Underrated Exorcist : The Legacy of The  Supreme's will
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Underrated Exorcist : The Legacy of The Supreme's will


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What is Underrated Exorcist : The Legacy of The Supreme's will

Underrated Exorcist : The Legacy of The Supreme's will is a popular web novel written by the author NoWoRRyMaN, covering R-18, HARÉM, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, ACTION, EVOLUTION, WEAK-TO-STRONG, MAGIC, DEMONS AND MONSTERS, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 138K readers with an average rating of 4.78/5 and 17 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 22 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Impurities, spirits, ghosts, hollows, corrupted beings, phantoms, monsters, demons, devils, and many more. There are different types of them and called by many names. They feed on dark energy and emotions to grow stronger. They are unseen to the human eyes, and unknown to them, they lurk in the shadows of humanity. In this world, they are considered evil. They don't belong here. They should be exterminated as soon as they are born, as soon as they appear. Though no one knows why they were born. But there are these few people with mystical power & spiritual energy flowing through their blood giving them the ability to see things that normal humans do not perceive, they are - Excorcist. Ever since forever the exorcists have been fighting them, in order to protect all exorcists and humanity. Luka Aldini, an exorcist who grew up hearing all those stories about monsters and phantoms, believing in them. Not knowing any truth behind the world, the powers and its creation. Follow his journey as he overcomes his past traumas and unravels every secret of the world to fulfill the legacy of the supreme's will.  =================== This novel will have Mass Release on receiving a certain amount of power stones. At every 200 power stones, one extra Chapter will be released. [Please review the novel, judge it. But don't judge the author] Thanks for the support. Support Me At Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/NoWoRRyMaN ============== If you have read my other novel "The King's Mandate: Anomalous System", you will get the idea how I write the novel. The first few chapters will be of mc, and his relationship with others. It slowly picks up the pace as the plot thickens. And if You haven't read my other novel, then go read it xD ========== [Disclaimer - The Cover doesn't belong to me. All rights goes to the artist. If They want me to take it down, contact me on discord or ask me in the review] ==========

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Hey there, author here. 1) This is not a shameless review. I will tell you some things about this novel. -I will say some pros and cons. But I won't say which one is pros and which one is cons. -Pros can be cons for some and cons and be pros for some, so decide it yourself. a) First let's start with MC. MC is not strong or weak, you can say he is average, but he will grow strong as the story progresses. ^^^ this can be pros and cons for some. b) The other is female leads, All girls are from different backgrounds, and have different personalities. -So you don't have to worry about those 1-dimensional characters. ^^^ I think this should be pros for everyone. 2) Now let's talk about harems, -Harem is the most common genre nowadays, and it's receiving lots of hate. -Some just run away after seeing the 'Romance' tag or 'harem' tag, and well, I don't blame them. -Here is the thing, some authors think that adding/writing harem novels will give them lots of exposure. -They don't know how to write harem or romance. And they still write it, just to fu*k up in the end because they failed to execute it. -Hence harem gets hate. Romance gets hate. -I am not blamming any one here. I also hate harems, yet I still write them. But what I hate is those harems. Kinda sounds like a hypocrite, right? -Because I know how to write a harem, romance novel, and I have confidence in that. -I will show you what a real harem is. -The thing is, I have avoided all the things I hate about harems, in my novel. If you have read my other novel, "My (idiot) girlfriend recommended me a vr game so I tried playing it". You will know what I am talking about. -There is an actual romance and progress with harem. I have written my thoughts on harem in the synopsis of that novel, read it if you are interested. I am not asking you to love harems, but if you are not reading this because of the harem tag, then you are missing a gem. ^^^^ this is what I wanted to say on harem. Again, I won't force anyone to read it. 2) Now let me talk about the novel and its release. I already have 50+ chapters stockpiled, and I am going to realease 2, if not 1 chapter every day. 3) Now let's talk about the reviews, and why I rated it 5 star. Every author believes their novel is 5 star. BUt there are some who rate it 3 stars to gain sympathy from readers. Well, I don't want the begged sympathy. -Okay, so let's start. a) FIrst is Writing quality - 5 stars here. This is my second novel, and I have improved a lot. And I think it deserves 5 stars. b)Second is stability of updates- As I said already, I will release 2, if not 1 chapter every day. So 5 stars for this too. c)Third is Stroy development - This absolutely deserves a 5 star. The story would be god tier. d)The fourth is Character design- % star here too. I have written an auxiliary chapter on character appearance of 2 characters, and the rest are on my discord server (link in the synopsis) - I have also posted illustrations as reference. e) Fifth is World background - The world background is this novel is great. I have already revealed many things, and the rest will be revealed as the story progresses. So here we have it, a proper review. Thanks for reading this. And thanks for your support.


The main character(Luka) here seems like the kind of guy that will slap someone's face unintentionally, and apologizing after, slapping the face of the poor sod that blocks his path even further. So, I am hoping for more faceslapping action soon. Members of the harem sect would probably love this one, romance is handled well, reminds me of those slice of life mangas I have read back in the day. Oddly sweet and slightly bitter at the same time.


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Although a good book and nice plot but the best thing whichI liked that this Author manages both of his story and uploads daily so you should check another book too and buy privilege .


Well, well, well... I just have read four chapters of this great story and I you, my fellow writer, you have my attention. Cannot wait to see how the MC will become a great guy and fulfilling his promise. You sir, deserve a drink for this work.


I love the plot Luka seem like such a sweetheart hearted. Plus I love the idea of a exorcist Storyline. I will be reading often Wild bunni


😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌 Heavens, this book is heavens for exorcist lover like me. I can even compare it to Twin Star Exorcists. Good Job author 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


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Came here from author's other novel. Have high expectations, especially with this fresh plot. And I'm pumped that it's 3rd pov xDDD So far it's been good, but still a lil' space for improvement ;) Fighting author-kun~ . . .


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Just read it. It's fun and worth your time. I am only few chapters in but I can say that it'll be interesting ahead. Though there are some errors as the chapters aren't edited yet (my guess) but it's ok. You can just ignore them as you ignore in those s**t quality translated novels. Thanks.


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didn't start yet.. Just waiting for the harem development already lol..like the exorcist genre already.. Hope mc is no beta.. .. .. .. .... .. .. ...


This is a very good novel snd i cant wait for this novel to get more updates so I can read more pf this awesomeness...........................




bruh. .. .. bruhhhhhh. bruhhhh. .. .. bruhhhhh. .. . das is bitch. ... .. . .. .. this exorcist is coool untill he doesn't opt for harem .. .. .bruh. .. .. bryhhhh


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