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Blood Bound: The Hawthorne's Fall (Book 1)

Being born with a prophecy is hard. Choose between life and death. I'm stepping on both sides. The other one is on death which is always be there. The other one steps on life, which is not certain. Life can be taken. Death isn't. My name is Artemis Callahan-Balkan. Came from the strongest clan and the first family. Born with oracle sent by the blood moon. Life is hard. A never ending circle of death. A matter of life and death. Choosing to live or to die is hard. But wanna know what's harder? It is to stay alive for love or die for love. Two choices but so hard to choose. I've known many weapons. Mastered a hundred of it. But what's matters the most is the dangerous one. The weapon called 'love'. Based on the qoute from "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" it says that, "Of all the weapons in the world, I now know - love to be the most dangerous for I have suffered immortal wounds". What choices do you still have? Want to know? Let's find out.

Alyrie_ism ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings