Strike Back, Proud Goddess!
novel - Fantasy Romance

Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Meng Luo Ting Die

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What is Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Read Strike Back, Proud Goddess! novel written by the author Meng Luo Ting Die on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Xiao Rou, a girl growing up in a poor countryside family, found that she was actually the daughter of a wealthy couple, and her mother mistook another girl as her when she gave birth to her in hospital. She thought she would change from an ugly duckling to a noble swan and lived happily ever after with her real family, but the reality gave her a heavy blow. The girl, Xiao Jinning, who took her family, her fiancé and everything else from her, used every possible means to frame her up. She returned to her biological parents only to find her parents despised her but doted on Xiao Jinning. She was framed as a thief and expelled out of home. And then, she was hit by a car and stomped to death by Xiao Jinning. her tragic life was ended. Tang Xi, a real princess, the heiress of the powerful Empire Group, was murdered by her greedy relatives. When she opened her eyes again, she found she was in another girl’s body. She became Xiao Rou and had a magic system—008 in her body! With the help of 008, she began her journey of revenge. She would avenge poor Xiao Rou, punish the murderers of her, become the most popular star, and….make up with her true love---Qiao Liang.


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Website : qidian china Views : 10.58million Rating : 9.4(24318) Chapters : 540 approx Status : completed Word count : 1.10million author level : lv4 No of works : 1 Disscussion : 1578 Year started : 2017 Chinese title : 傲娇女神,逆袭吧! My friend is participating in bts event. Hope you guys support her. Thank you Name : Through Countless Reincarnations https://activity.webnovel.com/noah/64627145?bookId=13667811005744105


You guys must be think this is A VERY VERY Cliche novel. Well yeah, but.... This novel gave a different vibe 'kay?!! At first i thought '' Oh my... another cliche novel'' but after reading till chapter 15, I LOVE IT. Her ''dad'' is savage, her ''mother'' is caring and her ''brothers'' are so funny. I laughed a lot when read this novel. So guys don't judge this novel when u only read 1-5 chapters. It will affect out dear translator hard work


I'll be honest here.. The moment I read the synopsis I thought It's a copy but little changed version of FMHM.. So I stopped voting for it.. But after reading it today,, I feel like 15 chapters are not enough.. I wanna read the entire thing at once on the very first day.. Very nice speed and scenes so far.. I suggest you to read and enjoy it✌✌


I found the book full of racism. The girl was discriminated against for being from a poor background with no education and her physical features. She in turn discriminates against others. Apparently, “black” skin is ugly. Now why would I eventually waste my money reading a book written by someone who thinks having a darker skin means you’re ugly?


If you guys are easily offended about the skin racism in this story don’t read it.. The story is nice but the blatant racism and also stigma about black skin people turn me off from this story.. If you guys don’t mind it then read the story.. I feel offended from this story cause I’m a natural tan skin girl.. This story make it sounds like black skin is ugly while being white and fair like jade skin is pretty.. I mean beauty is in the eyes of beholder.. Everyone is beautiful and pretty no matter what your skin tone is


Another Racist Webnovel, the least you can do is put in the racist tag since so many other novels of the same type has done it. Also MC seems like someone who looks down on everyone and thinks the worlds revolve around them. if there was a negative 5 star I would use that to rate this novel.


I really enjoyed this until I read the racist part. I'm black and I found it stereotypical and rude. Pls don't try to use "culture" as an excuse. You should go back and edit the racist part out.


I regret reading this book. Basically its about revenge towards MC's main family and MC's white lotust sis. To attain that however you have to be white and have some kind of "Goddess" like face. - That's main point of this story. I hate the fact that it promotes racism. (Example: She's so black they thought she lives in Africa.) You'll read plenty of this reference to black women, not to mention they jokingly did it and balantly laughs about it. This book is basically like a white-extremist and plastic surgery book. She did not have plastic surgery but the fact that she has to basically change her face, skin, body and whatnot just shows us that. This is my own opinion, don't read this book. You'll just be offended. The world have different types of skin colors not just white. Its not okay to limit yourself, if you have a certain skin type then accept it. If you have this certain features then accept it. Don't try to be something you're not just to please others.


this story reminds me of FMHM and another story i read and it's super racist, even if you try to avoid it it still comes back to slap you in the face, which is rlly uncomfortable, plus it's suuuuuuuuuuuuuper cliché. so if you like a cliché/ racist/ copycat story this is the one for you😐😐😐😐😐😐😒


