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Ocean Master


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What is Ocean Master

Read Ocean Master novel written by the author GREAT on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, comedy, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Hello, Sebastian!] [You are dead!] "..." [Welcome to Oceania!] [You will be reanimated in 20 seconds.] [Your rebirth has given you the following starting point status:] “Holy Moly! Where the f*ck am I?” … Sebastian, an anatomist in his previous life has been reborn in the magical world of Oceania due to his crazy tendencies developed from his line of work as a dissector of sea creatures. Known as the crazy dissector by his colleagues back on earth, instead of feeling despair and the longing for home like other protagonists, Sebastian welcomes his new circumstances with open hands after understanding the world. “In a world where no one frown upon my tendencies, where I can dissect all the sea creatures that I want, where I’m even revered for how proficient I am at dissecting”. “Man, this is heaven!”


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Hello there, Author here. This is my 3rd book, I decided to start this after getting some confidence in my writing. It's not perfect, the mc is not perfect either, but I'm pretty sure that it's enjoyable. If you give it a try, then thanks in advance. And if there's any problem with the writing, you can just indicate and I'll try to fix it within 24 hours. The book is something like the picture, and yes, there'll be lots of evolutions. Thanks, and read it.


Lorem Ipsum errr, I don't remember the rest so let's move on. The story paints a vivid picture of the world where the action takes place. Through the usage of the tiny elements of the world, the author instantly immerses the reader into the rich in flavour world of his creation. I really hate speaking about the plot as I believe everyone should try it themselves. Despite that, solidly written cliches and relatively standard openings allows me to peer into what possibly this novel have in store. Execution of the further plot is what I'm actually curious about, as I have a feeling that it will exceed my expectations on this one. In the end, I cannot really say much about the story. It's a solid piece of the literature that promises a tasty piece of webnovel down the line. Now it's up to author to live up to the promises his chapters give.


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Never before have I realized I wanted a mix between Re:Monster and Subnautica. Evolving shark MC? Ocean Planet? Take five stars, i ****ing love it.


Great work, this is the first book about Great whites and other shark species and I don't come across many like this. I love the work you've put into this, because I learnt a lot. Points for originality and English[img=coins] I think this experience is going to be a real eye opener for the main character. Keep up the good work


Ocean Master is a unique and bold story. A system isekai with a shark main character in a world that is only oceans. Does it get more unique? I don’t think so. The world-building is nicely done, and the pacing is perfect. With all the bits of knowledge dropped everywhere, you can tell that the author has put in a lot of hard work and effort into crafting the story and merging it with magic. They know just where the story will go and how. The world is very different and Sebastian and his Ocean Domination System make for the perfect partners to journey through Oceania with! Barring the few technical mistakes the author makes in the writing, Ocean Master makes for the perfect read!


Unique concept Must try!!! ....................................................sjskskskskskskskskksskskksksksksksmsndnndmsmsmsmsmsmzmksksskskkskskskxjdjsjsjskskskkzkzskskzkzkskskzmsmskskzmsmksksksmz


This looks interesting, gonna read it through, will make a new review, hopefully, it's good. always liked a non-humaniod novel. Thanks, author.


Love the story so far, thanks.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


The best thing i have ever read. MC is a VERY NOT stupid individual. The logic is amazing. Loved how MC is immortal and does not die from bleeding.


Put your story in my library since it looked interesting and you had some good reviews. I have a bunch of stuff to catch up to first tho. I just noticed the massive amount of chapters you are releasing and it hypes me up a bit, since i normally dont start reading under 150 chapters. Hope you stay motivated, one of the reasons i generally dont start reading until theres quite some content


Story development, character design, background everything is cool...😤👍👍🔥💯............. .................................................


I liked it very much I found it very interesting, the protagonist's personality is very good, the world is amazing and you recreated the incredible white shark


The world building til now is perfect.[img=recommend] [img=recommend][img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend]


Great book author. This is my first time reading a shark mc book, and I must confess that I'm satisfied. This review is for that, I'll probably give one later after reading more.


Nice book honestly. Good world background, good mc, not many side characters but still OK. To me, this book is really good, good job author and keep writing. we'll keep supporting you.


Nice book, the author did a great job with the system plot, it was a nice twist to find out that MC got reincarnated as a shark. The book is suspense filled and full of great flow of English. Great job author, keep it up!


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