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The God of the Undead


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What is The God of the Undead

The God of the Undead is a popular web novel written by the author ThatFroggyBastard, covering EVIL-MC, EVOLUTION, REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, ACTION, ADVENTURE, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.45/5 and 105 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 51 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


How would you feel living a life of absolute misery and pain? What would think when the sister of a girl you were falsely accused of killing breaks into your home and kills you by accident. Even the Gods are unsettled with what humanity has become, so what do they offer John? A: Reincarnation B: Power C: Revenge D: The choice to start apocalypses throughout the three universes. or E: All of the Above You know where this is going.


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I am the exp of my Holy Scripture Review. Webnovel is my body, exp is my blood. I have created over a thousand useless reviews. Unknown to sleep, nor known to reality. I have withstood Cliff-Kun to create many reviews. Yet, these hands will never hold anything. So, as I pray ... Unlimited Exp Works!


Loving the book so far Please keep doing more as this is my favourite now And I'm hooked I cant wait till you release more chapters Keep up the good work




How should I say this, I enjoy the early chapters as it feel better in structure and goals despite a lot of plot holes. There are a lot of grammar error especially the "you, you are, your" family, it did not bother me that much as I'm non native english speaker but I need to call the author about it so he can improve his writting. The world background let say vague at best, there is not a lot being told or explain. There are some good and famous areas being told but not in great detail either. The characters design are rather bland with a little bit of interesting twist, but they are all pretty much did not have good development. The creatures so far are pretty much forgotten, like how the zombies can evolve but MC only evolve the dog -> wolf and that's it, nothing else. So the variety is extremely lacking. The story was thrown down the drain, I feel like there are a lot of unexplain time skip like how the MC all of sudden control pretty much most of the world within few days. How there is no opposition at all and how the author only touch minor characters that will change nothing for the fate of the world. Overall, I enjoy my time reading it but the flaws are obliviously as long as I use a little bit of brain power. Interesting idea, messy excecution. Note : I don't know if I want to continue reading this or not as the longer it goes, the less excited I got.


A promising novel with great potential. The MC is an undead who has the power of necromancy and needs to bring the end of the world in 3 worlds. He needs to kill 99% of humanity or every human in these 3 worlds, then, the gods will “restart” those worlds. When the MC accomplish that, he will become the “god of death” (or “god of the undead”). P S: In the synopsis says that a group of people killed the MC, but in truth, was just one person, the sister of someone who the people says that the MC killed, but he’s innocent and just he knows that.


Reveal spoiler


I love this story sick man. What level of depravity must be In your mind to write this. Sike I've done worse in my head. hahaha. keep this up I love it.


I wish I could give this a higher score... The idea of this story is interesting. The Mc is starting a zombie apocalypse, kind of. Too bad its not very good. Characters are bland, plot developments aren't very interesting. Overall just kind of a dull story, really.


First off, despite the rating this is not by any means a bad story, it has issues but it has qualities of redemption. Firstly the writing quality, I understand English is not everyone's first language but this book screams machine translation. Poor grammar, misspelt words that sound the same vocally abound. Quite frankly I got through half the released chapters (37 actual, 4 Q & As) and was gonna drop it on how badly the engrish became. Honestly author including the abbreviations and the full word in several places shows a distinct lack of proof reading. Story Development, decent if rushed. Typical zombie apocalypse yet there is literally tons of unanswered questions on how John spreads the virus worldwide from one hick town. Character Design, I literally dislike everyone. John, Dixie, Alexia, Alice, James, Candice... all prime characters who lack any relatable or endearing quality. John starts off as a tragic hero MC but soon goes full angst evil bitch. Updating Stability, from what I've seen updates happen, my biggest issue is wasting chapters on question and answer sections, seriously webnovel books have a specific chapter setting for this sort of thing that does not require breaking up the story or having 41 chapters but the latest title being chapter 37. LEARN TO USE THE SITE AUTHOR World Background... nothing is explained. Yes its the world we live in but everything is just FBI this, police that. The zombie general attacks the white house which seems to lack any defenses just so the author can massacre president "Grump". Alot is glossed over to force plot. In closing, the book isn't bad. The premise starts off great... its just i feel someone coated the sled bottom in no stick spray before rushing down the hill, the speed is going at break neck pace with no ability to enjoy the ride. When it stops it won't be to a kid laughing in wild fun, it'll be to tears on a good premise rushed and squandered.


So I'm thinking, you're going to kill the main character, aren't you? I've read something similar, but it's a dead God, not a God of undead. And it ended sadly! (the truth is that such a character CAN't live! Such an evil, paranoid, hateful person cannot exist in the world for long. The very essence does not allow)


Nice story, good development so far. wish you luck. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😉😊😊😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😊😉😉😊😊😊😊😊😉😉😉😉😊😊




If only chapters would increase then I would read it don't mind the rating its just exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp exp


Great, just don't drop it. OK Make mc eviler. Selfish, strong........pragmatic, no moral, no humanity A person who does things for his own interest without care for the world and the people.


The writing quality is not the best but it is readable and it doesn't make it less enjoyable. The stability of updates isn't the best but the chapters are long, detailed and of great quality. The story has developed in an interesting way and I can't wait to see how it will develop further. the character design is great and you can see that there is some though behind it. The world background is the same as earth but there are gods that rule over it, what they do in the story is easily explained in the first few chapters. My opninion about the book is althoug the writing quality isn't as high as I hoped it would be but the quality of the story and the information given in the story is of great quality. I recommend this book to everyone to atleast give it a shot.


Great story imo, maybe a little more development but I'm not gonna judge too much Simply put this is my opinion so you can decided for yourself


To be honest I absolutely love the reading about the apocalypse from the view of the zombie The concept alone drew me in as a reader and I can't wait for more keep up the amazing work


Too many 'Updates' and Q&As.


I write that bit mostly for the experience and also to know why the author hasn’t updated anything in the past week ? I like the story so far, even if some parts aren’t thrilling me. It’s still good enough to continue reading. Anyway, keep up the good work, dear author.


This book is really good and I wanted to read a book were the main character is crazy but the chapters come in so slowly and that’s why I have to rate it like this.


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