Phantom of a Devil (BL) Book

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Phantom of a Devil (BL)


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Unlike every other person in this world, So Eun only dreamt of living. In a world where gods, demons, and mortals inhabit together to strive for peace and harmony, all of that toppled over when a Phantom child was born. And like a wimpy little flower, waving in the middle of a road bustling with people, was a reminder that being born as a Phantom, fragile as glass--was like treading on thin ice. A Phantom is forbidden to be hurt physically or emotionally, intense emotions will eventually cause him to get weak and lead to his death. A crack appears on the thin ice. One day, he met a boy named Han Min who saved him from being vanished. The most skilled fighter, became his one true friend. Until one night, something remarkable happened that changed their lives forever. Giving him a second chance to live, ten years had passed, and his heart was leading him to a certain evil supreme, and what he saw was just his best friend, Han Min. The innocent and honorable child who swore to protect him and his people, had long become the scourge of the heavens and a threat to the mortals. Why do tragedies of human lives appear in disguise as simple coincidences? After that night, what exactly had happened between them? Witness how these two unfortunate souls found their way to untangle the twisted knot of their fate. "After all these years, you know I would always come back to you." Their journey begins here. --- Slow-Burn, Mystery, Pining, Fantasy, Cultivation, Heavy Angst, Betrayal, Fluff, Romance, Tragedy, Drama, Psychological, Plot Twist! A reminder that this is BL. A lot of heart-wrenching revelation will await you by reading this. Trust the process. Please support this Author with votes, gifts, comments, reviews, and by obtaining a premium chapter for at least a special mention to every end of the chapter. That would be the fuel for the Author to write more! Support the Author: https://ko-fi.com/sharrnister *social media accounts announcement soon* --- Author is still stockpiling the updates. Disclaimer: Cover Art is not mine, all belong to the respective owner/artist. I will take it down if requested.

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