It really disappoints me with the amount of people that call this story racist. It really is a culture difference that many people can’t understand. In many asian countries such as China pale skin represents beauty. It’s not that they’re trying to be racist but because of their history. In ancient China dark skin girls were the commoners who worked in the fields while light skin represents the elites who had the privilege to just stay at home and learn many different skills that are expected of a wife. So naturally these pale skin girls are more graceful because of the environment they grew up in. As time went on white pale skin is just seen as beauty. From my personal experience, I used to live in California, there I just wanted to be tan. Cuz everyone just sees tan skin as beautiful. I would often get questions like why or how are u so pale. I didn’t really care much but at the same time I always wanted to be more tan. However, when I moved to New York there were more asian immigrants around me where in their country pale white skin is seen as beauty. At that time I really started seeing the big culture difference. In some parts of the world people would go out to tan and in other parts no matter how hot it is they will cover themselves because they want to be pale. This story really is not racist from my perspective. If anyone hasn’t noticed almost all the female leads in Webnovel are described to have white, pale skin. This is not them trying to be racist or diss dark skin people but because in their culture pale, white skin is beautiful. I recommend that people have an open mind while reading these stories and not to take every word written in the story to heart. Sometimes there are just many phrases from China that are almost impossible to describe in English so the actual meaning is changed too. This really is a great novel so I hope many of u can see past the culture difference and enjoy the novel as it is.


The synopsis is cliche but the story is not. okay. The story is refreshing, enjoyable and somehow fast pace and funny. The uncle who is now his dad is funny and likes to faceslap a lot lol.


This is a super super racist book, so hard pass. Don't waste your time or you stones on it. It's frankly embarrassing for everyone involved that they are publishing this on a website targeted at English speakers.


I like it, helps me pass the time and somewhat interesting. Some people are mad because the culture this novel is based on, prefer whiter skin and disdain black/brown/tan. I'm like, duh, do people NOT know the country it's based in? Whiter skin always meant high class, no hard labor in the sun, and almost every Chinese and Japanese novel speaks about 'milky white' skin, 'like jade' when speaking about beauties. I'm pretty sure those countries, which out number the US, don't care about those feelings. The novel is being translated true to form, so don't bring the 'But it's 2019!' saying into this.


I was excited to read this as I wanted it to fill the void FMHM left me in. When I first read the racist remarks I tried to reason it by thinking maybe they meant her skin was leathery or peeling from being weathered or not well taken care of.... But nope, they just did not want her to AND I QUOTE "look like she was from Africa". Don't read this, it obvious that the author and every main character will be just as evil as the antagonist is being portrayed. They don't care about the reader, this is just a projection of being 'rich and white'.


The summary seemed like the same as the plot of Full Marks Hidden Marriage. The story of Ning Xi also known as Tang Xi. I bet it is not only me who noticed this similarities of the story.


I decided to try this story from reading the synopsis. However, I am dropping this story due to the rude, ignorant and racist statements made on people of colour. It's like a huge sin to be anything but white or light skin that in itself is blatant discrimination and has very negative connotations to it. So in order to get SS points, I am giving this review. Whenever it comes to race etc. I think about one main thing among several which is the human body. When someone is ill and requires a blood transfusion or body part transplant it cannot discriminate against a person's colour, wealth, educational status, personality, at times age or sex especially when it comes to saving a life. Because its a HUMAN LIFE, a person is who wants to live approaching the thread of death is unlikely to refuse it because the donor so happens to be a person of colour as it is "ugly and may pollute them". The greatest contributions made in this world to progress where it is was not made by one race, country or gender alone it was made by all. A lot of racists seem to have selective memory about that. As a matter of fact the African continent is considered the home of the oldest civilisation and contributed extensively to the world's present. So it is very insulting to say the least to write stories of this nature when the readers at these websites are not limited to one race, country or gender. You also have to look on it another way in terms of SS - $$ knows only one purpose - it pays the bill regardless of the sender. My 15 minutes with this novel came and ended, one of the fastest drops I have done without hesitating. Personally, I would prefer that this story and similar ones is removed from the site but its highly unlikely.




Reveal spoiler


Don’t judge this novel by synopsis, you will regret missing a hidden gem.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗👍👍👍👍👍👍..............,..........................⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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