother and I have a child. Are you sure you like me?” she said. “I actually… like your child!” Everyone else was shocked when Fourth Master Swan married Jeanne but only his sly self knew that he had gotten not one, but two, important players to this chess game that he was playing.

Unopen Mind · General
1810 Chs

Picked Up A Husband For Farming

The miracle doctor, Xu Qing, accidentally fell into the water and died. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself having transmigrated into a farming novel. Then, she felt excruciating pain in the lower half of her body. Xu Qing looked down in disbelief. As a thirty-year-old unmarried single woman, she was in the midst of giving birth to a child! Staring at the three babies who were barely breathing, Xu Qing almost went mad. Why did she suddenly become a mother of three? Her father exclaimed, “How dare you give birth to b*stard children before getting married?! We don’t have a daughter like you. Scram!” Before Xu Qing could even catch her breath after bearing children, she was chased out of the house by her father. Fortunately, her mother pitied her and secretly gave her an acre of land to aid in her survival. With no options left, Xu Qing picked up a hoe and started farming. ‘Hey, that unconscious mister over there, please die somewhere else! Don’t dirty my corn field!’ After dragging the unconscious man to a side, Xu Qing suddenly remembered that she needed help taking care of her children. This man would do! Later on, Qiao Yanhui knelt down before his angry wife with an aggrieved look on his charming face. He had one child on each arm, and another clinging to his head. He looked up at Xu Qing pitifully. “Honey, it’s the effect of my family genes. I can’t control my genes from producing so many babies…” “Out! Get out now!” Xu Qing kicked him aside. Who knew that the man she picked up turned out to be the father of her children. Had she known, she would’ve left him to die in the corn field.

yayaya · General
420 Chs

Her Billionaire Escort

Sold by her father to a wealthy man with sinister intentions, Mona's only escape is to offer herself to an escort. Little does she know that fate has a twisted plan in store for her. When she encounters the same escort again, he accuses her of taking advantage of him. Fleeing the situation, Mona discovers she is pregnant with the escort's child, unaware of his true identity. To her shock, the escort turns out to be none other than Leon Lester, the ruthless billionaire CEO feared by all. Mona's friend inadvertently reveals the truth during a televised contract signing ceremony. Overwhelmed with the realization, she learns that Lester despises children due to his own traumatic past. With danger looming, Mona goes into hiding abroad, supported by loyal friends, while concealing her pregnancy. Years later, she returns with a young girl bearing an uncanny resemblance to Leon's late mother—the product of their encounter. In this captivating tale of conflicting emotions, will Mona and Lester find love amidst their tumultuous circumstances? Or will Mona's determination to protect her daughter lead her to walk away? As a vengeful ex-fiancée seeks revenge, their journey becomes a thrilling mix of romance and suspense.

Marvey123 · Urban
Not enough ratings
167 Chs

You Are Mine, I Am Yours

Four years ago, Si Qian Jin was betrayed by her boyfriend. He cheated on her with her best friend Bai Jia, so she went to the club, got drunk and had an amazing one night stand with handsome stranger. But she became pregnant from that one night stand and had cute boy twins. Four years later when she came back she didn't expected that her cute babies father was richest man in the country. "Woman, I didn't expect you to be such a daring to give birth to my child."

Alika_Rijal · Urban
Not enough ratings
75 Chs

First Love of mine

They said life is a beautiful journey filled with challenges and surprises.. But why are all the troubles in the world filled in my life?! Hey! I'm Ayla White and this is my story. Because of my dad I have transferred to a new school. But my mind is filled with many thoughts. Am I really going to get along with others in school? Can I really make friends? Can I have my first love here? But before I could figure it out my inferiority complex broke me. The one I thought was my friend ended up becoming the worst nightmare of my life. The one I thought brought light to my life as my first love soon started making me feel as if I'm chasing something my heart doesn't want. Why do I feel so attracted toward my class head when he has nothing but an attractive shell? Why do I keep pulling him near to me when I thought there is someone else who should be my first love? Find me on instagram @author_namrata

