When Time ComesWhen Time Comes

When Time Comes

by liyanpark1013

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[MATURE CONTENT] They say memories last forever, but what if you wake up one day not having them anymore? Minsoo Jeon, a simple girl who lives in Korea with her parents and a twin brother, couldn't recall her memories from ten years ago as any other person could. She felt like some part of her life had gone missing... Upon moving to a secluded, rural town located in the woods, she met a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes named Taehyung Kim. The moment Minsoo laid her eyes on him, it's as if they had a deep connection with each other, though she couldn't comprehend why. Is this something to do with her lost memories ten years ago? -------- Warning: Not suitable for young readers. It contains mature content so please be aware before reading the story.  For those who don't want to read the mature content, feel free to skip the chapter to s that have a (~18) at the end of the chapter.  *You've been warned* ALL THE CHARACTERS never reflect on everyday life. The name of the characters is only for the fictional story and the imagination of the author for this book. -------- If you want to reach out the author, you can DM at Discord. Discord: liyanpark1013#1293 You can donate to the author, any amount would be appreciated! THANK YOU :) Paypal: paypal.me/liyanpark1013 -------- Disclaimer: The cover image doesn't belong to the author (Coming from Pinterest) Edited by: AteJanz

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