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Vampire Prince's Dancer

She gasped as he bit her neck, and pushed him away from her. But he didn’t budge despite her efforts, and stayed nestled in her neck as he breathed her in. “Ask it of me,” he told her softly, and she looked down at him, confused. “What do you mean?” she asked. He whispered again, “Ask me to protect you, and I will.” *** Gisella is a poor girl who dances for a troupe of travelling performers, wandering from kingdom to kingdom. They have come to Farrador just to perform for the king, and then leave. But everything changes when Gisella meets Ryre. The attraction between them is instant and powerful. But Ryre is no ordinary prince—he is sanguine, a creature of the night, and a dangerous and powerful man with enemies all around him. Soon Gisella’s whole troop is caught in the court’s web of conspiracies and secrets. Can the love she shares with Ryre make it into the day’s light? Vampire Prince's Dancer is created by Bella Gold, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

Bella Gold · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Xianxia: I Can Alter The Dates Of Herb Plants

Su Chen was reincarnated in a world of cultivators and became a herb disciple of a cultivation sector. His job was to tend to the sector’s herb garden. At first, he thought it was a boring job, but when he realized he had a [Herb Modification System], everything changed. He added 99,999 years to the Ginseng Fruit that needed a few thousand years to be ripe, and it ripened instantly. He added 9,999 years to the Deity Spirit Herb that still needed 8,000 years. Just like that, Su Chen spent most of his time at the garden, consuming Spiritual Pills as if they were candies and bathing in medicinal water. His cultivation began to rise. When the Old Master of the Demonic Sector activated the Abyss Formation and became invincible, Jiang Chen easily broke through the formation and killed the Old Master with a single slash. “Since when do we have such a powerful disciple?” the master of the Deity Sector exclaimed. “He’s our herb disciple…” replied the elder of the Deity Sector.

Geqian South Pole · Eastern Fantasy

Conquering His Cold Heart

Princess Anastasia of Orsenia is regarded as the kingdom’s treasure. However, she carries a heavy secret— she is diagnosed with an incurable illness. She is fated to die before she turns 18. For years, her parents desperately searched for a cure but to no avail. That is, until a mysterious letter arrives, claiming that the only way Anastasia can escape her cruel fate is to send her to a monster: King Caspain, the ruler of Sorvando, a vampire kingdom. The letter prophesizes that Anastasia will live, only if she makes that bloodthirsty King fall in love with her. However, Anastasia knows it’s nearly an impossible task. Sorvando is filled with dangers. And she is only but a weak human. Yet, her will to live won over her fear. No matter how cruel the king may be, Anastasia will still try to win his heart. Now, if only she can keep her own heart from falling for him as well. *** [Excerpt] “Cas-pian…” And he looked back to see that she was biting her lower lip as though she greatly enjoyed that kiss. He smirked again and whispered in his deeply seductive voice, “I like my name even more ever since I started hearing it from your beautiful lips. And I like it even further when you say it in that hushed tone.” Anastasia had no idea what Caspian was hinting at yet. So he dropped some more hints, “Wife, weren’t you asking me what the first night meant? Let me show you.”

sanimimosa7 · Fantasy Romance

Alpha Queen's Rebellion

“S-slow down,” she whined as Rowan mouthed at her neck, teeth scraping against her skin and making her shiver with want. “Sorry—you’re just so—” He breathed raggedly. “I’m so f*cking gone right now. Do you have any idea what you do to me?” His hands were hot against her skin, filling her with anticipation. His lips pressed against hers, demanding more, desperate for more. Oh, dear goddess above. Scarlett is a rare red wolf, raised in hiding and trained to fight. Very few have seen her shift because if word gets out, the king’s soldiers will come for her. Red wolves pose a threat to the king’s cruel rule. However, tired of fear, she sneaks out to the Moon Goddess Ball—only to find her mate. What happens when Scarlett finds out that her mate is actually the prince? One fights against the king’s cause, while the other upholds it. When rebellion rises, will Rowan choose his mate or family? Alpha Queen's Rebellion is created by Heather Bond, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

Heather Bond · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Fantasy: I Became Invincible By Editing Narratives

# decisive Shen Ran transmigrates to a fantasy world and becomes a disciple of the Empyrean Sword Sect. Problem is, everything about him is ordinary— ordinary talent, ordinary temperament, ordinary life… In this cruel world where cultivation talent determines how far one could go, this means that Shen Ran's future can be seen at a glance. Banished to the servant quarters as a servant disciple, his daily grind is to attend to mundane chores which will go on until he dies of old age a hundred years later. Then he comes across a narrative modification system which makes it possible to rewrite entire lives! An avid reader of online novels in his previous life, Shen Ran relishes the chance to read the narratives of everyone and everything and alter them. The narratives modified by him will become reality! This is the story of how he transforms his ordinary life by editing his narrative and going on to cultivate the Dao, handle calamities, and rule the ages. And he is limited only by his imagination!

Brother Mahua · Eastern Fantasy

The Alpha on Campus

“Do you want me to?” I asked her, my lips inches away. Her tank-top rode upwards, exposing the bare skin of her waist. She fluttered her eyes in appreciation for the attention I’d given her. She said that I was her first boyfriend, however, she masterfully knew how to tease me, moving her body in harmony with mine. “Please, Alex!” she exclaimed. I gladly obliged. — All Loren Ambrose wanted was to get a handle on her new magical identity at Silverstone University of Magicks, but her life was dramatically shifted after discovering that she was powerful enough to kill immortal beings. Loren’s college experience was further complicated by her encounter with the spell-binding future Alpha Alexander: a charming, enchanting, all-round gentleman. Will Loren be able to handle it all: a steamy romance with a future Alpha, a jealous best friend, and the impossible task to save the world? The Alpha on Campus is created by Tina Freemoon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

Tina Freemoon · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Beast Taming: The Empress Is Shocked After Peeking Into My Future

# EMPRESS Shen Fei was transmigrated to a world of beast taming and obtained the Supreme Bloodline through the transmigration. Everyone was able to contract their own tamed beast. The stronger one was, the stronger their beast would be. After activating his Supreme Bloodline, the first thing Shen Fei did was form a contract with the Divine Phoenix. However, there existed an empress in the world. She had control over almost all the resources in the world and could even see the outline of everyone’s life. On a certain day, the empress noticed Shen Fei and when she activated her power to peek into his future, she was completely stunned. Name: Shen Fei Fate: Supreme Bloodline, Infinite Evolution, King of Beast Tamed Beast: Divine Phoenix (Highest-grade) Outline: Will build an immortal kingdom and become the King of Beast

Angel · Fantasy
Not enough ratings