The Legend Of BreakfireThe Legend Of Breakfire

The Legend Of Breakfire

by _midnightsunshine_

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Ashe lived her whole life hiding under the blankets, taking down notes at the back of her class, and secretly mastering coding in the corner of her room. She was never in the spotlight. Until, Six boys from a forgotten VR Game somehow come to life. Kai. Adrien. Ethan. Romeo. Kang Jae-suk. Luca. They all had one motive, to finish Systema Games. The shy girl is now forced to come out of her shell and assigned to kill the Death Six so that they won't destroy her father's gaming company forever. Too bad, Adrien unexpectedly gripped Ashe's heart. Will the scientific minded girl fall for him? Or will she face the truth and kill her first love to save her family? Join Ashe and the six boys along with a sassy bully in a game of trust, betrayal and secrets all in the name of love...which eventually turns into war. However, beyond the normal sight, another hidden danger lurks. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Time is running out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Adrien saw me looking and turned back, "Oh SHIT." He grabbed my hand, "Trust me okay?" he looked at me seriously. "Why am I supposed to trust- AHHH!" My question was cut short as he pulled me and we both started running in the night city of New York. I looked back and the five boys had broken into a run too, chasing us. And they were closing in, fast. I didn't know this when we were running, but that was the day my entire life changed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Ashe, I have to tell you something." My heart tensed and I furrowed my eyebrows. "What is it?" My voice trembled. "You have to kill Adrien, Ashe." Will Ashe kill him for the safety of the world or choose to save him against all odds? Read to find out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is a winner of WPC #137 Gold Tier. Thanks to @Hesreth for the amazing cover edit. Discord: @_midnightsunshine_#3468 Instagram: @oneandonly_midnightsunshine

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