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What is Spiderman Ultimate Peter Parker

Read Spiderman Ultimate Peter Parker fanfiction written by the author Daoist_Over_God on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering adventure, reincarnation, magic, marvel, spiderman. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Reborn as Peter Parker thanks to the One Above All's assistance, a human from earth enters the Marvel Universe to experience a whole new adventure. Note this is something I work on when I get writer's block, or just bored so don't expect updates often. Just something I'm doing for fun. Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own Spiderman nor any character or works featured in the fan-fiction. All rights belong to its rightful Marvel Comics, and Studios. No copyright infringement intended.

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I loved author's previous work and I love where this one is going.! It's still the start of the story, so don't expect an accurate review. So many of the spiderman fanfics are aimed for the younger readers and M.Cs there are naiv*e and sissy. I hope this one is not the same. To the author- Please make it original, like your previous novel. people want to read about badass spider for a change.!


Author, loving the story. Hoping you have not dropped/abandoned this. Looking forward to more chapters. Hopefully even more frequent releases.


Writing quality 3.8/5 - i cant give 5 because im not a master of the english language, didnt give 4 because there are mistakes which are cause by either typing too fast or not proofreading it enough. some missing letters or missing words thats all, but overall pretty good. Stability of updates - 4/5 - fairly fast, good rate of chapter releases. Story development 3/5 - basically an OC-insert/shipping/gary stu-type of fic which some people hate but i actually like this story. but still average Character design 3/5 - which is already pretty good considering the mc is an OC-insert. World background 5/5 - a good score for this fic as it uses elements of the marvel verse in a way that i actually think is very good. personal thoughts is that author has the same problem as i do when typing that some words get skipped over, also i keep seeing people in the comments section praising this fic to the high heavens but really it is just a decent fic.... while not that good, it is still good enough that i added it to my library...


Hey, dude uhhh i missed ur story u know its been 1 yr, i mean u can just tell us ur condition. U don't even have any activity 😔 Pls just tell us ur condition okay if u u can't writing anymore than tell us we will usderstand well at least i will understand


Honestly, this is probably my favorite story on Webnovel right now. The updates are frequent enough to still be fresh in your mind but the waits seem to take forever. The Author knows his Marvel lore extremely well. The characters seem well done (perhaps a bit of reliance from the official Marvel movies/books but since it is a fan fiction it's to be expected). All in all would heavily recommend even if you're just a normie Marvel watcher


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


I've been waiting 4 years for this to continue. In my top 3 Spider-Man fanfics I've read and in my top 20 overall...........................


ok so this fanfic is farely high quality, it doesn't have any horrible or even particularly noticeable grammar mistakes and it has a interesting story. I see no reason not to give it a good review.


AT LAST! I miss this story so much ! I don't know if it was a pseudopremonition or a coincidence ( probably a coincidence , sometimes I kept remembering this story ) but today . kept thinking about it shortly after waking up . Author , a few years ago you said you were going to come back and when you didn't , I was upset , as were many others , but I'm glad you're back ! Question : Did you just come back to finish the story or are you going to continue with it for a while longer? And will you also update/continue your other stories ?


seems like author dropped it but at a least he dropped it on 69th chapter lol c c c c c c


Pls update (T∆T). Pls update (T∆T). Pls update (T∆T) Pls update (T∆T)


Reveal spoiler


Love this fanfic, more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter more chapter


Good job hope you update more it's so interesting is it just going to be him and MJ or are you going to add Gwen and some others Also, love your naruto book but im glad you're doing spiderman because I think you should switch it up once in a while


Best Spiderman fic I have ever read. This is a solid story with stable development and awesome progression. I really recommend reading this fic.


come back please? ............................................ [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()


This is everything i wanted a spiderman series to be and more! From the interaction between Peter and MJ, to the quips and jokes thrown to enemies and friends. I hope you pick this one up again.


This has been the utmost #1 fanfiction I've ever read in all my 8 years of reading. If this wasn't specifically called a fanfiction I could have easily believed it was canon with marvel. I like this book to an extraordinary amount, I even put it in my top five reads with The Land, Eragon, I alone Level Up, and The Dragon Inside. I dont know why you've stopped updating, but I hope that you come out ok and find the will to continue writing your stories because they are utterly masterful. This is a review coming from a passionate reader since I was 8. Thank you for writing this story its gotten me hooked and I hope to read it again one some day soon. P.S. I like the lemon XD.


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