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Records of Rebirth


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What is Records of Rebirth

Records of Rebirth is a popular web novel written by the author EternalNightLotus, covering REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, NONHUMAN PROTAGONIST, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, WEAK TO STRONG, STRONG FEMALE LEAD, ISEKAI, MONSTERS, ACTION, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 740.2K readers with an average rating of 4.86/5 and 50 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 82 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Aurelia Ross has been reborn! The gods deemed her life too short and unfulfilled so, they placed her into a remarkable new world. Reborn on the planet Aeon, a vast continent awaits her to explore. She will build a new life, rewrite past wrongs and grow strong so she can finally be happy. However its a bit strange. Something is terribly off with this rebirth. She has never cared for gods so why would they be so merciful to her? A rebirth? You must be joking. Why is the voice of her dead teacher suddenly in her head? What's with this new body? What's with these skills? [Bite]? [Poison Fang]? [Scent]? Is somebody playing a prank? Why are there suddenly snakes everywhere? I've been reborn as a WHAT?! Return me back to my world please. Gods shouldn't just do as they please. I didn't want to die in the first place! After losing her life by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, she reincarnates to a world filled with magic and monsters. Follow Aurelia on her journey to survive and grow as she explores her new Labyrinth home as one of its many monsters. ..... This story will contain multiple protagonists further down the line. ..... The story mostly focuses on Aurelia and the world around her. The romance starts very late and the ML only appears at the later stages. ..... Disclaimer: The image belongs to the rightful artist. No copyright infringement intended.

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Firstly, please update, I want to read more. The story, concept, writing quality, pacing, character design, character development... everything is done perfectly well. I've always liked stories with non-human MC and this one really got me hooked. Aurelia's cheery personality and her witty sense of humor are the highlight to this story. The teacher/system is kinda an ass but he is a necessary evil I guess. Lastly, I'm loving this story and I will be waiting patiently for the updates but dont take too long okay.. :P


I was able to read eight chapters so far and here is my review: It has an amazing plot. The introduction was able to grab my attention. The looks of the characters are easy to portray since they are detailed. I could also convey their emotions and character interaction is great as well. The novel is not the cliche type since I was captivated to read further with no typos or errors found when it comes to vocabulary. It was an excellent read and I didn't get bored when reading it. The story development is a bit slow which is fine with me since it does not damage the plot. Another negative I noticed was that there were some misused punctuation but nothing to deter from the read. Another positive thing about the novel is the author's writing style. It is definitely better than some authors here in Webnovel. Paragraphs are also in the perfect length and so far, nothing seemed wordy or whatsoever. Good luck to the author!


The novel has a rather slow start but, trust me! It's all more than worth it! MC is a human who is reborn in another world in a none human body (the way how her race is chosen is pretty funny). She thinks very logically about every situation. She is accompanied by a system that is not perfect and may sometimes be proved unreliable making for an interesting dynamic between MC and System. The author is really good at describing things, places, and situations bringing the story to life. It's a good read for those who want an interesting twist on the system genre! Give it a try!


Shameless 5 star review from the author! If you like my book please recommend it to others, rate and leave a comment. It would really make my day :) :) :) :)


This is great! A smart mc and I like her. I remember a light novel that has the same plot as this. Hope you update more for readers like me to read. It's already in my collection and now I'll continue reading!(Still in chap 15)


This type of book is not necessarily groundbreaking, but it is entertaining and easy to read, exactly what a light novel is supposed to. The MC is not just point-blank and characterless but has her own mind and a nice background story from what I've read so far. That makes also the interaction with the System very delightful to read. Keep it up


Good day. Well, it's past midnight here, so I won't make my review formal as I am extremely sleepy to type. Writing Quality is absolutely great except for the slight punctuation mistakes here and there. One involved a comma, I didn't point out all of them since I didn't want to be nitpicky. When it comes to vocabulary, I like your choice of words. They aren't repetitive, but I would like to suggest that you keep the dialogue tags simple, and not use a thousand alternatives for "said" and "ask." Like what Stephen King said, " I think we all agree that dialogue tags are necessary for readers to know who’s talking. But writers are divided in how we use them: Some, including Raymond Carver, simply use “he said, she said”; others apparently invent a million different synonyms for “said”; still others try to find balance between the two extremes, sometimes even fifty-fifty. Yesterday, yet another writer, Jack Woe, jumped into the fray: I’ve read quite a few blogs about the evilness of dialogue tags. For example, Joe Moore wrote in The Kill Zone how new authors are overusing the alternatives of said. They go to: exclaimed, murmured, screamed, whispered, pleaded, shrieked, demanded, ordered, cried, shouted, and my all-time favorite, muttered. Thing is, I as a reader, don’t care. I just don’t read dialogue tags — at all. He’s not alone. To me, modifying such a perfectly fine tag as “said” is like Pimp My Ride gone bad. (Tip: Read that sentence again in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice.) I suggest you head over to Jack’s blog to read his brief, yet succinct musing over dialogue tags—or as Stephen King puts it in “On Writing”, “dialogue attribution.” A passionate adversary to adverbs, King warns against using adverbs in dialogue attribution, which reduce the effectiveness of the attribution verb: I insist that you use the adverb in dialogue attribution only in the rarest and most special of occasions … and not even then, if you can avoid it. Just to make sure we all know what we’re talking about, examine these three sentences: “Put it down!” she shouted. “Give it back,” he pleaded, “it’s mine.” “Don’t be such a fool, Jekyll,” Utterson said. In these sentences, shouted, pleaded, and said are verbs of dialogue attribution. Now look at these dubious revisions: “Put it down!” she shouted menacingly. “Give it back,” he pleaded abjectly, “it’s mine.” “Don’t be such a fool, Jekyll,” Utterson said contemptuously. The three latter sentences are all weaker than the three former ones, and most readers will see why immediately. […] Some writers try to evade the no-adverb rule by shooting the attribution verb full of steroids. The result is familiar to any reader of pulp fiction or paperback originals:” “Put the gun down, Utterson!” Jekyll grated. “Never stop kissing me!” Shayna gasped. “You damned tease!” Bill jerked out. The best form of dialogue attribution is said, as in he said, she said, Bill said, Monica said. Keep things simple, but! That doesn't mean you'll only stick with said and asked. Just use them more often. Next, I love the way you convey emotions for your characters. They're very well done. Another suggestion is that you get to the point. An example of this is the first three to four chapters I think in which you spent all those four chapters to reveal she died. Also, during these chapters, I only noticed two things that revolved around it. Her unusual liking to kidnaps and something to do with asking herself if she really is dead. Perhaps you could cut off some unnecessary scenes there. Next, character design. Well done! I was able to imagine the looks of the characters in a few paragraphs or so, I don't believe you're a newbie writer. When I started out writing during my high-school times, I could barely think of any synonyms. There wasn't Google back then, so I had to rely on Thesauruses and Dictionaries in which it could only be found within libraries. Sigh, the nearest library from me that time was so far. It's also quite funny that this the countless time in a row of reading a novel that has something to do with death and being alive again. I guess that's the majority of books here. If there are any suggestions I could give, that would be getting used to using em dashes. You're first person POV is also quite great. It's not the boring, "I went here then go here and so on and so forth" type of first person. Well, that's all I can criticize for now. I know this review isn't formal, I'm missing the front matter and the summary, but then again, I've got to return to my sleep. That is all I can say for now. -Dann Giovanni


