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Terra is just a girl who dream to have a peaceful life.. She's still a child when her mother died, Her father marry another woman after her mother. At first, her stepmother is treating her well, not until someone came. Her father redjected her because of a very small reason. She met a guy who will help her. One thing she don't know, there is a Fate waiting for her.

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When a behind the screen

Have you ever felt like finding love in the real World doesn’t work for you? Well A guy name shoji Eto decided to go on a dating app called match maker basically you tell the app what are you interests and it finds you a match. Well Shoji got match with a girl in the Uk also on this app you can make friends as well but one day decided to take a trip to the Uk to see his girlfriend and the new friends he made but what he doesn’t know that his girlfriend his actual a guy who is just looking for love. They say love conquers all will he his feelings remain? Or would they not?

Nanami_Kuda · Realistic Fiction
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