Reborn to become a heavenly serpent. Book

novel - Fantasy

Reborn to become a heavenly serpent.


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Hiro, a youthful soul from the blue star was forcibly reincarnated in a new and strange world into a little snake body. In this world, the concept of a planet doesn't exist other than the endless table of regions. The endless pursuit of power with the almost eternal journey of strength. "Then by becoming the strongest existence, can I finally have a good sleep?" (Yes host) "Alright then" English is my third language and as such if dear readers notice any grammatical errors. Please do point it out. I'm willing to fix it and I will keep enriching my writing style. I do not own the thumbnail. if you are the creator of this art please do let me know then I will take it down. I couldn't find the original creator of this... Personal update schedule. : IT'S UP TO ME