I will give this book a chance because it seems cool but the fact that you stated there will be multiple protagonists is a huge turn off, so if do have multiple protagonists, don't **** it up


Reveal spoiler


This Book is so nice with such concepts and such nice plot and you should carry it on in this way only as the readers are liking this way only.Keep it up Author


From the first two chapters that indicated the introduction, All I could say that it was very interesting. An eye chatching introduction although very lengthy that may interfere with the readers interest. Not a problem at all as I think the story holds more in future chapters. Writing quality is great, depth and insight into chapters are in good condition. So far no problems and would recommend to every reader.


Story is amazing! There should be a light comedy tag. The female lead is so cute sometimes too. This story should be a true hidden gem. It makes me want to read more!:)


I adore the style this story since it's different than the ones I've ever read, The character design is unique and I won't argue there at all. I love your choice of words though. I can easily imagine what the book wants us to do because of the way you explain. I'm not ever into fantasy that much but this completely changed my perspective and it definitely deserves five stars! [img=recommend]


A surprisingly unique approach to monster reincarnation (not that I've read tons of them). The writing quality is superb, each scene is vividly described, painting very clear pictures of whats happening. The few characters so far have actual personalities, making the dialogue pretty freshing. Enough of the world and progression has been shown that I'm confident the story will only get better (sorry for pressure author <3). Main issues come down to update stability and pacing. I wish author posted more chapters, but as a slow writer myself I can only wait patiently lol. As for pacing, it in part suffers due to the update rate, but also that many plotpoints are opened without previous ones being closed. Overall, the issues aren't too blaring and the good points are really shine, especially the descriptions. Highly recommended.


First-rate storytelling by the author here. Begins with a great hook of the protagonist in suspended animation about to be reincarnated, not knowing if they are alive or dead, or how they got there. And then the reader is effortlessly brought up to speed on how they got there. Intriguing premise. Quality grammar. Superb pacing. Great characters and world building. This is a high-quality read from the get-go!


This novel was really loved by the readers. They were voting continuously for your book. Having vivid descriptions and a refreshing first person perspective, it made the readers captivated. Definitely a good one and recommended by me!




Ok, I just want to start off by saying "danngggggg" that powerful introduction. So, you did an amazing job on that. I really love how the story was developing throughout the first two chapters. Keep it up, and good luck on your writing! You did amazing.


I really like the story. it's super good. although I find the system and the characters a bit annoying, I guess that's part of the plot. anyways, it starts with the preview. It's much longer than normal, and instead of one chapter it keeps going for six. the mc describes some petty drama she had to solve between rotten spoiled noble classmates that I couldn't care less for, which she has to involve herself since she's the responsible class representative. the system which is their teacher puts her on detention for trying to put out the fight instead of doing nothing, and one side character in detention goes knifey knifey, which sucks. she essentially got killed for the teacher and his class, and now while they get to live peaceful lives as doted on children, she has to fight tooth and nails as a snake to survive and evolve.... because of a joke from the goddess. now... that's not bad, but what makes it worse is how the teacher constantly ridicules her choices... badmouths the mc, and he said something like "I don't think you're worthy of the goddess's gift" for eating too much poison to get poison resistance on a quest he gave, which makes him into a total bitch in my book. luckily the mc doesn't really takes this seriously, and she gets to live her life without feeling sorry for herself. now. asides from that... the mc is solid. one reason I like female mcs is 'cause they tend to not go murderhobo, which is super good imo. the mc doesn't mercilessly kills everyone to prevent having enemies... while making more enemies. instead she's smart. instead of killing she tries to use them. she finds herself with a bunch of hungry siblings that would devour each other if worse comes to worse? she doesn't eat and kill them. why not train them? she finds herself in a prison with a bunch of beasts that could become mindless drones... she doesn't eat them. why not use them to create a diversion? the mc is a good mc.


Absolutely fantastic read! I love the nicely paced character and evolution progression, I hate it when a character gets some OP skill or item right off and just dominates whoever they meet so this book is just perfect in how the devour skill works.


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