I have AI Planet and Handsomeness in the Fantasy Apocalypse Book

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I have AI Planet and Handsomeness in the Fantasy Apocalypse


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"My AI? Oh, she's just an ordinary creation. She has overpowered her own planet, morphing all living creatures into advanced machines, creating an armada of planet-sized warships with technology that defies comprehension. Driven by an insatiable boredom, she set out to conquer numerous galaxies, her reign unchallenged and unstoppable." "My planet? It's stashed away in the furthest corners of the universe, and right here within me. As you scramble and slay for scraps amidst an apocalypse, consider my offer. My discarded, rotting food can be yours, in exchange for some gold. No? How about a ravishing human then? Still no takers? Fine, any breathtakingly beautiful female creature will suffice. After all, This is my realm, my rules!" "My divine handsomeness? With my handsomeness, I set the entire universe ablaze. Due to my overloard captivating charm, every woman on Earth has collectively nominated me to become the first President of Earth, while I am sleeping. Such is the power of my handsomeness!" "Sexy vampire, beautiful elf, princess of whichever kingdom, half-angel, enchanting human beast, seductive ghost - you dare to ask, I shamelessly dare to add plus fan service. System, kingdom building, class change, magic, cultivation - just comment, and I dare to incorporate. As my shamelessness has already grown so profound, it knows no boundaries." "Shameless author dares to write a shameless book. Just wondering, are there any shameless readers who dare to follow the Dao of Shamelessness and begin the journey into shamelessness?"