The Black Swan Behind (Beauty of Fire)
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The Black Swan Behind (Beauty of Fire)


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What is The Black Swan Behind (Beauty of Fire)

Read The Black Swan Behind (Beauty of Fire) novel written by the author Lydia_Siu on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering r18, campus, teen, revenge, mafia. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Under the moonlight, a city stood in the shadow of gangsters that had been made trouble and disturbed the public. The gangsters consisted of strong men who were good at fighting. Unexpectedly, they were actually the young people who were crazy for money and power. The city was a battlefield for them. Emma Hilland moved alone to a city miles away from her home where she grew up as a princess. Because of a problem, she decided to move and continue her study in this city. This time, she would try to be a normal girl. But like a fire, she would burn whatever she touched. This is the story of how The Black Swan group was formed in the City of Handway. Behind the beautiful legs that jumped amidst the flower field, deadly poisonous thorns were hiding. But, could a goose's heart be conquered? !! Read !! This story contains action and martial arts topics. Some have mature content. If you are looking for a romance story, then this book isn't suitable for you. Because this is MORE than that. This is a story about a powerful girl who would knock the guys out. ---- Hello! If you enjoy this book, please don't forget to give PS , review, and comments. Thank you! ^^ Also read my other English story on Webnovel : - The Prince Of The East Sea - The Black Swan Behind (Beauty of Fire) Have more fun on my Social media : Instagram : @author_lydia_siu FB Page : author Kalong_ungu / Lydia_Siu Twitter : @kalong_ungu

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If you like powerfull girl, then this story will amazed you! I'm so much in love with the MC (Emma) who has a girly side and love ballet but she has a martial art skill too. The city is also has so many gangster problem like bullying. I'm waiting for the next chapter, hoping this will have an amazing line


Hello readers!! I'm the author of this story. This book is actually an English translation of my Indonesian book which is already touched up to 200+ chapters (for now). I really want to know if my work match the taste of the global readers. So, if you have time, please give it a chance and drop your thoughts about it here. I will appreciate it so much. Thank you 🤩


It's been a long time since I last reviewed a book. This time I just couldn't help but want to voice out my love for this amazing book. It really got me hooked up! I saw that this was the translation of the original which was in Indonesian. So I will kindly ask for the translations of following chapters. I will support with all my heart please continue to write this book! It's really amazing!


Hi, i have read the indonesian version..According to me your english book version is more more interesting and cool. Beside that, the story writing is very neat. Keep writing, Author.


I like your story very much.  Even if the story is simple, I can't stop reading it. I was wondering who would grab Emma's heart.  I'm sure it will be fun. Write the story clearly, visualize it, I like it very much.


I love they way laws of nature and senses are portrayed in rashomon effect. The story arc is a great picture to see rather to say a life of our Emma in a deep point of view in your story structure. I love fun read! I would recommend all my followers from Kitonians office to read it to see how Sakura leaves fall. The Hiroshima Office Press


Love love love 😍 It's an amazing book, I absolutely love the general idea and the author's enthusiasm. The only problem is a few missing prepositions but can be overlooked easily. Overall, it's a good read. Well done!!!


Author, the story you have in mind is wonderful, but, please, please, please, improve your writing quality. I mean, your grammar is somewhat, well, how do I say it. I hope you know what I mean.


A powerful start with great image created. The plot grows so well throughout the chapters while the picture becomes clearer through those words written. Overall a great read


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