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Bachelor's Pad revolves around the men living on a five floor apartment (condo-type) building owned by Maki Frias, an elusive millionaire living at the top floor (But the people living in there doesn’t know he's a millionaire except one. They just know that he's a recluse, with a genius of a brain when it comes to information technology). It is located at the heart of the city but not as noticeable as other residential buildings. The building looks normal on the outside but it is high-tech and modern on the inside with very tight security. That’s why those who prefer extreme privacy and safety wants to live there. But there is a catch. This building is exclusively for men only at ang pwede lang tumira doon ay iyong personal na nirekomenda ng isang residente ng building. Bawal din magpapasok ng babae sa building. That is because Maki Frias is said to be a woman hater that he doesn’t want any woman inside his building. So when a man decides to live there, he must sign a contract that states that he abides that rule. But what if they fall in love?

MarickoYanagi · Teen