Agnst_Ella · Teen
133 Chs

Mr. Zhan, Your Wife Is Looking For You

In her past life, Lu Yao was caught in a bloody war between two families, but was tricked into sleeping with a stranger, getting pregnant and killed with her child still in her belly. Returning from the dead, she took her pregnancy report and strutted to the Zhan family's mansion, yelling, ""Zhan Jinghong!"" Zhan Jinghong was the eldest son of the Zhan family, a super-rich family in the capital. He was known to be ruthless, handsome, volatile, and detached. However, no matter how callous he was, surely, he would admit his own mistakes...? Slamming the pregnancy report on the table, Lu Yao snapped: Take responsibility! Zhan Jinghong: Who are you? Lu Yao: A month ago, in room 1301 of Hotel Million Peaks, we did it on the bed, on the balcony, by the window, and in the bathroom. Don't tell me you don't remember. Zhan Jinghong: ...?! Later on, news that Zhan Jinghong was getting married spread throughout the capital, and his bride was alleged to be the illegitimate daughter of the Lu family, recently recognized. The capital was certainly left in shock by the news, but they were all waiting for a quick divorce and for Lu Yao to make herself a laughing stock, since no one believed she could hold the throne as a matriarch. Regarding that, Lu Yao had this to say, “Sorry, but I am going to keep you waiting.” With the superpowers she gained following her reincarnation, she reshuffled the power balance in the capital, and people soon spoke about her as if she would soon surpass Zhan Jinghong. The public: So what if she is somewhat impressive? Her marriage won't be a happy one! Lu Yao, giving Zhan Jinghong a nudge with her foot while she nursed her son: Hear that? Someone said that my marriage won't be a happy one... Zhan Jinghong: Who said that? I'll tear his mouth off!

Triple Wind · General
40 Chs

Surrogate For Cool CEO Then Become His Wife

# EXCLUSIVE LOVE Lin Chaoyu's mother was ill, and the treatment cost was astronomical. Hence, she had no choice but to apply as a surrogate to save her mother’s life. Yet, she never thought that the person who needed a surrogate was the gentleman who had a one-night stand with her the night before! The two signed an agreement only for the man to tell her that the surrogacy was not through artificial insemination, but natural conception. With no recourse, she was impregnated day and night as the man’s huge object pounded inside her all night, only pulling out after dawn. Yet, before she could breathe any sigh of relief, she had multitudes of "stuff" rammed into her. "It’ll make it easier for you to get pregnant," the man dared to say that. However, Lin Chaoyu blacked out when she saw a house full of sex toys. "Somebody, anybody, help! I quit!" Tang Pengze was allergic to women, yet, with his family eyeing his inheritance, he needed a child to solidify his position. He never expected his allergy to not trigger before a woman barged into his room and abandoned him after "using" him. After that night, the woman disappeared, and he had no luck finding her. On the second day, however, this woman — who was compatible with him — handed herself to him on a silver platter and signed up as a surrogate mother. With things as they were, he would love her, dote on her every single day, and she could forget about leaving.

Misty · General
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

The Mysterious Rich Man Is My Husband

# PREGNANTBEFOREMARRIAGE # KEPT On Shi Qianduo’s eighteenth birthday, she was drugged and slept with a man whom she thought was her fiance. Ten months later, she gave birth to a baby boy. Before she could enjoy the joy of motherhood, the child’s father came knocking on her door the next day. Shi Qianduo was angry and distressed, and was tempted to send the man to the police station. However, logic told her that it wouldn’t help, and the only thing she could do now was to minimize the threat. She looked at the handsome man before her and asked, “How old are you?” He Yi’an, “Twenty-eight years old.”Shi Qianduo: “What do you do?”He Yi’an raised his eyebrows. “Is this an interrogation?” Shi Qianduo looked serious: “Don’t I have the right to know my child’s father?” He Yi’an conceded and nodded. “I do a small business with my friend.”Shi Qianduo: “Do you have a house, a car, and savings?” He Yi’an was at a loss. He didn’t know where to start in this regard. Shi Qianduo rubbed her forehead in exasperation. “Okay, I'm just unlucky. From today on, I’ll be responsible for making money to support the family. You’ll take care of the child. If something goes wrong with my son, I’ll beat you up!”He Yi’an: “???”So, he was going to be a kept man? Shi Qianduo didn’t care what he thought and was just anxious to earn money. But could someone tell her how the man who supposedly relied on her for support changed into a multinational CEO? One that was worth hundreds of billions of dollars?!

gugu · General
Not enough ratings
40 Chs