Trapped for Eternity Book

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Trapped for Eternity


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"Where do you think you are running off to?" Alastair asked with an evil smirk on his face. "I-I..." Samantha stuttered, trying to come up with an answer and not daring to meet the King in the eye. "Take your time, my dear. We have all the time in the world." "I want to go." "And where do you want to go?" "Home." "Oh, Samantha darling. Let's get one thing straight. This is your home now and you are not going anywhere, not when I am here." "But I do not want to hurt you again, Alastair." "Ohh, darling. The only way you will ever hurt me is when you leave me and that is one thing I will never allow you to do. You are mine, eternity." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Alastair Drayce has been searching for years for Samantha as she is said to bring the change of fates, according to a prophecy. And the first thing he does after finding her is to bring her to his castle, his home, under his protection. Wanting to save the most powerful man in the kingdom from her destructive self, Samantha hatches a plan to escape. But why is it that every time she tries to flee, she ends up right in his arms? Coincidence? Once: Accepted, Twice: Questionable, Thrice: Not anymore. Why does her escape plan go wrong with him around and most important of all, what is he hiding? Also, what does Alastair want from Samantha that lasts for eternity? A prophecy has been made. An angel has been found. And two lost souls have united. Now, how are Alastair and Samantha destined to bring the change of fates? Read their story to find out more. The cover picture does not belong to me. ------------------------------------------- Join my discord server to know more about chapter updates. Discord: https://discord.gg/rPCgMp9MCH Instagram: prada_murthy Facebook: Prada Murthy


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