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My mother is the demon queen

My mother is the demon queen

You want to read about a bunch of mommy milfs doting on a boy. Me too but I couldn’t find any novels that purely wrote that so I started writing it myself now if you know of any mommy milf harem novel please help a comrade out. This is my first novel so um I advise you to read something absolutely shit first and then read this so it doesn’t seem as bad in comparison. Anyway the story is about a kid named Sam he suddenly exists he knows different things like what a dog is and that milk and cookies are a great combination but doesn’t remember living before this. Now he seems to have some kind of power to make women go crazy over him some even going to war luckily he has his trusted doggo Otis with him to run away from any adversities and challenges the world throws at him.

I_am_speed · Fantasy
The Blessed

The Blessed

What would you do if one day you wake up and see that there's a bunch of different kinds of monsters roaming around the city, attacking all the people they see and pure chaos and madness everywhere! Well nothing, cause you will be dead on the spot, but not if you have a System that is helping you and a bunch of OP-Abilities. Note: This is not an isekai story. ( If you are interested in supporting me by sending me even in the smallest amount, you can PayPal me here. I'll be really thankful if you do :) https://www.paypal.me/Evrabonzz One quick word: I have a dream: I want to be the very best That no one ever was.

Evrabonzz · Magical Realism