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Foolish Concubine Reborn As Miracle Doctor

She had loved him and chased after him like a fool, but he had hated her to the core. The engagement annulment letter had been thrown at her face as he took her life. When she regained consciousness, there was no more foolishness in those eyes of hers. Instead, there seemed to be a sharpness that could see through everything. He detested her, and so did everyone who constantly mocked and sneered at her. They had no idea the beauty that hid in that disguise of hers, nor the sharpened mind and intelligent soul that had since taken over the body. When they met again, “she” was the one rejecting his requests to meet. She lay comfortably on the couch, holding a teacup and slowly sipping tea from it. Her other hand stroked smooth fur of the great white mastiff that was wholly loyal to its owner. Seeing her in that moment, he felt that her aura and the grand atmosphere had shaken the depths of his heart. All he could hear was her whisper to the dog, “Why don’t you go chase away the bad guys?”

Tangmeng Ruoying · Historical Romance

Young Master Feng, Your Lady Has Stunned the World!

Twenty years ago, the Gu family’s eldest daughter, Gu Wan, went missing without any news on her whereabouts. The Gu family was left with only the youngest daughter, Gu Chu, so they doted on her. Twenty years later, Gu Wan returned. Gu Chu was thrilled and she showed her sister around the city, even giving her everything she treasured. However, Gu Chu gradually realized that Gu Wan was here to take everything away from her, including her fiance! Their mother said, “We owe Gu Wan all of this. We all do, especially you! Gu Wan only went missing back then because you insisted on having a candy. That’s why Gu Wan went out and ended up going missing! She had suffered for twenty years out there! You will never be able to fully repay Gu Wan what you owed her! Hence, the engagement with the Feng family should be given to Gu Wan!” Their mother even said, “When we arranged this marriage with the Feng family, although we didn’t specify if it was for Gu Wan or Gu Chu, the elder child should take precedence. Gu Wan should’ve been the first choice. And now that she’s back, she should take what was rightfully hers. What’s wrong with that?” Gu Chu wanted to defend herself. She didn’t understand why Gu Wan would lie because she didn’t go missing because of her. Yet, the man chose to marry her sister, and that was when Gu Chu regained her senses. It was just a man. Men weren’t reliable, so she didn’t want him anymore! Their mother even used their family’s shares to bribe Young Master Feng. However, Gu Chu was surprised when the quiet and unsmiling Young Master Feng suddenly had a change of personality. Three times a day, he would propose to her. Gu Chu asked, “Are you in such a hurry to have a wife?” Young Master Feng answered, “I’ve been planning this for a long time. Please bear with me.” Later on, Gu Chu found out his secret. So he had actually been planning for a long time after all…

Ideal Belly · Contemporary Romance

After Becoming An Evil Mother-In-Law, She Just Wants To Clear Her Name!

# figurehead # omnipotent # toughgirl # militaryofficer Single mother Meng Yao transmigrated and became an evil mother-in-law who forced her daughter-in-law to seek death. Meng Yao: “How do I clear my name? Someone please tell me urgently, I need to know!” After all, she was a kind-hearted woman, and was not evil mother-in-law material at all. Her daughter-in-law, who previously didn’t dare to speak out in front of her: “My mother-in-law is the best in the world!” Zhao Xiaoshu, whom she had sent to become a disciple at the age of eight and had almost been beaten to death by his master: “When did you see my mother was bad to me?” Zhao Xiaohua, who pinched her increasingly thinning cheeks: “My mother doesn’t love me anymore. She doesn’t give me any more meat to eat.” Zhao Xiaohua, who became thin and pretty later on: “It’s all thanks to my mother, who didn’t let me eat meat.” Meng Yao, who had now cleared her name and conscience, wondered if she would find a second chance at love. She couldn’t be single all her life, even in her second life, right? All her children: “Dad, if you don’t come back, Mom will start looking to start over!” A handsome, middle-aged man with dashing eyebrows and an indifferent expression: “She dares?!” Meng Yao was confused. Wasn’t she a widow? Was this a scam?

Smiling Meat · Romance

The Real Rich Daughter Who Was Replaced

Bai Su and Yun Jin were both orphans who grew up in an orphanage, but they didn’t have a good relationship with each other. When they were young, Yun Jin stole the only item that could verify Bai Su’s identity, a silver pendant. When she heard that the empire military family’s eldest granddaughter had a silver pendant on her before she went missing, Yun Jin secretly switched the Bai Su’s DNA sample. She wanted to replace Bai Su and become the empire military family’s princess. However, this didn’t stop Bai Su from becoming an excellent international sniper. Her family’s genes seem to have decided everything for her, and that made Yun Jin made with jealousy. Then, Bai Su signed a fake marriage agreement with the empire’s CEO because she saved him. However, Yun Jin didn’t plan on letting Bai Su go. She risked taking Bai Su’s place again, and made the CEO think he had gotten the wrong person. After the CEO and Bai Su had a flash marriage, they quickly divorced due to Yun Jin’s replacement. This news made Bai Su the laughing stock of the city. However, the CEO had fallen deeply for Bai Su before he knew it. He was so in love that he never expected she would one day aim her gun at his heart.

Dream Coffee · Contemporary Romance

Miss Qiu Pursues Her Dreams After Being Reborn!

