War Between Two Different Worlds
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War Between Two Different Worlds


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What is War Between Two Different Worlds

War Between Two Different Worlds is a popular web novel written by the author MaxwellKHA, covering KINGDOM BUILDING, TECHNOLOGICAL GAP, GUNS AND MAGIC, OVERPOWERED-MORE OVERPOWERED, RIDICULOUSLY FUTURISTIC, War&Military genres. It's viewed by 193.2K readers with an average rating of 4.34/5 and 30 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 27 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A land that is torn by racial differences and cultures. A planet that has been torn apart by the great holy war. The demon and the human have been a sworn enemy for a very long time. Blood has been spilled on both sides. With the tension building up between the human and demon, the long war is not going to end soon. And all of a sudden, the Royal Guards of Ailenborough kingdom is wiped out by an unknown mean. This is the story of how one man from a very modern civilization changes history forever. With his knowledge of post-modern technology, he turned the barren wicked land into a utopia. He builds a new republic from the midst of civil war and turned it into a utopia. Any story has a beginning and this story begins with a woman. --------------------------------------- This book is a story about kingdom building in another universe with the advantage of post-modern technologies. WARNING: This story has a mild romance.


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This is my fourth book and I'm trying my best to do my best. I hope you guys enjoy it. This book mainly talks about kingdom building with a sci-fi touch, but it starts at volume 3. My hope is that I don't drop this book.


So far, so good. The writing is alright, but could use some proofreading. I suggest adding some transitional devices would help a lot so the text won’t be rough to read. Concept is there, and is intriguing. Not my usual cup of tea, but I recommend it to those who likes the genre. Overall, great job! Keep on writing!


The writing quality is OK, but for some typos or grammar mistakes. At present only three chapters have been published. So, I cannot say much for the updates. But those will follow in due course. The story is developing nicely. At present there are only two characters and as the world background is being set, the character design will sort out later. Folks ! You may give this book a try.


Interesting!! Very interesting!!! You really know a lot about weapons!! I know nothing about weapons so i can't say much. But, that is the least things the reader should think about. I really like the carefree attitude of the main character. The way he face problem so calmly and how he is always ready for every dangerous possibility.


That is some great imagination we are talking about here. Grammatical mistakes aside Boy I am liking it and it is going to my collection. That's All i have to say.


Good, it's looks promising,I like the MC because is name looks like one of my first names, Gerald for him Gerard for me. Well, overall the story is interesting but we need more chapters.Keep and good luck.


Never mind about my reply on the forum! I found it (obviously lol) Okay, real talk, I like the originality. I don’t read many war books but I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. Just do some proof-reading is all :) it’s a good story and I want to see it (as well as all the other good ones on here) freaking s o a r my dude. Keep it up :p


Interesting!, it is a good thing I love Sci-Fi genres, this story for me is Alright, the writing quality is good, although some typos appear, overall it's understandable and still great. The plot for me is awesome! The characters are fairly designed! Author, you did a good job!


The story is nice and one of the least used cliches and the combination of magic and technology is quiet interesting the writing is fine and chapters are good. keep up the work


I see why you wanted more conflict. Your mc is already in a mexican standoff by chapter 3. It's just a difference in genre. Strong from the start novels are way different from weak to strong. I enjoyed this though it was an interesting read.


I will be completely honest with this. I like the concept of modern technologies versus fantasy world that took place in somewhat medieval times. The concept is good but the execution is kind of lackluster. There are too many dialogues and only few ones that explains the whole premise. I know it is hard to write stories that has detailed, choreographed fight scenes and I think you will need time to work on that. That is my only problem. Not that I am not a big fan of dialogue based stories, to be honest, one of my favorite novel series is the Monogatari Series which also relies on the dialogues. This story might improve, and I hope it does. One thing to look out for is the detailing of battles, not just them talking in the middle of the battle. Well, this is just the prologue so I think that will pass by somehow. There are novels that I can recommend you to read which can be of help to you somehow especially the concept is kind of similar. I think you might know this or not but I do recommend the novel A Certain Magical Index. It is the best example you can get for a novel with modern tech vs fantasy world. But if you do like manga, then check out GATE which is a better example and somewhat close to your concept. Other than that, I do really hope for this one to success and I want to be there when that happens.


Writing quality is good with stable updates Story development is fast paced Character design is not good World background is still being fleshed out with great potential Peeves It has that - hey we fight, now we friends 'cause reasons Plot holes Some forced plot points MC plot armor makes it so most character accept the mc at face value Dialogues need some work


Writing quality could use a bit more work but overall the story is pretty good. This is quite a catch for those who are into the sci-fi genre. Keep up the good work, author!!


Okay, your storyline is good. Update stability is nice. World background, thoughtfully explained. Well for a newbie sci-fic writer, you are doing well. Nice details if I do say so myself. Crazy A. I Clarisse. MC gets into trouble immediately he lands a new planet. So far your story is good. Just some grammatical errors, but if one looks beyond that, you'd be sure to have a good read. Good work author, keep it up.


World is big. I like that. Imagination is high, also like that. Light and fun, good read I say. Overall your doing good keep it up. Expexpexpexpexpepxpepx


This is really funny, and extremely enjoyable to read. I love the tone and pace of this story, wow just wow so much going on and grammatically it's great. Keep doing a banging job.


I like the world background and premise. Though the dialogues are choppy and feel rushed at the start, the story makes up for it. The characters are interesting and the existence of mechs really puts a twist on the fantasy world theme. Overall I loved the story and the fight scenes. Destroying medieval character with sheer technological superiority is extremely satisfying. Though it would be interesting to see the MC outsmarted by the locals for underestimating them too much.


Hi, greetings to the author of this novel, from me readers. For your story, this is good because in my opinion, those who like LN gate & Summon Japan really like this novel. Coupled with the difference that here MC itself with the help of A.I and the Space Carrier that makes the Gap technology felt. Also, I like this novel because it seems like MC recommends creating a republican state with army building too, plus advanced technology, really this novel fulfills all the criteria I like. I hope you continue updating this article and as much as possible to consistently update the article. You know that making people curious is not good hehehehe.🙌🙌🎉


coole military novel


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