Sovereign of the Karmic System
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Sovereign of the Karmic System


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What is Sovereign of the Karmic System

Sovereign of the Karmic System is a popular web novel written by the author SometimesITalk, covering SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, FANTASY, ADVENTURE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 7.3M readers with an average rating of 4.27/5 and 590 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 554 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


What would you do if you could control and use your Karma? What if your actions could be repaid right away? Not an obscure and distant promise anymore. Follow Daniel's story as he uses his karmic system to cultivate, cheat, gain and become a sovereign in his world.. and beyond. __________ Discord for those who would like to chat.. or not: https://discord.gg/s9YCkbS


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Lately i've been seeing a few questions amongst my comments, so i thought that i could hit two birds with one stone. Give you guys a place to ask me questions, while at the same time, shamelessly give my own novel a 5 star review. So.. if you have questions, write them here! ^^


The story starts quite causaly, yet powerfully. Unlike most novels, Daniel the MC is not really chasing for power, he has to acquire it in order to keep his home safe, his home well, his friends close. Yet calamity after calamity happens /honestly if I didn't know I would think the author purposely causes those disasters./ Here comes someone insanely creative @SometimesItalk, just when you think he's done, comes the new arc, riding on a meteorite, ruptured by the Dragon king's tail, while fighting an ancient futuristic god, then zombies, lasers, something unimaginable, how does it even make sence. Eh, it does anyway. A few genres pretty well connected. The character development is really deep and well diffused throught the chapters, you feel like you know those people, there is not that boring moment of walls of text of description of a mustache, yet you know exactly how does it look like, why the character decided to develop a mustache, and guess that he uses the same care as your uncle Thomas. The world is real, lol it is, pretty much as the characters, not being avalanched by plain text, roughly explained making clear outlines of the scene. Just let your imagination work. You will either forget those little details or submerse in there. Honestly I got past the first chapter pretty hard. What is hard. Well it took me three whole days to read a single chapter. After that I read a few chapters and really liked it. Despite it was pretty causal, it had potential, he caused it and he used it. Till I caught up I couldn't keep reading. (ATTENTION : addictive!) The writing got much better, yet it had some gaps and flaws, sometimes misunderstanding, hell which novel here doesn't, it isn't a professional thing. The novel has the potential to reach the End and forth. @Webnovel itself should assign a good editor and eventually bring this story further. Well it's not close to done yet. (I hole so!) So let's not put the carriage in front of the hobbit. So in one word, again: Addictive, pretty well written with a lot of passion for the novel itself and the readers. Well this is the best thing here yet not many of the authors use the opportunity to communicate with the readers. Edit: It is not paid. 😅😂 For sure if you like novels like this, if you don't, if you don't care /surely I don't care cuz it doesn't matter/.. • • • • • • • • • • • • GIVE IT A TRY! • • • • • • • • • • • •


The story is great if you wanted a realistic main character though not the smartest which was why i dropped story development and character design ratings since the first though in my head after he absorbs the first beast core he got to get stronger so he can hunt and farm rank 1-2 beast so he can eventually pay for his debt and get stronger but nope, the ****er sold his only rank 3 core just to buy a fucking slave girl, which he just literally get stronger by absorbing it and assassinating the merchant and getting the deed more smartly anyway... this is my opinion only because i don't like goody to shoes main character but rather the slightly merciless mc.


A good history , i can feel the flow and the MC only made 1 foolish action til now a m a z i n g 140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.140 dam.


One of my favourite novel until now. Author your doing a great so please don't write something nonsense like mc bocoming "GOD" or meeting "GOD" or i will have to drop reading such an interesting novel.


Reveal spoiler


I love adventure stories so I thought I would get into this one. Boy was I wrong. For the first 3 chapters he spends trying to get a fruit out of a F--ing tree. So I think it can't be like this through the whole novel right? So I check the titles of the chapters. It takes him 6 chapters to get to the city 11 chapter to find out about his sister. I mean you know its bad when not only does he spend 4 or five paragraphs describing the characters face. But he also uses needlessly complicated words like sclera and umbra. Could have just said whites of his eyes and deep brown. All in all the set up looked good but action is no where to be seen in first 3 chapter which does not draw me in and make me want to read more. And its toooo looong winded giving the pace a needlessly slow speed making you fell like your drowning in description.