Qiu Ying was reborn, back to her third year in high school. Finally, she could escape from the devil, Qi Yue! In her last life, her mother was agitated after her father’s death and that ended her artistic career. Even though she liked music and dancing, Qiu Ying gave up her dream because she cherished her mother. However, fate was not kind to her at all. Qi Yue had targeted her, and she became a caged canary in his care. To others, she was a dirty, lowly mistress. She thought that everyone would be happy by sacrificing herself, but she didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be able to see her loved ones even till the day she died. The teacher who was kind to her died of depression, her best friend was pushed off a balcony and fell into a vegetative state, and her oxygen mask was unplugged and she died! Even her brother, who was not related by blood, had both his legs crippled and became a disabled person! This time, she escaped from the suffocating city and was about to pursue her dreams again, but she never expected to meet an old friend who she only met once. What was more unexpected was for a man who hated her in her last life actually fell in love with her in this life!“Give me a reason for rejecting me,” the man said as he pressed Qiu Yang against the wall, his eyes narrowed dangerously. “People say the gap between our status is too big, and I don’t deserve you,” Qiu Yang answered honestly. Hearing this, the man chuckled and kissed her gently. “Then, I’ll leave my family with nothing but the shirt on my back and marry you, and you’ll take care of me, okay?”

Please Give Buff · Romance

I Was Seduced Into a Marriage After Failing to Charm the Tyrannical Bigshot

# THERAPEUTIC # WIFESPOILING # STUBBORN Sang Qianqian, the eldest daughter of the Sang family, was eighteen when she fell in love with Shen Hanyu at first sight."I love you, Shen Hanyu." "But I don't," Shen Hanyu replied ruthlessly, his every word determined. "Not now, not ever."Furious, the wealthy daughter planned her revenge against Shen Hanyu but somehow discovered that he would eventually become a cold-blooded, tyrannical big-shot who would destroy her family! Her spite towards him skyrocketed, but after she left, he missed Sang Qianqian like crazy, who was now leading a carefree life after moving far away and faking her death. Suddenly, she heard the news that Shen Hanyu, now a magnate and seemingly crazier, had her grave exhumed and was now on the search for her. Alarmed, she quickly packed up her things to go on the run again... only to find the man himself standing outside her door, breathing through gritted teeth, "Running again? Go for it."Knowing that escape was futile, Sang Qianqian changed her approach and tried to charm her way out of the dangerous situation, only to fail and end up submitting herself.***Years later, realizing she had been tricked, Sang Qianqiang threw the divorce papers in front of Shen Hanyu. "I want a divorce!"Shen Qianyu simply pulled her into his arms and leaned in for a kiss. Pulling away after a long while, he asked hoarsely, "Still want a divorce?"Left dazed by the kiss, Song Qianqian mumbled, "N-No..." "Then call me darling." "D-Darling..."Shen Hanyu nodded in satisfaction. "Good girl."

Little Tower of Blossoms · Romance

The Real Rich Daughter Wants Love After Marriage

Valk Gallup and Daisy Polly got married because the Polly family was short on money. Her father, unwilling to go to jail or go bankrupt, brazenly visited the Gallups, proposing a contract marriage of three years for 300 million dollars. One could say that their marriage was nothing less than a transaction, which was why Daisy never met Valk during their three-year marriage, and not many were aware that the second son of the Gallup family was married. Though they were supposed to be strangers to the end, they ended up sleeping with each other due to a twist of fate. When the morning after arrived, Daisy put down a single bank note before escaping through the window. Valk woke up to an empty bed and bellowed, “Find her!” And yet, he did not know that the woman he was looking for was the one living at his mansion and was legally his own wife! All he knew was that he was the only one who could bully her, and he would destroy anyone who touched her! Later, Valk, who still didn’t know love, already considered her as someone under his wing, giving her all his affection. Meanwhile, it dawned on everyone that he treated Daisy differently now. The daughter of that rich family, who was taken from a village only to be married off like a tool, was now wearing items from international luxury brands, each of which was worth dozens of millions. Where did she get that money? Harsh rumors began to circulate, as everyone was sure that she had found herself a sugar daddy! Daisy: Sorry, I'm not rich, but I own these brands!

JQK · Romance
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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Mo Rao was born into a family of military doctors. Her parents had risked their lives to save Fu Ying’s grandmother, so the latter forced Fu Ying to take Mo Rao in as his wife. Mo Rao always knew that Fu Ying had a dream girl named Qu Ru. This girl failed to marry Fu Ying as she desired because Fu Ying’s grandmother stopped them. After their marriage, Fu Ying was very considerate of Mo Rao. They even had high compatibility especially in bed. Fu Ying would always find himself deeply immersed in Mo Rao’s tenderness. Until one day, Fu Ying said, “Qu Ru has returned. Let’s divorce. I will transfer the property I promised you to your name.” Mo Rao said, “Can we not divorce? What if… I’m pregnant…?” Fu Ying answered heartlessly, “Abort it! I don’t want anymore obstacles to appear between me and Qu Ru. Also, Qu Ru has leukemia, and your bone marrow happens to be compatible with hers. If you’re willing to donate yours, I can promise you anything.” Mo Rao said, “What if my condition is that we don’t divorce?” Fu Ying’s eyes turned cold. “Mo Rao, don’t be too greedy. Even if I promise you for Qu Ru’s sake, you know full well that I don’t love you.” The words ‘I don’t love you’ stabbed at Mo Rao’s heart like a knife. Her smile suddenly became twisted and she was no longer the docile woman she used to be. “Fu Ying, this is the first time you repulse me so. You call me greedy, but aren’t you the same? You want me to divorce you so you can be with Qu Ru? Sure, I’ll agree to that. But you’re even dreaming that I’ll save her? Don’t forget, there’s no such thing as getting the best of both worlds in life, just like you and me.” Then Mo Rao left. Fu Ying actually felt suffocated, and this feeling drove him mad. When Mo Rao appeared once more, she had become a dazzling star. When she appeared before Fu Ying, holding hands with her new beau, Fu Ying couldn’t care less and said, “Baby, didn’t you say you would only love me?” Mo Rao smiled faintly. “Sorry, ex-husband. I was mistaken back then. You were only a replacement. I actually love someone else.”

JQK · Contemporary Romance