Pokemon Efficient Master (EM) Book

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Pokemon Efficient Master (EM)


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Emmet fights off a soul invasion from a transmigrator equipped with a cheat power. In the process, he gains not only Pokémon knowledge but also a unique ability called Efficiency Mastery. Psychic powers? Yes, he can develop them now. Fighting Type energy? Why wouldn't he be able to manipulate it? And what is that? EM (Efficiency Mastery) bleeds over to the pokemon bound he has with his team and make them grow at extraordinary speeds? Is there a limit? Now armed with these tools, Emmet is skeptical. Can he really rely on Ash, who's often too naive and sometimes even stupid for his own good, to repeatedly save the world? Not on his watch. This fic includes death and violence althought it is not the main focus. Just a warning that it is not a slice of life or something "light". There is not a "word count chapter" or anything of the sort, just a straight up fiction for you to enjoy.


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