Cultivation novel with MC who really tries to change world for the better. And what is even rarer he does not go with the easy wey as just killing all the villians. Story has mini-system that helps him but it does not take over his life or his development. I really like this sort of system and also the tasks it give out. The system does not just gift stuff or make mc op. Also the tasks hapen acording to mc own will not outside of it.


I highly suggest reading this LN. The first 100 chapters a great. After about the first 100 chapters it gets even much better. The story just keeps improving. It is a Great LN and Very well written. The author seems to been about as good as IET (I Eat Tomatoes author of Coiling Dragon, Swallowed Star, and others). This author seems to do a much better job with writing in the MC's friends than IET and other side characters too.


Delete my old review. After reading more than 50ish chapters, I decided to drop this. A fair bit of inconsistencies on quality. At times the author tried to be very descriptive to have the reader have a better idea what he trying to convey, the next, he just blaze thorough without any second thought. Fair bit of typos too. Story was interesting when its building up with the oh so common cliché plot armour, but as it progresses, the idea of the "goal" of the story is lost.


Same tournament plot! Booooooooooooooooooring! .. .... .... .. ....... Wasted my time for thi .. Dhhznzjsnsnsmsmsmmsmsksks Sjejjsjsnsnsnsnsnnsndjsjdjjsjsjxjsjns Sjdjjdjsjsjsnnsnsndndnndjdndndnndd Djjdjdjdnxjxj


While the writing quality isn't absolute trash, it is quite close to it, there are tons of grammatical errors and ****. ( You'll see them once you start reading. ) As for the characters.... They Are Fucking Autistic. I can't hate them more, they got the IQ of a tomato (probably also share the amount of chromosomes) its actually insane. Overall not recommended


I get the MC is young and easy subject to manipulate due to his *****ty but oh god this is too much. And who lets their younger sibling np matter the gender protect them and work hard just for them to go to school? The sister is useless and the MC has no potential whatsoever besides the gift that was bestowed to him due to his kindness. I cannot stand honest ***** MCS anymore. I am sick of it. It puts the whole story development down.


Reveal spoiler


Overall im loving this novel, karma system isnt too difficult to figure out and cultivation levels etc are well explained. MC is developing pretty well so far will have to see how we go in the future.


the chapters are lengthy, the descriptions are vivid and wordy. you get daily updates. the world is called "purrr" and you see "CAT-tree" in the first paragraph so 5/5.


Okay so I started reading this based on the positive reviews. I just want to say that it started out okay but at chapter 41 the entire world basically wants to kill or capture the MC and he has to take some pills to mess up everything he has worked for and limit his power to only being able to be used for 1 hour. This is the most stupid plot I’ve ever had to read in my entire life. He has an OP system that lets him drastically reduce the amount of time needed to cultivate (literally stuff that takes a year can be mastered in 5 hours), and unlimited resources to cultivate from 2 masters but he is like “nope I gotta take these two pills before a war between all the kingdoms starts so they can capture me!” It’s so fking stupid. Don’t waste your time like I did. Had to drop at ch41.


Honestly if the MC was someone else this novel would have been 50 percent better. The MC is a beta *****, just above japanese beta MCs. He has no backbone, no brain and braincells. He is literally unable to think for himself. And he shares everything he has with a few freeloading bitches and parasites he dont need. Literally the whole book is about him downplaying his cultivation speed because he is FUCKING stupid. Literally leave those ungrateful fucks alone and use his system and cultivate for 10 years and he can probably reach Rank 9. But oh noo he wont. Fucking retard. And he lives on the streets as an orphan for many years lmao. He learned NOTHING. He is acting like he traveled straight from Japan into the world lmao. Only anime MCs can be this brain damaged. Otherwise its a great book. FUCK.


The premise of the story is really good and the world is pretty intersting, but goddamn is the pace horrible. The story starts really strong and is quite enjoyable if a little bit frustrating, but still acceptable. This goes all down the train around ch. 150-200 and it goes downhill... fast... There happens so much shit that doesnt get resolved and when it gets resolved its pretty fast. If that wouldnt be nough before you can even enjoy the momentary victory of the MC it gets all ruined and something happens or someone appears who is just above MC in every way. So yeah if you want to see a MC who CONSTANTLY has to hide run and train for one to two chapters of victory every 100 chapters this is your story!


In general there's nothing wrong with this novel, it's neither good nor bad and the writing quality and updates seems satisfying, but the mc is nothing but a gopher for the karma system and the method to power up is very repeatable. As a reader I feel the mc and the story is lacking something for me to continue reading, but I can't really pinpoint to what exactly.


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