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Read ETERNAL LOVE : A LOVE STORY novel written by the author Kamlyn on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, comedy, transmigration. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


He stood beside her bed and stared at her face in wonder if it’s real. A smile appeared on his lips seeing her fluttering eyelashes as she was waking up. However, her reaction was different than what he had expected. “ Pak” He stared at her in shock as he covering his face with his palm. Did she just slap him? Zhao Ming's mouth was open in pure terror when she realized what she just did. She slapped the Emperor. The cruel-infamous Emperor of Ji Dynasty? ‘ Am I going to die again? I just came to this world, do I have to die again?’ …. She was the Empress of the Ji Dynasty, but in name only. Never been treated or respected as the Empress, and witnessing the worst of the palace, the life gave her another chance to shine as who she is. One day when she opened her eyes, she found her in unfamiliar surroundings. The world was full of people using strange items and in a world that was a world apart from hers. Will the Empress of Ji Dynasty be able to survive in this competitive world? ** She was the wife of the richest businessman in the country with the reputation of nothing but trash. She was labeled as a rebellious brat, shameless lazy woman. When she opened her eyes one day, she found herself in some strange world. Holy Sh *t! She became the Empress of the Ji Dynasty. Can the rebellious, shameless lazy woman adjust to the cruel, strict palace world? Will she change or change the world instead? Can the Emperor get used to her being proactive in every single thing? Even in bed? The Emperor dotes on his wife to the point that she feels tired, how can a man be this cute? It’s illegal for men to be this cute. … She pushed him on the bed and sat on his body while looking at him with her tempting eyes. “ Zhao Ming, what..what are you doing?” “ Shh...Your Majesty, you just need to relax. I will do all the work.” She leaned in and sealed his lips with his moist lips making him crazy for her even more. ..... Update Schedule: 1 chapter daily except Tuesday. Instagram: @kamlyn_love Discord: https://discord.gg/NTPCE7YZm7 Join the server to connect with me and fellow readers. * The story is an original and not a translation. * Note: The cover has been taken from Pinterest. Credits to the owner. Thank you


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First of all, I have found this story almost 4 days ago on the forum and I ended up reading 100+ chapters in a day. Maybe, because the length of the chapters is short but I am not blaming it for it gave me the opportunity to read and enjoy till the updated chapter in a day. I love how strong the FL is, I sometimes felt bad for her. Actually both the Ming's have past which is similar in terms of love but Author has explained well the reasons of ML's for it. Though we can't agree with every reason but that just shows that not everyone is either black or white but there are shades of grey to human personalities. As the lead couple is stable in their relationship now, I would love to read more about emperor and empress. It was so much fun to see emperor being in a shock or rather all the people receiving shocks. This novel is fast paced, emotional, funny, romantic and much more. I really liked how Author has done a great job despite being the first work. Though there are grammatical errors and need editing but the story itself will make you ignore that and continue reading. All in all, good novel👍👍


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Here is the author’s review. I am dropping this review because I wanted to answer a few questions of our new readers who are here to look at this novel. Right now, the novel has 679 chapters to it, so you can be assured because I have incorporated almost everything that you might be wondering about. Q. Is this is an original novel or a translation like other Chinese novels on webnovel? Ans. This is an original story written by an Indian author who is just using the Chinese characters for this novel. Why? Because I like it. Q. Is it a cliche transmigration novel like others? Ans. It is cliche at some points. In starting you might find it similar to other transmigration novels you have read since that is how the story begins with. However, this is not your typical transmigration novel. The differentiating point is, unlike other novels, this one has two-sided transmigration. Just as the synopsis talks about, it has a two-sided transmigration story which tells the story of both are FLs. It means, there are two female leads where you get to read not only the modern times story but the ancient one as well. Q. How many chapters will this novel have? Ans. Right now we are already near 700 chapters. Even though I am planning to end it with 1000 chapters, however, if the story demanded, it might take a few more chapters. However, don’t worry, it’s not going to be a ridiculously long story. It might take some more chapters since I don’t want to end this work with a hasty ending. After all, the ending of the novel should be a satisfactory one. Q. Does this novel have grammatical issues? Ans. Of course. Every novel has, this might have some more. Since this was my first novel, I was kinda lost and inexperienced in writing at that time. The writing style might not suit your taste and to warn you, the starting chapters have a lot of grammatical mistakes. However, I think it’s enough to give you an outlook on the story. I want to edit those chapters but can’t do that anytime soon. So if your main focus is a fun story rather than grammar, then you can give it a try. However, if you can’t stand the poor grammar, then you can leave it. But I can promise you, with the later chapters, the mistakes become lesser and writing becomes better. If you can’t read this one due to poor grammar, you can look at my other novel, My Evil Genius Wife which has a similar yet different transmigration story. (Pinging the other novel as well) Q. What is the update schedule? Ans. The update has been changed to 1 chapter a day and there will be no update on Tuesday. The mass releases will be given at the author’s choice. Also, the update schedule can be changed due to any reason, but it will be notified through the Instagram page. So follow me on Instagram to know any change in the update schedule. Kamlyn_love. Q. Are Male lead’s a scumbag? Ans. Hmm..without spoiling you further, let me tell you that you are gonna love both of the MLs. You might not feel so at the start but as the story progresses, you will fall in love with them. Just read and you will know what I am saying. Q. Why two-sided transmigration? Ans. I choose to write this story because we have so many one-sided transmigration stories. One girl takes over another girl’s body and starts living like her. But what happened to the owner of that body? Does she always have to die? I don’t think so. You will get to see the other female lead’s story from volume 2nd, probably chapter 74. So if you are thinking of dropping it, just read that part first and I am sure you won’t be able to drop it. Keke. ( kinda proud of Xie Ming, you know.) Q. Does it have showbiz? Ans. It does. For our female lead in modern times, you will get to see her showbiz experience. However, it will remain as experience only. Her medical skills will be part of her whole journey and in later chapters, you will get to see more of it. Q. Do you hate white lotuses? Ans. Well, I do hate them. However, you will get to see them frequently and it just makes the whole story more fun. You can hate them all you want, but don’t hate the story because of it. Q. Is this novel privileged? Ans. Yes. Right now, it only has 1st tier which costs only 1 coin and you will get to read two advanced chapters in exchange for that. However, I request you to read all the instructions of privilege before buying to avoid any confusion later. Also, privilege means unlocking the chapters in advance which costs extra coins. However, the premium chapters will be updated at the same pace and can be unlocked by coins or fast passes. I tried to fill all the questions I could think of. If you have any more, you can ask in the replies. Also, for our new readers, don’t be afraid of reading the first few chapters because of grammar, if you get through this grammatical storm, you will get to read the interesting and mysterious journey of our female leads, who will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Don’t hesitate, just read.


