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In Love with a Klepto


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(NOTE: COVER ISN'T MINE. CREDIT TO THE REAL OWNER @CARRIE FROM NAVER.) ****** "You're nothing but a thief" He whispered seductively into her ears. She snapped out of the daze she had been into, to look into his eyes as she handed over his wristwatch back to him. "I'm sorry" she apologized shamefully. He chuckled as she handed over the wristwatch to him and turned to leave, he quickly held her hand and dragged her back to himself. "You returned just one of the two things you stole from me" he said with an amused smile. "What? I took just you wristwatch, and I'm sorry. Whatever else is missing you'll have to search for it elsewhere. I don't mind you asking someone to pat me down" she offered feeling very embarrassed. "Unfortunately I doubt it'll be found on you. I know you're with it" He said with twinkling eyes which shone with amusement. "What is it that you have lost? I will get it back to you, and buy it if it'll save me from this embarrassment" She said with a flushed face. "I don't want it back. But keep it safe... My heart" he said and chuckled when her eyes widened in shock. ONLY A KLEPTOMANIAC WAS CAPABLE OF STEALING WANG YUN'S HEART. "Henceforth, whatever you pick I will buy in bulk. If it is something edible, I will watch you eat it all up while I pay for it. If it is a book, you will read it. If it is a phone, I will buy you a dozen and make sure you carry it everywhere. So if you don't want me to go bankrupt you better don't pick up very expensive things." Yun warned before reminding her to pick up her 'gifts'. Lijuan stood there looking at him with her mouth widely opened in surprise. "What if it's a car?" She asked him. He thought about for a while before answering.. "Your father will pay for it." ~~~ MEI LIJUAN: Second Young Mistress of Mei Corporation. WANG YUN: Vice Chairman of Wang Motors. ***** Authors: ThatAmazingGirl Miss_Behaviour. (NOTE: COVER ISN'T MINE. CREDIT TO THE REAL OWNER @CARRIE FROM NAVER.)


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