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The supreme sovereign system


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What is The supreme sovereign system

The supreme sovereign system is a popular web novel written by the author phamtonbullet, covering KINGDOM BUILDING, SYSTEM, War&Military genres. It's viewed by 3.7M readers with an average rating of 3.86/5 and 204 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 389 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Alfonso was a historian of earth who suddenly appear in the body of Alfonso Lockheart, a fallen prince that is the Lord of a formal city known as the wasteland valley, with infertile land and losing the protection of their god, the wasteland valley is land that is destined to be destroyer by the extreme weather and the attacks of beast. Alfonso was in a despair situation; however, he wasn’t destined to fall in this land, that is because.... [The supreme sovereign system welcomes its new host, with the help of the Greek gods as your allies, you will become the new sovereign of this land!]


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Hello, everyone, I am the author of The supreme sovereign system, phamtonbullet, I just wanted to say a few things , believe me I am doing this just to express my opinion and not to shamelessly add reviews to the novel :v , so here we go: 1) I know that my nick name is writing wrong, it should be phantombullet but It was already taken, uwu. 2) I always read your comments my beloved readers, every time that you post a commend in any chapter, I read it. I know a few of you who always thanks me for the chapter, I really, really appreciate it. 3) As you may already notice, I have problems with the grammar , I am really sorry about that, I always feel bad about this, I am planning to take a few days to edit all my past chapters (1-25). I am using a few grammars correctos, and I am trying to find someone to be my proofreader(this was a suggestion from you) , in conclusion , I will do my best to give all of you a writing quality that you deserved. 3) As I was saying, I always read your commends, I know a lot of people have been complaining about the fact that I called Artemis, Artemisa. Well, the thing is this, I have ALWAYS called her by that name xD . I planned to leave it that way, however, to give you a better time in reading the novel, I changed to Artemis in chapter 30 and it will stay that way from now on. 4) This novel will be a long one, The adventures of Alfonso are just beginning, some of you have asked if Alfonso will get superpower and fight by himself, well, I won't spoil you, so I won't answer, I will only say that Alfonso would have to use his head more than his muscles...(he is crippled anyway, :v) 5) I will now(02/07/2018) put a bonus chapter system, however , to have them, I will have to shamelessly ask for your votes(spirit stones) , this bonus chapters will be given depending on what position we ended on the week: - Ranked between 90-80 : 1 bonus chapter - Ranked between 70-60 : 2 bonus chapters - Ranked between 50-40 : 3 bonus chapters I will stop there, lets be honest, we have a long way to get to further positions, when this novel consolidates itself better , I will do another system of bonus chapters. 6) I usually post 1 chapter per day. 7) Finally, I want to thank you all of you who follow the adventures of Alfonso, please keep looking forward for it! And for the ones who are just reading reviews, what are you waiting for? Alfonso Lockheart command you! Read it!


bro, you have a good story. its nice to see a new novelist rise up to shine, i will try to support you by reading and appreciate your works the grammar was horrible at early but its getting better and better later on, it's show how hard you work. we are really thankful for that. but you see, the problem is every new reader always start from beginning, and it will really help yourself if you revise you early work. I'm sure it will encourage many new reader. i thank you for your time and effort, i wish you goodluck


I want to like the story, but the grammar is just hard to stomach after 10 or 15 chapters... please find a beta or proofreader... This story has so much potential, but the bad English is ruining the enjoyment of the story.


For those looking for a good historical fiction which a modern man tries to use his wits to gain an advantage in a fantasy scenario, this isn't it This novel is disappointing because they give the MC the perfect weapon to tackle the next mission (so if there was a fire demon they would give him a water mage just to be able to counter it perfectly) The MC's knowledge is barely relevant as the system gives him textbooks on what to do (agriculture etc) Lazy writing and poor plot


The story is interesting but I agree with the others. The grammar is half-bad although I can understand what you are trying to convey it is tiring to always guess the right words and reconstructing the sentences. You need to look for an editor. Once you release many chapters not all people has the patience to play "guess". Dont take this comment too hard. You have potential its just the grammar that's holding you back.


I just read about 5 of your chapters and I have to say it's the most horribly cringe worthy work ever. Be it the MC or the ground work of your story or the content delivery which is like drivel of mistakes written by a 6 year old.......... Please improve.


