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Demon King: Peerless Poison Concubine

Demon King: Peerless Poison Concubine

The Mu Rong's 3rd young miss has~ i.been bullied - accepted V(-_-)V ii.was killed and has transmigrated - that's a secret (o.0) iii.......wants to live a normal life after being an agent in the last life. B) BUT Turns out she is drama's lost child as she finds herself swept into the imperial palace and has to deal with 1."nutcases". (@.@) Of course there are 2. annoying mosquitoes (=_=) but hubby is here to spoil her eventually (^-^) .......... He is the the famous handsome War god Known for his prowess on the battle field and wifey also knows is prowess outside the battle field (wink) All his previous brides died on the wedding night and the family of the current bride sent the wrong daughter but miss peach blossom eyes stole his heart, mind and soul through and through. But it seems cute wifey can also be fierce too. ________________#______________________ credits to the owner of the picture

xZarax · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings