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Nova Roma is a popular web novel written by the author KENTARO12100, covering KINGDOMBUILDING, GODS, HISTORICAL FICTION, HAREM, MALE LEAD, FANTASY, EMPEROR, MULTIVERSE, ROMAN, HIDDEN HISTORY, War&Military genres. It's viewed by 1.8M readers with an average rating of 3.76/5 and 110 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 382 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Our protagonist was a Mexican who died on a flight, when he woke up he found Apollo who reincarnated him as the grandson of Gaius Octavian Turino (Augustus) the first Roman emperor, having a mission in hand to conquer the New World to save the Roman polytheist world and his existence. Our protagonist will be able to develop the great Roman civilization in America and survive the different ones that exist in this distant land ... Discord Server https://discord.gg/CwxPsCy

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Guys I'm the author leaving a message, I'm just a guy trying to bring all of you a work of quality but I'm alone, if you want to help you can join in the discord server the link are in the description of the novel, I will get grammatically premium for correct the mess of the first chapters and you can have a better reading, if you want to help or comments something you can leave a message in discord, I'm and author who likes to read the readers critics and recommendation. Anyway ty for all you who keeps reading the novel, I will correct the mess of the first 50 chapters, just givme time, remember the link in discord are in description, all the news or notice you can read there ;)


Author, don't feel down trodden your work isn't perfect but then again no book is perfect. Not everyone will like your story-telling but that doesn't mean you have to change your story to fit their exact desires. Create the story you like, obviously improve on some logistical points like timeline, history reference accuracy, mythology accuracy and grammar. I saw many comments disdaining the usage of hypnosis for kingdom building, personally it doesn't matter as long as it matches the MC's personality. It does seem a little rushed however. Damn this was a long comment, keep up the good work!


Read 53 chapters. ------ WOW! This whole thing of "Roman reincarnation" is amazing. I loved the concept... much much different than other books here on webnovel. I think..if you could hire an editor, this book can reach the tops. There are a few errors that need to be corrected, but they won't distract you much from enjoying the book. I am waiting for more chapters. Look forward to reading more! Keep it up!


Its a great novel but its lacks any real character. It's always the MC does this or that and no real feeling by any people in the story that makes you feel what kind of person they are. I've only read up to the fiance part and I can say there is nothing for me to root for. Even the MC power makes things convenient and has everyone behaving like zombies without any free will of themselves. What kind of enjoyment is it to read when everyone doesn't have a mind of their own aside from the bland MC. Another issue is the grammar and spelling issues. The author is in dire need of an editor. That all said I love the concept but I don't find myself wanting to read another chapter with no personality to speak of within the novel.


Crap novel. Firstly it is hard to read it. I have to pretty much fix every sentence in my mind for the story to make sense. Secondly, there are lots of stupid things happening in the story, for example mc sees some girl and falls in love with her straight away even though she is just nobody. Also, she is raped so mc marries some nobody abused rape victim?? Yeah very fun for us readers. I don't read stories for such sh*t!


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I really like the concept behind this book which is different from other books. The only complaint I had while reading this book was lagging grammer and sentence formation. Many times it was hard for me to understand the meaning behind the sentences. You have also done silly grammatical mistakes like you haven't used full stop (.) in the end of sentences. At some places you have used I instead of he, His instead of her. Please focus on such mistakes. Your book has potential but no reader will stick to your book for longer if he keeps finding such mistakes again and again.


ROMANS !!!!! ROMANS !!!! When I saw the title my mind blew up! For a Italian guy like me, to see someone writing about Ancient Roman history is simply GREAT. If you focus more on characterization, this novel will be THE NEXT BIG THING. I'll keep an eye on you


It starts off with ok grammer and a ok story but then it goes down hill fast. The mc is reincarnated but he acts childish, any problem he faces he hypnotizes people. The grammer gets so bad i don't know what is going on in certain parts of the story. Also it uses greek terminology which is find but its never explained what the words mean, so its gibberish mixed in with ****ty grammer. 😠


People who like this must have be braindead. I can't fathom how people can like this **** ..........................................****tttttttt


There should be a #Harlem and #incest. I guess some people will like it, but I feel there is so much pointless pornographic chapters. Understand the author is growing. However in some ways the earlier chapters were better crafted I honestly enjoy the story concept and character building. But I got to say there is a lot of POV problems, not sure if it’s meant to be a technic but, the switching of a female character between him and her is confusing. Then there are these sentences structure and strange word choice. At times I felt like I was reading a raw google translation. For me It has started to drag. I also wonder if the author will be able to remember all these character and build them. The author keeps creating what appears to be important character but stops using them, or appears sporadically. I still enjoy the story and will support but... I have less expectations now.


The only complaint I have is that the writing is sometimes confusing but it seems to be getting better. Other than that i see no major issues to be unhappy about. The idea of a roman reincarnation is awesome as well.


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This Book is just digusting ! I don't have any other words to discribe it . The idea is intriguing and interessting but the content disgusts me! This Book is on Hiatus for 4 months now and I hope it stays that way.


This is one of the worst stories I've ever started to read. The idea of returning back in time and make changes while not new is at least one not so overused like isekai. Nevertheless what could become an interesting story is ruined by bad grammar and bad characters. The story is almost unreadable, I mean if you publish a story, at least use free programs like Grammarly which would make the story at least readable. This is worse then a MTL chinese novel and that means something. While the idea of bringing new developments into ancient times is good, you need to show how that happens. But in this story there is this 5 year old boy who asks his parents for beetroots on day one and on day two has produced sugar and alcohol. I mean how? It's not how that works. It should at least be believable.


Not bad, am not really into fictional stories but this one is pretty good. Some grammar errors are present though, but who doesn't make them. Keep up the good work, you're doing great.


The concept is cool, the execution not so much. The sentence structure is terrible, and the writing style is bland. I feel like the story is there, it's just not well conveyed due to the lack of proper grammar and logical story progression.


i just cant get past the bad grammer, words missing in sentences it completely takes you out of your immersion and you have to reread to know what the author wanted to say. Please get a editor to fix stuff like this


I really wish I could enjoy this story, but no the story is incredibly rushed and have no feeling to it, all characters are paper cutouts that have even less peronality than a Wuxia martial arts novel Combine that with 0 proof reading and the murder of the English language, it’s just a recipe for disappointment


I 100% loved the story until one of the chapters said that Mc fiancé was raped by the nobleman, and I fu*king hate ntr. This was an automatic drop for me


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