My Once Handsome Husband
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My Once Handsome Husband


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What is My Once Handsome Husband

My Once Handsome Husband is a popular web novel written by the author Erin_McLain_4927, covering ROMANCE, FANTASY, ADVENTURE, LOVE, DRAMA, DRAGONS, ARRANGEDMARRIAGE, HISTORICALFANTASY, WITCHES, FANTASYROMANCE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 512.6K readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 306 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Marriages are not a thing for love. They are a binding contract your parents make when you are a child and you will have no say in them. You are left to hope they bargained well. When Delaney Simms was born she was a beautiful baby everyone was sure would grow up to be as beautiful as her mother. So when Lord and Lady Adair approached the new parents to arrange a marriage for their handsome eldest son they were quick to accept. They had money but no title. The Adairs had titles and estates but they were falling into disarray due to lack of funds. It was the perfect arrangement. The children grew up and the fortunes of their families reversed. While the Adairs grew more and more wealthy, Delaney's parents passed away and she lost everything and had to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Her marriage contract was still binding though so at least she had that for her future. That was until word came that her handsome future husband had been sent to defend the kingdom against a dragon and had returned scarred and angry. Unable to escape her contract, Delaney was forced to marry the man who was now more of a monster. But could she ever learn to love him? Once they are married she learns there is much more to her scarred husband than meets the eye and she is soon swept into a life of witches, fairies, unicorns, pirates, and more. Delaney has made it clear she will never love her husband and he knows that. He makes a deal with her so they won't have to stay married forever. But what happens if now Delaney is the one to change her mind?

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Great story with intriguing characters and plot. Well written and so far well executed. Definitely recommended for any reader. I loved the interactions between characters and that each one is different.


Really intelligently written story with an amazing plot that keeps me turning the pages. Really excited for more content to be uploaded so I can continue to find out what happens.


This is such a creative book! I’m so excited to keep reading & learning more about this amazing world. The characters are so much fun. Cora is my favorite. 🤩 Go read!


I really enjoy this so far. The characters are well fleshed out and there is a clear storyline. The writing voice is great and the characters are likeable. I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops!


Wonderful book, full o many emotions. I can’t wait for Delaney to act like the woman she is! Poor Vincent must give her the time to come her senses !


i like this novel... it was an excellent writing🤩 the story quality was awesome and i like this novel so much... people should read this novel... i recommend this novel to all new reader


To be honest....It's very hard for me to pull through due to FL's selfishness...but I must say...the author has portrayed the reality of human feelings....which is very intriguing but at the same time hard to digest....


This is the best book I have found on this app. The author brilliantly paints an incredible scene, characters, and story. I have loved getting lost in this world✨


This story has bewitched my heart ❤️!! I am definitely impressed with the storyline that brings you to a world of fantasy mixed with reality awakening every emotion in your heart. Beautiful written with plots and twists that keeps you on edge all the time! wonderful work dear Author and keep up with your beautiful work!!! 💕


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


I’m now captivated on reaching Chapter: flashing bLades. very intiguing story line and well written, it Is getting more interesting as I read.


I absolutely love how you describe the characters, and their situations; which are right down comical at times. Way to go! Keep writing! I can't wait to see more of this as you add chapters!


Love this book. I just wish I dIdn’t have tobwait for the next chapter. It wIll be interesting to see Delaney continue to wrestle with her decision to leave her marriage contract or to try again.


Really enjoying this book. The only thing i dislike is having to wait for the next chapter 😜 I prefer to read the entire book at one time , but maybe this is the way Webnovel works. At any rate I will keep reafing as soon as there are new chspters❤️


I highly recommend this story. It's well written and different than the cliche' CEO story that you read here and the one I'm writing. [Lol] It's very original and I have not seen one story like this here. Add to your library and vote to motivate the author to continue with the story.


Great read! I love the story and can’t wait to read more The mix of the rehular world and the dragons is a fun mixture. Love how they each have a role in the book


I've always loved this writers writing. Always has had great characters and plots with really different and valuable views and opinions on the world not written well by muvh of anyone else. The same applies to these characters and this story. Like a modern-day Beauty and the Beast. This writer is capable of just about anything and it shows in her writing. Spectacular work! I cannot wait for everything else to come.




I've never rated this story before but I thought I should :) hopefully everyone reading it enjoys it and wants more. I'm very proud of it and the characters


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