The War That Transcends Timelines!
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The War That Transcends Timelines!


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What is The War That Transcends Timelines!

The War That Transcends Timelines! is a popular web novel written by the author Chaos_Overseer, covering ARMY BUILDING, WAR AND MILITARY, KINGDOM BUILDING, WAR AND POLITICS, MAGIC VS SCIENCE, FANTASY, MODERN, ACTION, War&Military genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.66/5 and 47 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 157 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Time. Time is intangible! Or so they said Sadly, we were wrong, time can be bent, bent to another's will. Empires stretching through the annals of another's history, Men of another race fighting in another man's war, technology, unknown to the Natives used to destroy them outright! Men fighting over resources not found in their Universe, troops fighting throughout the ages, brave heroes live and die. this... this is The War That Transcends Timelines! Kyle wit, abducted by a Mighty Empire to spearhead a section of their war is thrown right in the midsts of it! And through this trail be fire and death he shall go down in the annals of everyone's history and be known by enemies and allies as: The Marshall. A story where blood paints the earth, cruelty is common, men in the millions fight, shady politics, multi-layered planning and above all one person to fight against the norm. Comments keep me motivated, the biggest source of happiness for almost any author Per (war)period 100-150 chapters or 100,000-150,000 words. One chapter between one to two days, one guaranteed teaser beforehand. Top 100 Guarantees Two 9-14 Chapters a week For people, there is a discord page: https://discord.gg/EQYQ6CJ


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The author here, I love the idea of a man with modern knowledge traveling to the past where there was the most conflict, a great what if scenario. I hope to use Historical accurate data, make it balanced, a good system to make certain things happen. And be to more battlefields than just one. I will use some terminology which could be viewed as difficult. I'll try my best, hope you enjoy reading this type of book. A REAL Modern military Fiction. I am rating it 5 stars just for the sake of a foundation.


This isn't for everyone. Those who know the time periods, (currently WW2), will have an easier time understanding what's happening. However, I would like to state this is "Near" historical. Of course with timeline changes comes changes to actual events. It's a little fast, but currently the author is new, and trying to find the balance, but things as they stand are good for a quick read. It's really enjoyable, the MC actually isn't stupid for once!


Well let me summarize this.Novel.You read novel.Novel is good.Then you comment on the chapter saying "thx for the chap" then the author liked it.Then you have exp for days.Then you think how to help the author novel to get to higher realm like the sector heads.Then you remember you can review it .Then join the discord.Joining discord has so much spoiler for days you just need to wait for future arcs then you win the game.+100000^10000000000 exp. Player 1:GG Player 2:All hail comander Player 3:Author too good to be true ...+1 ...+2 ...+.... Player 1069069069:Well the moral of the story.Read this novel dont be a noob like @Player 1


will try reading your novel bro.. it just happens i like this kind of genre... just dont hang us readers in middle of arc.. hope u can finish this


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Am i the only who's getting this message "This chapter has been deleted. Please go to The The War That Transcends Timelines! or Webnovel home" when i tried to read this story seriously this is such a bother to me considering i how i love the story


Well it got much better so I'll give a five for encouragement Fjfjfjfjjfjfkfkdkdkkdkrkrkrklrldlfkfkfklrlrlrlrlrlrlrllrlrkrkr Jdjdjdkkdkfkfkfkkfkfkfkfkkfkfkfkkfkfkkf Dkdkfkjfjfjfjfjfjk


This is what everyone should be looking for! I joined Qidian to find a Novel which would be about war, Intelligence gathering, resources and a bit of steampunk. To anyone hesitating, this Author is a beginner, but his quality of writing is totally not shabby compared to some other novel writers I have seen. Development in the beginning is a bit bad but he is a beginning and he is improving. I would say give it a go, it is special in its way.


I do not really like to write or comment much about books, as I don't want to get in discussion. But I make an exception for this book, mainly because it is going over a lot of people's radars. People who enter the War&Military Novel section would expect such a novel as the category states. But this is not what is happening, all Novels I see are utter trash on this section until I started to read this jewel, having Humour, action, intricate scheming, characters you relate and a good Author. This Book is a much read of people want to experience a true War&Military novel, as all the others are UTTER disappointments. I thank the Author for giving what all people deserve when they open this genre :D


I'm on chapter 26 and I would just like to say i love this and I find only one minor problem and that is misspellings but this is my favorite book so far. And this is also my first review. I love the amount of development and I really like how well your time skips fit in. For a beginner I would rate you a semi pro thus far. I hope to see everything come beautifully together like a well woven blanket.


This novel quickly became one of my favorites recently. everything is superb and amazing. I hope for more chapters! keep it up man!............


I like the novel But it just that many of the developmentbof the novel is missing. You should develop more of thr storyline for the marshall




really good book so far all i got to say is that these kinds of books are RARE hmm so i need 140 characters ebvqhwbpijeqbphvibegpiuprvhphebvonejvvbjnjhoevjhebbrrvb


Dear author I do hope you continue your execellent work daily and please dont forgot to have atleast 1 battle lost to awaken KYLE overly that he needs to be serious at everything to be fitting to become the world's greatest leader but it still depends on you dear author.


If you like wars with different time lines and different weapons in who know many era time lines then this is for you and this is not something you see every day on webnovel in this genre


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I don't actually have much to say besides read the story because it is divine script from the Realm of the Gods. The best modern and military story that I have ever read. Can't say how much praise I have for you Author and your story. I read in another review on this website how some authors aren't that. They are more than just authors and writers, they are storytellers and I believe you truly fit this word in all of its glory. Thank You for telling us such a great story!!!!!!!


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Fight! War! Heroes! Battles! TESTOSTERONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read this one for the world comrades. 5/5 would f*** with WW2 again


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