The Witchy Elf
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The Witchy Elf


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What is The Witchy Elf

The Witchy Elf is a popular web novel written by the author Leorote, covering ADVENTURE, FEMALEPROTAGONIST, MAGIC, TRANSMIGRATION, OVERPOWEREDMC, STRONGMC, HIGHFANTASY, WITCHES, ELF, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 19K readers . The novel is being serialized to 72 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


She is famed as the Greatest of all Witches and yet one day she was found dead. What's more shocking is that she doesn't even know how she had died or who had killed her. Luckily for her, she got another chance as she reincarnated. When she came back to life, she doesn't recognize her surroundings nor the people around her. When she saw herself, she finally found that the body her soul entered was not her's but instead it belonged to an Elf. An Elf whom all the other Elves bully as a Good-for-nothing. It doesn't matter if she was a Good for nothing because her own talent was enough to strive any environment by herself. But what matters is that both the Magical clans Witches and Elves were said to be rivals for around thousands of years for now. How could she survive being a member of a rival clan? She thus starts a brand new journey of being an elf while using her techniques that she learned being a witch. She moves on finding the reason behind her death and the person who was responsible for the same. She continues proving everyone that she not only could be the Greatest of all the Witches but she could also be the Greatest of all Elves- of course by using a little, just a little, of her witchcraft. But can she stop by just being the Greatest of Witches and Elves? Maybe she could go beyond that? Follow her journey to find more... The Witchy Elf - Why just a Witch or an Elf when she can be both? P.S: Cover commissioned. Credits to the talented artist @_VA_


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Amazing! I really like the concept of your story. Even the synopsis is enough to make me want to read more! This is definitely a good read, I'd recommend it to everyone. I mean, c'mon, a witchy elf? Where will you find a novel with a ln elf who's also a witch? This itself is interesting. Good luck, author!


Wow! An elf story...oops a witchy-elf story....synopsis seems interesting and the story is good as well. It's only a few chapters long so can't say much. But good work author keep going!


It's hard to tell the overall review since it only has 5 chapters total rn. But apart from that, it seems like a story with an incredible plot. Witches vs Elves, I kinda like the sound of that. The storytelling and details is also good, if not the best. All I can say is that MORE chapters please.


Very well written! Good pace, good descriptions. Story feels immersive and it carries great potential! Keep writing and keep producing more chapters!


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