The MC is the slave of the system and the gods. Why would anyone help someone else to become strong to rule them. That's just plain stupid. Why would anyone want to live like that. He just should had killed himself at least should've free from this bull****.


It had such a good storyline but the author's English level is not very high. There is so many grammar and spelling mistakes it ruins the story. Also the plot is not consistent and the author forgot to search about greek gods. It's a mess. I don't recommend this to anyone. I got headache correcting all the mistakes mentally while reading.


The writing is lower on the spectrum but I won't say trash to others novel I read. However, from the comment I read so far it seem that it really bad before he got an editor. There might be fews errors stil in need of tweak. What kill me is the characters and the setting;to be specefic it would be system. The system is absurd as it can summon gods yet it can't fucking heal the main protagonist. Then the wolf ****en neuter that leg. I couldve deal with a weak character but strong in other areas but when the MC solve the problem through plot Amor by allying with the wolf that made him pratically dead as a character and more of a puppet. The otherhand, the puppeter isnt well thought out or I'm expecting too much from a system novel. It doesnt give ant expantion of the system and why it all Earth(Greek) Gods. For example. Were the Greek God s ever worshipped in the the new the planet or is the system just generating/ acquiring Souls with potential of being gods with the geberated menories basebon the epics og hero and gods from Earth. Also, it seem that that MC could be more than a mortal or a mere God base on the system method of empowering him through collecing ,training, and battling wild goddesses. Also, i wouldnt have mind if he sacrifice a leg for godly speed or something but no he had to plotamored into allying with a wolf that would eventually be enemies. I say that because the wolf or Lyon; whaterver the greek word for wolf will be enemoes base on his backstory and MC identity of work traveler from a modern Democrat developed country which destroy the envirement and treat animal as pet as well. So it pointless and meanless other waste of time . ******Note I haven't got passchapter 50


This is the third or forth time I've tried to get into this story, but again the bad grammar and characters etc. have kept me from getting past the first few chapters. This is a shame because there seem to be some interesting ideas that I'd love to read about. 9 months ago as of writing this review the Author said that they were going to proofread/edit the start of the novel. Either this hasnt happened or they havent quite done a good enough job. Overall, a story with interesting ideas, but poor execution lets it down especially when compared to a few of the other system novels.


Way too many grammatical errors and awkward sentence structure. This novel needs a lot of editing. Character-wise, it is kinda cliche but something that can be easily pardoned. The only redeeming feature of the story is the plot. It is kinda interesting to see a system that revolves around Greek mythology.


The concept is good and the story looks nice; however, it's filled with run-on sentences, grammar problems, and has a few rare spelling errors. The writing quality is what's holding back your work.


At the beginning the grammar is pretty bad but the author get an editor and it gets a bit better some of the mythology is not entirely correct but it's also a fiction story so who gives a f*** all in all though I really like it; I started 3 days ago with there being 251 chapters and finish waiting for more.🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤


not worth the read. The grammar and spelling is horrible and, shows no sign of changing or editing. It is this low level of quality that makes me avoid most new works that look great in the narrative but is destroyed by unprofessionalism. The background was not bad but is very hard to comprehend some times. it might get better, but it simply couldn't overcome the lack of care exhibited in the writing. Hopefully, this story will be revised in the future.


Really wish webnovel wouldn't lock the chapters that you have read..... XO well I was really liking this webnovel now to put it back on the backburner...... I wouldn't mind paying for the chapters but if I have to unlock the ones back from chp 100 to 190 I'll just wait. It was a great novel while it lasted


The writing at the start was, if I can be frank, horrible. I almost dropped it after seeing the numerous misspellings and grammatical issues, however. The author has improved over time and has painted a really interesting world with colorful characters. If you have the patience, you will love the story development. Tryyyyy it!!!!!


Reveal spoiler


My first impression about this is release that witch I say author you just add a system removes the witches add tadahhh new novel 😂😂😂 why all author concepts is always the same nothing new 😫😫😫😫


excellent work mate i really love the story the characters Everything is exciting . I have read the episode of the funereal many times and it still makes me laugh That fella chrono is awesome it just like he figured everything about the world he really gets it keep posting man I really get an addiction . keep up the good work don't take your sweet time


Hey author,i like you work but at the beginning you have typo and grammar errors.since im idle i edited it for you for free,if you want it,ill send it via email.its only chapter 1 today coz its already 2 am here,maybe i do some more later


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