Konoha: The Template System

Kazuki granted the power of a template system leaves his mark in the dangerous ninja world, an arduous journey. {The Template "Tobirama Senju" has been extracted to 30%} Advanced chapters on P@treon.com/Gojo6666.

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Chapter 71 Support


Hokage Building, Conference Hall.

The silence in the hall was palpable, Tsunade's words having changed the atmosphere in the hall completely.


But the silence in the hall was broken shortly, not by Hokage, not by the elders or even kazuki but the jonin who had requested this trial and witnessed the trial standing at the corner.

"It was you Princess Tsunade? we didn't know anything about this; if we did we wouldn't have dared requesting a trail"

"We are terribly sorry!"

Said a jonin to Tsunade in a hurried tone, regret easily to spot all over his face, the other jonin also apologizing without any hesitation.


At their words Tsunade scoffed and turned her eyes to give Sarutobi and the elders a look.

"It's been just over a day when the streets rang with his chants and yet here he stands before everyone like a criminal"

"You enjoy this peace because of his deeds—from rescuing me from the Third Kazekage to incapacitating Roshi and killing Han. And this is his reward?"

"Just because some grown-ups are jealous of the success of someone quarter of their age, you all decided to forget everything he did for the village and put him on a trail like a seasoned criminal, even stressing him with the possibility of his parent's imprisonment and execution"

"Just because of an insignificant jutsu, really sensei?"

Asked Tsunade with disbelief and disappointment evident in her voice, her eyes that used to look at Sarutobi with admiration no longer so.

At Tsunade's words, Sakumo and the clan chiefs all turned to gaze at Sarutobi and the elders with an anticipating look on the face for their response.

None of them actually supported this trial and were only here because of the orders.

Anger clearly appeared on Koharu's face due to Tsunade's words as unable to hold herself back, she responded in a loud tone

"Don't try to lessen others sacrifice in this war Tsunade, no one deny's his contributions but don't think konoha would have lost if he wasn't present"

"And this whole mess is because of you in the first place Tsunade; if you had reported about giving him the jutsu none of this would have happened!"

"I'm not entitled to inform about everything I do, old hag!"

Yelled Koharu at Tsunade with an enraged face on whose forehead veins appeared and countered back mercilessly.


Being called an "old hag" was like someone stepping on a cats tail for Koharu, nearly jumping up from her seat to curse back but Sarutobi's enraged voice stopped the increasing drama.

"That's enough!!"

Said Sarutobi with his one hand raised and a tired look on his face, Koharu and Tsunade both going silent at his words but still giving each other death stares.


Seeing them silent, Sarutobi stood up from his chair and gave Kazuki who stood next to him a pat on his shoulders, speaking in a worn out voice next moment.

"Tsunade's right, while upholding a fair treatment is important but that doesn't mean we have to insult those who had endured hardships for the village"

"I hope you can show a big heart and forgive these jonin; they didn't do this out of hate for you, I know you understand that"


Said Sarutobi to Kazuki who at his words didn't respond and stayed silent, no disappointment or anger or anything on his face.

Now I understand why I didn't feel anything at that moment Said Kazuki inwardly, remembering the moment when he entered the village and despite the chants he hardly felt excited or happy.

What happened today had made him understand that.

Empty words of people who one day will sing your songs and the next day try to scheme against you, they can never make you truly happy and proud.

Only when he had seen Kushina and Minato cheering for him, he truly felt happy and laughed heartily.


Seeing him silent, Sarutobi let out a sigh and with a troubled face turned around to face the people gathered.

"Now that we know Kazuki acquired the forbidden jutsu through Tsunade; there's no need for this trial to continue"

"Kazuki and his parents are proven innocent of any ninjutsu theft"


Saying that Sarutobi with a worried and tired face turned around walked out of the hall.

Sarutobi left the hall and the elders followed him suit, Koharu till the last moment looking at Tsunade with angry eyes who provocatively looked back without showing any fear.

The Clan leaders at this moment walked up to Kazuki, taking his attention.

"Kazuki-Kun" Said Hyuga Nagito lightly as he approached him "I apologize for the trial today, none of us here doubted you at any moment, we were here because we were ordered to"

Said Nagito looking at Kazuki with his pale eyes, sincerity in his tone.

Only someone with a huge lump in his head would want to establish a bad relationship with someone as strong as kazuki, so he tried his best to explain his reluctance to participate in this trial.

"I understand that Nagito-san" Said Kazuki in response lightly, he knew that none of the clan heads here were against him as they had no reason to be, even in Sarutobi's eyes he saw regret of conducting this trial.

This trial was not pushed forward by any higher ups of the village, truly the wish of couple of jonin's who thought that it was unfair.

The other clan chiefs also tried to assure Kazuki who calmly expressed his understanding as eventually they all dispersed, leaving Kazuki and Tsunade in the hall.

"Thank you, I'm truly grateful for today Lady Tsunade"

Said Kazuki to Tsunade with utmost sincerity in his tone, he was not someone ungrateful as Tsunade had truly helped him deal with a serious problem.

While he didn't care about himself that much, but his parents and older sisters' reputation was on the line so he didn't want it ruined because of him.


"Hahaha! Don't be like that" Laughed Tsunade at his words and approaching him placed a hand on his shoulders, tilting her head up to look at him.

"What I have done doesn't even come close to what you did for me, not even by a mile so don't feel like you owe me anything"

"Though if you still want to thank me; I'd prefer you calling me just Tsunade, Seriously! I think we have known each other long enough for you to remove honorifics"

Hearing her, Kazuki felt a warmth that no jutsu could replicate as a light smile crept on his face.

"Yes, Lady Tsunade!" Said Kazuki while smiling.

Tsunade: - "…."

"Never mind, you'll probably stop yourself when you get a little older; let's go to yakiniku now, you must be hungry after all this, I left Nawaki waiting there as well"

Suggested Tsunade as next moment she walked towards the exit, Kazuki who from last night had his appetite gone due to the trail nodding and following her out.

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