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The Era of Evolution


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i would like to give a 5-star because this is a great novel with well made world background and charter design which is getting more and more annoying to find these days but the stability of updates has stopped me so to anyone reading this its a good novel just wait a while for the next chapter


Stephen Hawking is that you? ......................................................................................... BTW that would be a nice story: "the transmigration of Stephen Hawking"


If even the author doesn't have the confidence about the stories they wrote why even bother to read it. So i'm just gonna give myself a 5 star review. If you have any criticism about the stories that i write please elaborate and give me some advice. Please give a review and comment about my novel if you interested in it.


Good story like it so far just stability is a little questionable. I kinda wish there wasnt a 140 character min. So i see potatos every where


1.your novel has a lot of grammer mistakes. 2.your mc is not really mc.he is nothing different from a side charecter 3.you may want to build a world background but all you did is explain and elongate what readers will normally understand and dont need explaining and there by making nearly 36 chapters into fillers and you give unstable updates.you take a very small thing and take an entire chapter to explain it.it looks like you just want to post something to show.you are writing a game genre but didnt go into any action for 40 chapters No wonder you got only 14 reviews in nearly 4 months.who would even be interested in reading a novel that is concentrated on just stating useless,uninteresting stuff for so long. As a reader i would like to suggest you drop this novel as it only makes you look like a writer with "lack of sincierity" and who just wants to elongate the chapters and stuff it with fillers to keep it going. But if this is not what you really meant to write,then i suggest you to write a new novel with some action,real interesting story(not elongating,explaining useless and easily understandable stuff,very excessive useless communication that is neither comedy nor important nor entertaining),making mc powerful not just some guide and caretaker. Goodluck


Ok so...readable but.... in desperate need of some editing and polish. Awkward tenses, run-on sentences, and small walls of text abound. There is potential here, but someone needs to get in there with some elbow grease and red ink to clean it up.


just found the novel, really well written, read the whole story in one go so far, thanks for your work, really waiting for the next chapters, haven't found a story with such a well designed world in a while


i really like how the author the author explain a lot of stuff sometimes too much but for me it's good compare to other novels who doesn't gave explanation and just booom power up. Slow starts and explain world background clearly. 1 thing i can says the author can improve is the character descriptions. only name, gender, and age is kinda vague for me but maybe it's gave a lot imagination to others reader but for me it's better with some description like hair colour or something. love the characther development wether it's the power up or the personality. 5/5 would read


The novel is great, I don’t know if it was dropped or the author had personal reasons but it’s been 2+ years and I don’t see any notice. I really want to know if the author has gone to another site or has done a different novel.


This story is wonderful for the genre, its unique a nd it intriguingly drew me in. The issue I had which dropped the rating is it not updating for three months now, did you start writing on a different platform?


I like the story begins and how it progresses with the character. I can't wait to see more chapters come out and progress the main character.


Not bad for a starter author... its great though u have a tendency to write the obvious... like impossible this impossible that- idiot! U already have a summoned pet ! Yet u still stating the fact that those are inpossible?! Come here let me smack ur head off and i promise to be gentle ... And too much yada yada ... ! Over all ill give u a 3.5 ...


Not a bad concept but overall writing structure and typos really make it difficult to enjoy reading. Characters are under-described and chapter/paragraph layout is a mess. But I only went a few chapters in, it might become better later. If this story is rewritten I would pick it up again.


I like the story so far but why do I feel like the mc is falling to the sidelines and as in the new world will be in the woodenweelchair or the will he be using his legs since I doubt he will be much of a help movement wise in a forest or mountains and caves. And I figured he would be more long range damage dealer rather then support type little bit attack on the side and a pet that could be close or range combat or both and a defence on the side. But what feel missing the most is that the mc progresses the least of his friends as well as kana as thought u would steer her towards blood magic like in dragon age or that she could use the blood of the fallen beasts to heal her allies or in that sort , and i feel like Alice's spells are close to the cultivation like chinese novels. Other then that I like it's going so and I look forward too read more and see how the mc and the story progresses.


The characters and the world creation are well developed. If you are reading in English then there are some grammatical errors that you will find. This story will pull you in and you will want more to read.


It's a good story with an interesting idea I just feel like your drawing it out wayyyy to much I understand you want to explain everything to make it easier to understand but when you take over a month of uploading and 30 chapters and they haven't even started anything yet it gets boring I'm not trying to be over critical just giving my opinion I would suggest you doing longer chapters as to avoid using to many chapters and updates for a single concept