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Cathryn Woods was a Fine Arts student, who joined a Tattoo Design Contest, in which her best friend, her model, failed to show himself on that fateful day at the event. Desperate for the winner's cash prize so that she could pay for her school fees at an Art University, she convinced (well 'convince' is rather an understatement), a random guy at the beach she found to be her model instead. Her model turned out to be Alexander, a playboy who was the lead vocalist of a rising teenage boy band, and is it a coincidence that they go to the same university? Their flirty conversations and humorous banter also made their mutual like for each other bloom. Things will take into a serious turn when the redhead realized she fell hopelessly in love for the first time and with a player nonetheless, whom she met last summer. Will she be brave enough to risk herself in the name of love? Even auditioning as a supporting vocalist for the band just so she could always be near Alexander? What will Cathryn do if she knew that one of the band members had also caught the love bug for her? Messy love triangles are fun, yes, but Cathryn wished she could turn back time and hadn’t taken it to heart because the games can easily get brutal. YUMMY EXCERPT: updates every other day "Shut the fuck up, will you?" Alexander opened the book and picked another paragraph to read. "The urge to have sex is excruciating if you attempt to deny it. You don't want to be sleeping in my bed when it hits." He arched his eyebrows. "Understand what I'm hinting at?" "Why didn't you tell me you loved this kind of story?" Alexander bit his lip and his hooded eyes regarded her. "I could just tell you stories instead of you reading them for hours." "Based on your experience, huh?" She blurted it out before she could stop herself. Cathryn blushed furiously. Embarrassed, she tried to distract him from reading it. "Give that book back." Alexander continued like the infuriating fucker he is. "Oh yeah. Sweat broke out all over her body, imagining him super horny and determined to have sex with her. The idea didn't horrify her." Cathryn grasped the book from his hands but Alexander kept on raising it higher. She jumped, almost taking hold of the cover but Alexander had pushed her shoulder away in an attempt to stop her from getting the book back. She pushed him harder, kicking him with her shoes and they both fell on the couch, jerked out of balance. Alexander had instinctively wrapped his hands around her tiny waist to keep her from falling on the floor while Cathryn's hands were on his shoulders, moving to his chest. They stared wide-eyed at each other before Alexander's gaze transfixed on her mouth and one of his hands moved to caress her back with his fingers. "By the way, your best friend told me that you wanted to tell me something." He held her a moment, his hands on her body and his face a glowing heat onto hers.


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