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After Reincarnating, an Evil Consort Only Wants to Torture Scums

In her previous life, she sacrificed everything for him. She helped him become the most powerful chancellor, but he still preferred her older sister whom he had a one night stand with. When her gentle husband took her life, she finally realized their romance was all a joke to him. Filled with hatred, moments before she died, Lu Xiang swore she would get her revenge on the people who hurt her... When she opened her eyes, she had returned to the year when she was fourteen. Although it was the same life she had previously lived, she now possessed a strong sense of vengeance. *** On a dark and windy night, Lu Xiang rescued the badly injured Chu Jinyan from his would-be assassinators. Lu Xiang's eyes glistened. "Well, well. You're someone from the royal family!" She dragged him to her house and hid him without saying another word. "There's a saying that one ought to offer their body to another after being rescued... Wait a second, I got it wrong. I think you're supposed to return the favor. Since I rescued you today, you have to agree to three of my requests in the future," Lu Xiang said. "Huh?" Chu Jinyan was confused. He hadn’t exactly wanted to be rescued... Later, Chu Jinyan patted his thigh and wagged his finger. "Come here, my beloved consort. You can hug my thighs." *** She's insidious and deceitful, while he's vile and shameless! Stranger A: Does that mean they're a match made in heaven? Stranger B: Yuck! That makes them a despicable couple!

Lin Mumu · Historical Romance

After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal

Recently, major news broke out in A City. A rich family discovered that the daughter they had raised for eighteen years was not their biological offspring. The real young lady was found, and the fake young lady was sent away. Lu Ning was now a beautiful swan who had turned into an ugly duckling. Everybody waited for the opportunity to laugh at her. They wanted to see how she would survive after being pampered like a princess for eighteen years. However, Lu Ning wasn't afraid at all. So what if she was poor? All she had to do was earn money. But before she could bring wealth to her family, they brought her home and started counting stacks of cash. Her eldest brother, a business mogul, offered her a few companies. "These are all yours now. There are more if you want them. You can choose anything from dining, entertainment, fashion, theme parks, and any industry you can think of." "Ning, would you like to participate in a talent show? I'll write you a recommendation letter," her second brother, a major celebrity, asked. Even her youngest brother, a computer expert, said, "Sis, whoever says bad things about you on the internet will never get to use it again." "..." Lu Ning was speechless. Wasn't her family poor and useless? "Ning, if you don't like gold, I'll get someone to bring you diamonds instead. You can have diamonds embedded in all your clothes. What do you think? Hang on. I'll get someone to do it right away!" Lu Ning's mother said."Ning, are you getting bored of the black card? Why don't I give you one with a credit limit? Is 50,000,000 enough?" Lu Ning's father asked. "Huh?" Lu Ning was confused. Wasn't her family so poor that they couldn't even pay off their mortgage? Lu Ning didn't even have any opportunity to contribute. There was nothing for her to do. However..."Come and be our boss!" A secret organization approached her."Come and be my successor!" The director of a research center approached her."Is this never going to end? I just want to be an ordinary person!" Lu Ning exclaimed. "Baby! Come into my arms!" Mr. Huo, an extremely wealthy man, arrived at top speed.

Tang Zhou · Romance

I Own a Garden with One Hundred Herbs

Bai Caoshi transmigrated as a female supporting character who was destined not to live past the early section of a novel. She didn't show any signs of panic. On one hand, she resisted the system's method of accumulating points. With the other, she planted a garden with a hundred types of different herbs. She made a living and looked after her family, all the while fulfilling her duties as a wife. She set up a pharmacy, created medicinal diets, started a cosmeceutical firm, and ran a golf club while she was at it. Her life was at an all-time high. The official synopsis: A peasant girl who lived among common folks found herself a husband who was the man of every woman's dream. Ever since then, she started growing herbs and looking after her family while he did nothing but sit still and look pretty. Everybody said, "She's nothing but a widow. How is she good enough for him? "Only he knew that the honeysuckles in spring, fresh bamboo shoots in summer, snow lotuses on the mountains, and dendrobiums by the cliffs were all products of her prayers on her knees. She could make altars out of earth and fragrances out of the grass, and she chose to share her most precious gifts of nature with him alone. In the treacherous struggle for hegemony among members of the dynasty, she possessed incomparable wealth that could help him ascend to the throne of power. Without you, what's the point of having this golden robe and these splendid rivers and mountains?

Yan Shuiyi · Romance