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The Fire Prince’s Bride

“Sometimes I think you’re an actual Angel sent down from the gods.” *** Sybil had always been the quiet orphan girl who lived at the local church. She never stood out and was easily forgotten by everyone, and due to a magical secret she had been hiding most of her life, she preferred it that way. She figured she would never leave the church, but when a mysterious stranger on the brink of death came crashing through the church doors one night, everything changed. Andrius, the Crown Prince of Ignis, was loved by all his people, but he was especially loved by the ladies. He was the courageous warrior who was able to charm anyone and everyone. He always put himself first until a simple girl from the village changed how he saw life, and gave him hope for a better future than he could have ever envisioned. Now Sybil must learn how to navigate living in the public eye, jealous and scorned foes, her mysterious past, wars among the lands, keeping her secret, and falling in love for the first time. *** “Now, how would you like to be rewarded for finding me?” Andrius trailed the ends of his fingers up Sybil’s arms, over her shoulders, until he reached her neck. He gently held her neck in one hand while the other came up to tuck a golden curl behind her ear. Sybil’s heart erratically beat in her chest as she remained motionless. All the while, their eyes never left each other’s. “If you don’t have any ideas, I certainly do,” he told her in a silky voice. “How about a kiss?”

sierra_caitlyn · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

The Duke's Secret Sin

“I think I'd miss you even if we’d never met,” Azrael whispered as his fingers trailed the side of her face, leaving an alluring warmth. Anna’s throat became dry, “We shouldn’t have met then―” “No,” he said, “Even if it means losing everything, I would rather have you.” They were destined to fall from the start. A forsaken bond. A hopeless cause. And yet, in that stolen moment, Anna didn’t care anymore, neither did he. * * * Anna is a human in a world where her kind is treated like dust, while Azrael is the demon duke infamous for his ruthlessness and bewitching looks. On a fateful night, her life gets entangled with him. Azrael takes her as his fiance, however, theirs is a relationship formed over a contract; a marriage of convenience. In a land where the hatred between humans and demons runs deeper than blood, she can not let her guard down. Anna harbors no feelings for the handsome duke, nor for his kind. Though that doesn’t stop her heart from stuttering whenever he’s near, nor the ghost of a familiar fear to surge at the sound of his voice. But he’s always near. Telling her what to do. Making her feel warmer, hotter than he should. * * * To yearn for someone who is forbidden to you is a terrifying feeling. To burn from desire and never speak of it, to have a secret that is horrible to almost everyone, to hide something that could ruin everything. This is a story carved in hidden desires, inked in blood, and sealed with a fatal sin. Will Anna make it out alive? Or will her heart lead to her downfall?

Alancaster · Fantasy
40 Chs

The Alpha King's Last Bride

Alpha Atlas, King of Del Luna is cursed— unlike the rest of the werewolves, he is destined to never have a fated mate. Tradition in Del Luna enables the kingdom’s ruler to take in five brides into his harem to ensure an heir. Just like the kings before him, Atlas followed this tradition until the Goddess decided to play a trick on him. Natalia is a rogue that kills for a living. When an assignment sends her to the palace, she is delighted to find her mate there. That is, until she realizes her mate is none other than the fearsome king, Alpha Atlas. Instantly, Natalia flees— she doesn’t wish to be cooped up as a part of the king’s harem. However, Atlas doesn’t give her a choice, forcefully confining her to the walls of the palace. Forced to interact under the same roof, there begins a never-ending push and pull between them. Natalia will soon to realize that the bond between mates isn’t something that can be so easily ignored. When old enemies threaten to destroy the peace of Del Luna, can Natalia and Atlas set aside their differences and work together to keep their kingdom safe? Or will their own egos lead to their ruin? — “Do you dislike me that much, Darling?” Atlas asked. The question tore through Natalia’s heart. Her hand stretched out and settled on his cheek, causing his eyes to close in bliss. Atlas had known many women before Natalia, but none could make him feel half the things she made him feel. One touch from her was enough to set his body aflame. He craved her. “I can never hate you, Atlas. You are as much a part of me as I am a part of you. But here… I feel caged. Can't you let me go?” Bitterness settled into his heart. He stood up and turned away, unwilling to look her in the eyes. “Since you wish to leave so much, I offer a solution. Are you willing to do it?” When his eyes met Natalia’s again, it was cold. “Break the bond between us,” he said, causing Natalia’s heart to sink. “That’s the only way to be free from me.”

Not enough ratings
20 Chs