Swallowed Star
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Swallowed Star

I Eat Tomatoes

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What is Swallowed Star

Read Swallowed Star novel written by the author I Eat Tomatoes on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering adventure, cultivation, weaktostrong, nonhuman, evolution. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Year 2056, in a city in the Yuan Jiang Su Jin area. On top of a ruined, shattered six story residential apartment sits a teenager wearing a combat vest, militaristic trousers, and alloyed battle boots. On his back is a hexagonal shield and equipped is a blood-shadow battle knife. He sits there silently on the edge of the roof. At this time, the sparkling sky was shining and there was a refreshing breath within the air that blew towards him. However, there was only silence within the ruined, deserted city, with an occasional howl that makes your heart skip a beat.

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1- The MC Personality make the story interesting 2- The story line start slow but after a few chapters you get cough in the plot. 3- No complains about the translation, the story is clear and I'm able to follow the author though 4- there is enough twist in this story to keep you glue to your table 5- Please do not pay attention to the synopsis I think it is to abstract and someone need to write a new one. 6- in overall this novel is worth your time.


Website : qidian china Views : 85.11 million Rating : 8.1(12257) Chapters : 1542 Status : completed Word count : 4.77 million author rank : platinum


Addicting to read. From the novels I've read prior, the world setting gives it a fresh take, on an old story. The MC development is great. It even attempts to make the side characters more interesting. The only knock for that is the love interest, seems forced and out of place imo. Which is normal it's a martial arts novel, I wouldn't expect Romeo and Juliet esque writing I suppose. The fight scenes aren't overly drawn out, which has been a pet peeve for me in other novels, I blame DBZ for this. I don't know what more to say, I just felt it deserves 5 stars. Give it a read, if after 20 chapters you aren't hooked...


Fucking great novel. no boring tropes amazing world building only complain is the way side characters are used. The story follows a ****** but interesting path which allows you to remember improper moments or characters from back when. The cultivation system is not heavily focused on on a good way since it allows more interesting storyline instead of the generic repitition of how oh I just broke through now you will be doomed


The thing I hate most is how the MC still acts human even though hes a monster now and has none of the Instincts of one either. Whats the point of the MC turning into a monster when he uses it every 200 or so chapters... I was really hoping he would give into his beast instincts and use it much more often. There is hardly any MC monster novels and the only reason i started reading was someone told me that he abandoned his human form later and became an ancient monster. Once he does become one he reverts back to human... What the hell is the point of him becoming one? this pisses me off. Human fighting other Humans in novels is starting to become so over used. there needs to be more mix ups. The best way to fix this is easy. THIS IS A VAST UNIVERSE BUT EVERYONE IS HUMAN WTF.


What a great novel ruined by a terrible translator. Extremely sporadic releases even during premium. Will definitely be a fun read for people until you catch up


Reveal spoiler


It’s a really good story but it almost seems that it’s been dropped. As of 3/15/18 there has been no update for roughly 2 weeks If memory serves. That is just pitiful for a book that claims to have 10 chapters a week. Really disappointing.


A good novel, well that's expected from I Eat Tomatoes, what's unexpected is that it's quite different than his other works. Well not totally, it still has the same basic style, concepts and flaws(e.g romance) , but it's in a different frame. It starts in a post-apocalyptc earth and it develops in a solid wuxia sci-fi story. The cultivation system ofc is nicely made, as is the world development, as expected from IET there is a massive "universe" to explore. Finally the translation quality is good and the translaton provides what he pledges.


This is a pretty unique take on the whole Xanxia/Wuxia style of writing. Sort of based on a science background at first but quickly devolves into the nonsense of "understanding the laws of things" essentially Dao's. Still falls into the pitfall that somehow every culture in this FANTASY world is somehow only chinese and chinese culture based which makes the story 1 dimensional. All in all these novels aren't really great writing, but they pass the time decently enough. The novel starts off pretty unique but after a couple hundred chapters devolves into the same old same old from Tomatoes. Good try in the beginning but fizzles out to blandness and unoriginal ideas later in the story.


this used to be a good book. but a few months ago the previous translator got fired with no warning and we were left to wait for months for the new translator to come on board. as of the time I'm writing this, there have been 6 chapters released since then and the quality is terrible. misused terms. the names of fundemental parts of the story have changed. fundemental core characters have also had their names changed and ****** things in the story are mistranslated seemingly having not been edited or proof read at all. really disappointed with the current state of the book 😔😔😔😔


Lol they blocked my review regarding how crappy their updates. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOPE EVERYONE WILL SEE THIS BEFORE THIS WILL BE BLOCKED AGAIN. LOLOLOL Super sloe updates! Double chaps Missing chaps. Disarranged chaps Inconsistent words What else can you say? A full packged of crappy uodates! Ruined the great story!!!!!


It's almost 2 months. They said they will find a new translator...But now... It seems all just illusion. Too bad such a GOOD novel wasted. I used to expect this novel everyday and every time I open Q in my phone. But now....sigh...


Good novel only new translater really needs to stick to old terms. Why the **** do you chance primal city leader to castellan. Some of the new translations doesn't make any sense in comparison to the old translation.


I love the earth part of this story so very much ! the universe part is a bit slow but still interesting. author really try a very different genre with future universe travel unlike the other story which focus on reincarnation or changing dimensions


Such a great novel. It has the typical elements that all I Eat Tamatoes novels has (by far mostly good ones) so if you've liked the other novels by him you'll like this one. This one does have a unique element however as it's scy-fi cultivation which is much more refreshing and unique. Overall this is curently my favorite of his novels (tied with coiling dragon as that was the first novel I ever read).


Translator is a piece of fucking **** who keeps trying to rob us of our spirit stones by releasing chapters in the wrong order or just completely missing a chapter and they have even released the same chapter twice with a justification of because the author did it


The translation was superb at first. Until he was dropped and after a month hiatus, a new translator was found... but sadly doesn't follow the original naming term and also with terrible naming sense. Could use a lot of improvement.


my problem with this series is and I hope u can relate "the strongest guy is Chinese, the second strongest guy is western and the only reason he earned that spot is because he is half Chinese , china is the strongest country , Chinese jets are the fastest, Chinese have the only prehistoric gravity machine that not even the americans can replicate and its made out of an alloy that no one can put a dent into but ofcource except our number 1 hong u know the Chinese dude who looks like he is 20 but speaks in cold voice but he smiles and loughs because called voice makes 4 a perfect cool Chinese dude ya and everyone needs to learn Chinese now if not they excute u so u get my point


The quality of the translation has dropped with the new translator. Hopefully it gets better with more character naming stability...like seriously!!! What the hell is a Callastan?!!


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