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I'm hooked up! It's seriously good. I just read a few chapters but i can say it has a good story progression! Can't wait to read it till the latet chapters.


I've watched a couple of TV series with plots similar to this and never thought that I would be hooked as much in the form of a novel. It's so much fun and spicy. Love it!


I love this story especially being one character from the past and the other from the future. It's definitely something different that I have not seen or read.


The plot is very interesting. I like how straight forward the novel is. It gets boring to read novels that go round in circles. I recommend breaking down some long paragraphs and increasing the content per chapter.


Its kind good story..my favourite Is about the modern couple..love their story evolve. Sadly its not the same for the ancient couple..mostly because some of the scene is not quite right for me..mostly because the scene doesnt had the same way like other ancient novel.. for example, the Scene AT the royal kitchen, the Maid overstepped her boundaries and her punishment is very light. IF other novel, she would be flock to death or somes other cruel punishment.. and also the new scene about the Steward that had curse the Queen in front of the emperor and civilance..the emperor just kicking him and the Guards took him away..in other novel, that man’s 9th generation family will be exterminate because his insults toward the Queen


There is little content in every chapter because of how the writter is trying to potray the feelings of each character. I think that the same outcome would be achieved by writing general situation of the scene without particularly describing how a character feels..a reader will automatically know what the characters feel


This is your first novel but I can say that you are an amazing writer. I really liked the story. One thing I wanted to point out was that you need to read chapters again because some of the words were typed double or some sentences were incomplete and as a writer I can understand it can be problem of the interface you were using. Otherwise everything about your story is good. I liked the positive aspects of the story and Romance is my favourite genre.


I don't think anything is wrong in this novel I just started reading it finished it today that is why I am telling all the readers who came after me that this wonderful novel worth of me buying a premier I just love it I can't even express it in my own words yaar I mean I am myself a writer but this story is really something it has everything that includes of romance love drama emotions anger laugh joke sadness It really means everything right in short love it yaar you and your stories worth it❤️❤️❤️


This is this best book i ever i recompleted this in 12 days made various both female are strong have brains it also have various x scene writing part is awesome Whole is complete block buster if this is In paper work i would love to buy


i really really really love this story...i just dont like that ji cheng has consorts..i know its olden times but still....i also hope that he will not go consorts....i know that he cant ditch them now...IT WOULD BE GREAT IF THEY GET INTO THE MODERN WORLD AFTER LEARNING THEIR PAST LIFE so that he will not obligated to give children to other consorts because it wont be practical that he just married them but doesnt fulfill his duties as husband of those wives ...i dont really want to see him with another women than ming.... what should i do?????


woow😱😱😱 thats all I can say after reading this book. I mean seriously I loved every minute reading this book. The female leads were gr8, anyways i think what i liked about this story is that it talked about both girls who died and transmitted to another. most stories usually concentrate on the one gal who survived while this book merged both the cool and controlled empress life with the hotheaded gal who went back in the past.. yes it was very refreshing to see both their point of views in the same story😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💖


The concept is good. Around chapter 340+ or so, I kind of lost interest. There too much unwanted information and the actual story progress is very slow. Also, lot of inconsistencies in the story. Both FL are strong and intelligent after transmigrating, where as before that one of the is a coward and the other one is a spoiled brat. both of them show almost 180 degree changes in their character after transmigration.


...I am really enjoying reading this kind of novel even if I read about this type before but replacing between two women, one from the past and the other from the present ,isn't common but I liked its plot ....


It's one of the best novels I have ever read. it's just perfect a perfect combo not a single chapter Or part was boring romantic, humorous mysteries magic everything . worth giving a try and you will differently won't be disappointed. thank you author for this amazing novel.


as an indian ii ave to support other indian novelist 😉 but this is not because of patriotism the writing skills are good and this story is something new go for it girl we will support you always 😘


This is one of the good novels I have read so far. Most of the books have a one way transmission. I like that in this book there are 2 way transmission and also both the female leads found love and made a name for themselves. I appreciate your work author. continue writing good stories. Thank you


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