When Time Comes
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When Time Comes


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What is When Time Comes

Read When Time Comes novel written by the author liyanpark1013 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, mystery, devil, betrayal, pregnancy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[WARNING: Some chapters contained mature content.] In the Kingdom of Heaven, falling in love with a human is forbidden as it is against the laws of the realm above. Yet, a high-ranking and most trusted angel named Araqiel fell in love with a human named Feaubry, who was claimed to be the daughter of an exiled prince and an angel. When the head had heard of the act that was against their rules, he then exiled Araqiel and threw him on earth as punishment. All of a sudden, however, an agreement of becoming a Demon Prince was given to him in order to protect her little princess. Will they meet again—or will they perhaps have their love bloom again like a risen flower as if born from the ashes? Little did Araqiel know, however, that the little damsel that he loved had the goal of leading him to his demise! Will Feaubry wrap him around her fingers and betray him? Or will Araqiel find this out? ~•~•~•~•~ Volume 1: De Mémoire D'Homme A simple girl who lives in Korea couldn't recall her memories from ten years ago. She felt like some part of her life had gone missing. Upon moving to a secluded, rural town located in the woods, she met a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. The moment she laid her eyes on him, it's as if they had a deep connection with each other, though she couldn't comprehend why. Does this get something to do with her lost memories ten years ago? Volume 2: Corps Êt Ame A man named Denvir had stolen the most important element inside the human body. One of his victims was a girl named Feaubry and on her 21st birthday, her fate is destined to change. In order for her to restore her dying body, she needs to find her missing soul. Will she be able to find her missing piece when the man who had stolen it from her is already dead? Or... Will she accept her fate of her possible death at any given moment? Volume 3: Ma Douce Petite Revance Feaubry wanted to got back to Korea with the guys to have a normal life and leave the past in the province, Oregon. But little did she know that a man with a mask will come to her in order to get the man’s figure for revenge—by using her. The photo is not mine


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Hello guys! this is my very first story in Webnovel so I'm so excited about this! Please check this out and have fun reading the story and again, Don't be a silent reader! I want to know your thoughts. I love you guys! 💋


I'm not rating my story yet I'm announcing about this story. for those who read my story, you can see that the chapters are deleted. the reason is this story is under revision. I'm working on revising my chapters but the end of the week so I could release the update chapters. please be patient with the new chapters that I'll release, hopefully on Sunday! I'll make it up to you guys! I love you all so much and peace out!


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The story was good, it really interesting and my kind of genre but what I notice is the complexity or the sentences and the grammar. The update was stable, it didn't missed a day which is good. Good job Author-nim! I hope to see another interesting story!


You've got a good base for the story, I wonder how will it go? Gets me curious, really. I hope this story will be successful. Oh wonder what Jeon Minsoo's fate would be. Gotta see I guess.




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Havent read it and probably wont read it, but since its based in Korea, why not use the proper way for names? Jeon Misoo and Kim Taehyung, I mean... its really weird since ur basing the novel on a country but names are reversed.


You should really check this book out, you won't regret doing so. I'm in love with this book, got hooked since chapter one. Good job author with the story line and it's development. Keep those chapters Rollin🙌🙌


So far so good! Carry on releasing please! I can't wait to read more of it! 100% recommend!! damn it word count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Soooo It's going great so far. Of course I still need to read more chapters but I an tell that your story has potential! The main character I feel has a lot to face in the future and she's in for it! Can't wait for updates!


Fantasy genre is my favorite in terms of books and movies, which means I have a high standard on reviewing this kind of stories. The story was very well thought of, the characters was well developed but still need some time in order to make the readers care for them, while the world which is the most important part of fantasy genre books and movies is kinda lacking. Yes theres some parts where you are able to tell us what it was but i suggest to make it more alive, let the characters spend more time with the world and try exploring it. Overall this was a great book! Good job for the author


I really am intrigued by your story plot. The story is very interesting. The chapters plot development so far is good and I want to keep reading it. Please Keep writing and keep it up!!


This is a very interesting novel. The groundwork of the story has laid smoothly, and the writing style has brought out the persona of each character. I hope the author keeps writing. I highly recommend this story.


It is a good novel, but there is a bunch of grammatical errors that can confuse the readers for a while. The first chapter will quickly pique a reader's interest and the flow of the story is good. Other than the grammatical errors, all is good.


The story is very interesting and it is very catchy but one thing I notice is the grammatical errors and the form of sentence that should revised but its minimal. over all its great story! Keep it up. I hope you could update more chapter.


Nice and very interesting novel. I liked it's story development and character design. Hope for regular updates. Keep it up. And make sure to release new chapters regularly 😁


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